Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
    “No, he’s not,” she lied. And then she shrugged him off and quickly ran with Ryuunosuke inside the house before Nadech could stop them. He ran after them and knocked, telling Mayumi to open up. Mayumi on the other side, holding back her tears, kept the door locked. Ryuunosuke stare at his mother. Never in his life had he seen her so mad.
    “Sorry, Mommy,” Ryuunosuke apologized. Mayumi didn’t say anything in returned. Finally, Nadech left and she walked over to Ryunnosuke.
    He apologized again, but Mayumi’s face didn’t soften.
    “What did you promised Mommy?” she asked him.
    “That I won’t play with Uncle Nadech anymore,” he replied, guilty.
    “You know that you had disappointed me lot.”
    “I’m sorry, Mommy.” Tears ran down his face.
    Still, Mayumi only stared at him, she had never been this cold to him.
    “Go wash your hands and let’s cook dinner,” she said coldly. He did as he was told.
    Nadech drove home, thinking hard. Ryuunosuke was Mayumi’s child?!
    “He isn’t yours!” Nadech argued with himself. Still, he couldn’t believe that Mayumi could have gotten over him that quickly. He doesn’t want to believe it. He also had never realized that Ryuunosuke looked a bit like Mayumi until. Maybe because of similarities with Mayumi that he had liked the boy and had lso felt strong bond. Still, why is Mayumi so mad over that? He didn’t do anything wrong with her child. He couldn’t help but be suspicious of Mayumi.
    After dinner, Mayumi and Ryuunosuke went to bed. Mayumi went to sleep right away. Ryuunosuke still felt bad about breaking his promise. He could fall asleep. Finally, he got up and got his small backpack. He packed his clothes and teddy bear; he needed to leave, so he wouldn’t make his mother angry anymore. After he packed, he walked to the side of the bed, and looked at his mother.
    “I’m sorry, Mommy for making you mad. Since I’m a bad boy, I can’t live with you anymore. Good bye,” he said sadly. He than tucked her hair behind her ear and kissed her on the cheek. He turned and left. When he got outside, he didn’t know where to go. He headed right. And then it started raining. Determined, Ryuunosuke refused to turn back to the house. He walked on in the rain.
    At 5:00 in the morning, Mayumi finally woke up. She stretch and then opened her eyes. Something was wrong. She looked to her left where Ryuunoosuke sleep. He was gone. She started to panic.
    “Ryuunosuke?!” she shouted. There was no answer. The house was silent. Mayumi got out of bed and searched the house. Ryuunosuke was nowhere to be found. Tears blinded her, and she gave up searching, crying hard and sitting on the ground, covering her face. It was because of her! She got mad over such a little thing. She had confused him and also hurt his feelings. He didn’t know anything, everything was her fault. And now he’s gone! Where could she find him?!
    There was a knock on her door, and Mayumi ran to get it, hoping that it was Ryuunosuke. But it wasn’t, it was Kana.
    “Good morning, Mayumi,” she said cheerfully.
    “Kana, Ryu is gone!” Mayumi said, sobbed.
    “It’s okay. Calm down, Mayumi,” said Kana, hugging her.
    “It’s all my fault!”
    “It’s okay. Come on, let’s go inside and talk. It’s raining really hard outside. Kana took Mayumi inside and closed the door.
    “Okay, Mayumi, calm down and tell me everything,” said Kana, rubbing her on the back.
    As they sat there, Mayumi poured out the whole story to Kana.
    “Kana, promised to not tell him about Ryuunosuke. If he ask, lied that he’s my adopted son, okay?”
    Kana looked at her and then nodded yes. Kana sympathized her friend and called in, saying that she wasn’t feeling well.
    She walked back to Mayumi who was still crying.
    “Kana, I need to find Ryu!” shouted Mayumi, getting out of the door.
    “Mayumi, it’s raining cats and dogs out there.”
    “I don’t care. I have to find Ryuunosuke!” She ran out unto the rain. Kana followed her with an umbrella.
    Mayumi kept on running, and then she bumped into a figure.
    “Mayumi,” Nadech said.
    “Let go of me. I have to go find Ryunnosuke!”
    “Nadech, we need to go find Ryu, her adopted son,” lied Kana.
    “Adopted son? You mean that Mayumi isn’t his real mother?” asked Nadech, confused.
    “I’m sorry, Mommy. I can’t stay with you. I’m a bad boy that couldn’t keep his promise,” Ryuunosuke repeated to himself. It was raining hard and he was under a tree. He was soaked, but there were no other place for him to go hide in. He had a long walk and was tired. Maybe he shouldn’t had left home. But he was a bad boy, he had too! Maybe if he hadn’t disobey his mother and kept the promise.
    “Little boy, what are you doing here?” asked a guy. Ryuunosuke turned around and found 2 big older guys. They didn’t seen like nice men. One reached out and try to touch him but he move away.
    “Don’t touch me. Get away from me!” he shouted at them.
    “Hey, little boy-” Ryuunosuke didn’t let him finish. He was too scared, and threw a rock in his face. The guy was angry, very angry and was about the hit him. But Ryuunosuke sensed it coming and he backed away, turned around and ran as fast as he could. It was raining so hard, he couldn’t see where he was going.
    Suddenly, there was lights coming from the direction he was heading, too. Ryuunosuke knew that it had to be a car and that he is on the road. He had to run away or else he will get hit and die. He didn’t want to die, yet. He wanted to see his Mommy and play with Uncle Nadech.
    “Run, Ryuunosuke!” he turned and saw Mayumi and Nadech on the sidewalk, yelling at him. Their face and voice were the last thing that he heard and saw before he blackout.
    Mayumi, Nadech and Kana stayed at the hospital, waiting for hours to hear the result of Ryuunosuke’s condition. Finally, the doctor opened the door. They all hurried to him.
    “Doctor, how is my son?” asked Mayumi.
    “He’s fine, only a slight fever.”
    “Thank you doctor!”
    “Your welcome. He may go home tommorrow. You are very lucky that he didn’t get hit by the car, it would have been bad.” He walked away and they all hurried into the room.
    “Mommy! Aunt Kana! Uncle Nadech!” Ryuunosuke yelled happily.
    “Ryu!” said Mayumi. He went straight to him and hugged him. “I’m so sorry.” she sobbed and tears ran down her cheeks.
    “It’s okay, Mommy. I’m sorry, too!”said Ryuunosuke.
    Nadech smiled at them. He was really happy for them. He walked out of the room.
    The next day, Ryuunosuke was released from the hospital. Mayumi and Kana were going over to the hospital. When they got there, Nadech was already there. The bill was paid and everything was ready. Mayumi was mad, not at all pleased. She stormed to Ryuunosuke’s room and found them together.
    “Nadech, we need to talk,” said Mayumi, trying to hide her anger.
    “Okay,” said Nadech. He followed Mayumi outside of the room.
    “What is it?! What are you trying to do?” asked Mayumi angrily.
    “Mayumi, I’m just trying to help. I don’t have any ill-intentions,” replied Nadech calmly.
    “Well, I don’t need your help! Get out of Ryuunosuke and my life already!  she shouted at him. Mayumi pushed Nadech out of the doorway and went inside the room, locking it after her.
    “Mayumi, you can’t do this!” Nadech yelled, pounding on the door. After a while, he gave up and went home.
    Inside, Mayumi and Kana got Ryuunosuke ready and and went home.
    The next morning, Mayumi woke up and went to cook breakfast. Before going to work, she walked over to Ryuunosuke and wake him up to have breakfast.
    “Ryuunosuke? Ryu?” she said softly, shaking him. But he didn’t move. “Ryu?” she said, figuring that something was wrong. She feel his head, and then quickly took it away. He was burning, and she didn’t know what to do. She was too scared to do anything. She got her cell phone out and dialed Kana’s phone number.
    “Hello, Kana?” Mayumi asked, panicking.
    “Mayumi, what’s wrong?” asked Kana on the other line.
    “It’s Ryu. He’s not feeling well. I think that I need to take him to the hospital.”
    “Calm down, Mayumi. I’ll be right there.” Kana hung up and got into her car.
    A few minutes later, Kana appeared at her door. Mayumi quickly opened the door for her and let her in.
    “Come on, let’s go,” said Kana. Mayumi nodded her head, lifting Ryuunosuke off the bed and carrying in into the car.
    Kana drove to the hospital, carefully. 20 minutes later, they were at the hospital. Ryuunosuke woke up and looked around at his surrounding.
    “Mommy, where am I?” he asked weakly.
    “We’re at the hospital. And you’re going to be okay, Ryu,” she calmly said to him.
    “Mommy,” he said again. And then there was blood running down his nose and head.
    “Ryu?! What’s happening?! Why are you bleeding this much?” Mayumi screamed, panicking.
    “Relax, Mayumi,” said Kana, rubbing her back.
    The doctor and nurses took Ryuunosuke into the ICU room. Mayumi and Kana waited outside. Mayumi was crying so hard, Kana hugged her and gave her comfort.
    Nadech and his best friend, Ron are sitting together, chatting.
    “Ron, there’s someone I want you to meet with,” said Nadech.
    “Who? Don’t tell you it’s a girl,” Ron joked.
    “It is kind of,” said Nadech.
    “Wow, you’re getting married in 2 days and you’re meeting up with another girl?”
    “I’m not cheating on Anna. This girl, she’s my ex-girlfriend.”
    “Oh really?! Why would you want me to meet her? Do you want me to court her?”
    “Haha, so funny. I don’t think that she will even notice you. Besides, you have Betty.”
    “Yeah sure. Is she beautiful?”
    “Yeah, really beautiful.”
    “Why do you want me to meet her?”
    “I don’t know. I just want to go see her, but I feel like I should take you, too. You’re my best friend after all.”
    “Okay, let’s go.” They got up and Nadech drove to Mayumi’s house, but didn’t see her there. He noticed her neighbor and walked up to her.
    “Excuse me, do you know where Mayumi went?”
    “A while ago, I saw her friend coming her. Her little boy is sick, so I think that they must have gone to the hospital.
    “Thanks you.”
    Nadech and Ron headed to the hospital.
    The doctor came out, and walked to Mayumi and Kana. “Your son lost a lot of blood. It turns out he has hemophilia. He needs blood.”
    “He has hemophilia? Doctor, what can I do?” asked Mayumi.
    “If you have the same blood type as he does than you can give him blood,” said the doctor.
    “And if it doesn’t match?” asked Mayumi.
    “You’ll need to get his father or another family member,” answered the doctor.
    “Okay,” said Mayumi, her heart dropping.
    “Follow me,” said the doctor.
    “It’s okay, Mayumi. You’re his mother, your blood would totally match his,” comforted Kana.
    “Thank you, Kana.” said Mayumi. She went while kana sat down and waited. Suddenly, her phone rang. It was Nadech.
    “Hello,” Kanna answered.
    “Kana, where are you and Mayumi? I’m at the hospital,” said Nadech.
    “We’re outside of the ICU,” answered Kana.
    “Thank you, I’m on my way.” Kana hung up. She sat down and then heard her stomach growled. She realized that she hadn’t have breakfast yet, and was super hungry. “I’ll just go downstairs and get some food,” she said to herself.
    “Nadech, you go first, I need to go use the restroom,” said Ron.
    “Okay,” said Nadech. He walked away while Ron went inside the men’s bathroom.
    He got out and noticed a beautiful girl at the wending machine. He walked to her.
    “Hello there,” said Ron.
    Kana didn’t pay any attention to him, and said nothing.
    “What’s your name?” he tried again. Still, there was only silence. “Fine, since you’re so stubborn, I’ll show you my power!” he thought to himself.
    He grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him. “Let me go!” she ordered him.
    “Now you’re speaking!” he said, happy at his achievement.
    “Let me go!” she repeated, and tried to get his hands off.
    “Ask me nicely,” he said.
    She proudly put her nose up in the air and said nothing.
    “Being stubborn, huh?!” he said.
    “That’s right!” she said and stepped on his foot. She hurriedly ran into the elevator, but wasn’t able to close it on time.
    “Gotcha,” he said and got into the elevator with her.
    She stepped out but he pulled her back in. “Stay,” he commanded. Kana looked at him, speechless. No one had ever dare commanded her like that.
    When Mayumi was done, she got out. But she didn’t see Kana, instead, she saw Nadech. “Why are you here?” she asked.
    “Your neighbor mentioned that you and Kana were at the hospital, so I can here. I just want to see if Ryuunosuke was okay.”
    “I don’t need you to be here. You may go,” said Mayumi. She turned the other way.
    “Mayumi!” said Kana. Mayumi turned and saw her. “How did it go?”
    “It was fine. They are still testing,” answered Mayumi, eyeing Nadech and Ron.
    “How is it, Nadech?” asked Ron.
    “I don’t know. Mayumi wouldn’t tell me,” answered Nadech. Mayumi walked to them.
    “I don’t to be rude, but I would like you two to leave. Sorry,” said Mayumi.
    “Okay,” said Nadech. They walked back to the elevator.
    “Is she Mayumi?” asked Ron.
    “Wow, she’s tough!”
    Nadech nodded.
    “And that girl next to her?” asked Ron.
    “That’s Kana, her friend. Oh yeah, why were you guys together?”
    “I meet her downstairs. I tried to flirt with her, but she didn’t take it. She got me mad.”
    Nadech laughed. “A playboy like you wouldn’t stop even if you have a fierce girl like Betty?”
    “You know me best!” Ron gave a laugh.
    “By the way, don’t play around with Kana. You can get into real trouble,” Nadech warned.
    “Kana’s a headstrong person. She will fight, and she doesn’t like a womanizer like you. And also there’s Betty. Remember the last time she caught you with another woman?”
    “Yeah. But it’s okay, I don’t care about what Betty does. Kana, I want to see what’s she’s like.”
    They waited a few minutes for the results. While waiting, Mayumi was suddenly curious about the man next to Nadech and wondered why Kana was with him. She turned to Kana. “Kana, who was that man?”
    “Which man?” asked Kana innocently.
    “The one that walked with you here.”
    “I don’t know him, but I think that he’s a friend on Nadech. He’s a womanizer, I can tell. He tried to flirt with me, but I wouldn’t budge.”
    “Really. Finally, there’s a guy courting you,” Mayumi joked.
    “Stop it, Mayumi. He’s a jerk. He forced me to stay in the same elevator with him!” she said, still mad that she had obey him.
    The doctor walked to them. “Doctor, it match right?” asked Mayumi hopefully.
    “I’m sorry, Ms.Urassaya, but yours do not. But don’t lose hope, we can still see about her father,” said the doctor. “Where is he?”
    “He’s not here,” she answered. The dotor looked at her strangely, making her add, “I’ll call him. Thank you, doctor.”
    “Yes, but be fast,” said the doctor.
    After the doctor went away, Mayumi turned to Kana.
    “What should I do, Kana?” asked Mayumi.
    “Well, you have no other choice. You are going to call the child’s father who is of course Nadech Kugimiya,” answered Kana.
    “Kana, stop it. You know that I can’t do that,” said Mayumi.
    “You have too!” said Kana.
    “Didn’t you see, I just kicked him out. I don’t have the face to go beg him to come here,” argued Mayumi.
    “Well, are you going to let Ryuunosuke died?” Kana challeged. Mayumi stood froze at the thought of Ryuunosuke dying. Was she willing to swallow her pride for Ryuunosuke’s sake?