Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
    “I’m not going to play with Uncle Nadech. I’m going to be a good boy and keep my promise to Mommy,” Ryuunosuke repeated to himself as he walked out of the house. “I’m just going to stay near here and not go anywhere.” Ryuunosuke kept on repeating it over and over again, but in his heart, he wanted to go out and play with Nadech. He missed him so much. But Mayumi had always taught him that as a man, he must keep all the promises he make and that he can  not break a woman’s heart. He’s trying hard to keep all of what his mother taught him to his heart, but it’s so hard!
    Anna looked at the picture once again. This whole week, she couldn’t do anything but worry about Nadech and Mayumi.
    “P’Anna!”said Urasa.
    “Huh?” said Anna, surprised to see Urasa.
    “Anna, what are you drifting to?”
    “P’Nadech says that it’s time to go and take pictures. Are you ready?”
    “Yes, I’m ready,” she answered, but felt so unsure.
    “Let’s go then. I can’t wait to see you in the wedding gown. You’ll be the 2nd most beautiful bride in the whole. Of course I have to be the 1st!” Anna laughed at her. They met Nadech outside.
    “Ready?” asked Nadech.
    “Yes,” they both replied.
    “That’s good then. Let’s get going.” They all got into the car and Nadech drove them to the place.
    When they got there, everyone greeted them.
    “Hello, Anna. Hello Nadech. Hello, Urasa.”
    All their eyes were focused on one person though- Mayumi. Mayumi was also staring back at them.
    “Okay, let’s get started. Over here, Anna and Nadech.”
    Nadech and Anna went into the dressing room, leaving Urasa to study Mayumi.
    After a few minutes, Nadech and Anna appeared.
    “Wow!” everyone smiled in awe.
    “Please come here for pictures, Nadech and Anna.” They did what they were directed. Mayumi watched as Nadech and Anna pose for the pictures. Urasa watched for signs of jealousy from Mayumi.
    “Anna do this, no not like that, like this,” the photographer explained, but it just made Anna more confused. Anna got of of the scene and walked to Mayumi.
    “Mayumi, would you mind demonstrating for me?” asked Anna.
    “Yes,” answered Mayumi. She walked to where Nadech stood and they both demonstrated for the crew to see. Nadech hold her waist, making her uncomfortable. She looked up at him.
    “I’m only doing what I’m suppose to do,” he reminded her.
    “Right,” said Mayumi. She tried to separate any feelings on him touching her.
    Nadech embrace her from behind, and then Mayumi turned her head. Their eyes locked.
    “Wow!” everyone complimented.
    Nadech released Mayumi and she walked out of his embrace and back to her seat.
    “Thank you, Mayumi. I get it now.” Mayumi nodded her head and sat down. Nadech’s eyes were on her, and she turned away. Anna looked into Nadech’s eyes, and what she saw worried her. What she saw was love and concern and she knew that it was for Mayumi.
    “P’Nadech, sorry that Anna and I have to leave first,” apologized Urasa.
    “It’s okay. Have fun, okay?” said Nadech.
    “Thanks!” Urasa and Anna went to their rented car. Nadech saw Mayumi, gathering her stuffs. He walked over to her.
    “Let me help.” He took the papers and stuffed it in her bags before she can say anything.
    “Thank you.” said Mayumi.
    “Do you have a ride home?” asked Nadech.
    “I’ll ride a taxi.”
    “I can give you a ride.”
    “No thanks.”
    Anna walked back to Nadech, forgetting her purse. Then she stopped, seeing Nadech and Mayumi together.
    “Let me, okay?”
    “No, it’s alright.” They argued back and forth. Then Mayumi noticed Anna.
    “Hi, Anna.” Nadech turned around and Mayumi fled.
    “I forgot my purse.” She went to the bench and got her purse. Nadech turned around but Mayumi was gone.
    “Well, have fun!”
    “Thanks, Nadech!” Anna ran back to the car.
    “You got it right, P’Anna?” asked Urasa.
    “Yeah,” she said with a fake smile.
    Anna drove out of the place, thinking about Nadech and Mayumi together, him offering her a ride home.
    Nadech decided not to go home yet, and went to the place where he usually met up with Ryuunosuke. They hadn’t see each other for about 3 days. When he got there, he looked around, but there was no Ryuunosuke. He was about to give up when he finally spotted him on the swings by himself. It made him remember how he and Mayumi used to swing on the swings together. He missed those good times. He walked to Ryuunosuke, sitting on the swing next to him.
    “Hi, Ryu,” Nadech greeted. Ryuunosuke took one look at him then he fled. Nadech was confused and followed him. He caught up with him and said, “Why are you running away from me?”
    Ryuunosuke turned away, not speaking. In his head, he kept on whispering, ” Don’t talk to him. Be a good boy and keep your promise to Mommy.”
    “Ryu, please talk to me. I miss you so much and want to play with you.”
    Deciding that avoiding Nadech was too cruel, the child turned to him. “I’m sorry Uncle Nadech, but Mommy made me promise to not play with you.”
    “Why?” Nadech asked, confused.
    “She said that you’re untrustworthy.”
    “Why did she say that? Do you know each other?”
    “I don’t know. But Mommy, she does trust a lot of people. Maybe that’s why she’s keeping Daddy a secret.”
    Nadech got down on his knees. “Do you still want to play with me, Ryu?”
    “Yes, but as a man, I have to keep the promise I made to Mommy or else she will be very very sad,” he said sadly and frown.
    “What about this, you and I can become secret friends and secretly play with each other. We won’t tell anyone about us playing together. Everything will be a secret so your Mommy wouldn’t know, okay?”
    The little boy, thinking and sorting everything out. “Okay, that sounds like fun. If Mommy doesn’t know, she would get hurt.”
    Nadech smiled and patted him. “That’s my good boy!”
    “Mommy says that all to the time.”
    “Mommy always say, “That’s my good boy!” to me all the time. You know, you’re a lot like Mommy.”
    “Okay, come on now, my little secret friend. Let’s go play before you go home.”
    “Okay, Secret Friend.” Nadech held out his hand and Ryuunosuke took it. They both smiled and walked to the playground together.
    “Get information on her personal background. And also find out her history,” said Anna to her spy.
    “Yes.” They spy left to go do his job.
    “Mayumi Urassaya,” Anna whispered to herself. In a few hours, she will know everything about her and Nadech.
    “P’Anna!” Urasa yelled to her. Anna turned around.
    “What is it, Urasa?” asked Anna.
    “Why are you here? Why aren’t you shopping? I look everywhere for you, you know that!” Urasa was exhausted, running all over the mall just to find Anna.
    “Yes. I’m sorry, Urasa.” Anna laughed. Urasa’s breath went back to regular and she studied the place.
    “Anna, why are you here? Who are you trying to get information about?” asked Urasa, curious.
    “Umm, Urasa, we should probably get out of this place.”
    “No, I want you to explain first. It’s Mayumi, right?” asked Urasa.
    “Urasa, come on. It’s nothing.” She tried to drag Urasa, but she stayed glued to the place.
    “Don’t lie, P’Anna.”
    “Fine, yes. I want to know about Mayumi.”
    “It’s almost time to go home, Uncle Nadech,” said Ryuunosuke.
    “It’s okay, Ryu.”
    “But Mommy is going to know.”
    “Does your Mom love you a lot?”
    “Yes. She loves me a lot, more than her life. There was this one time when I was very naughty and sneak into my neighbor’s house. I broke their glass dishes, and I got caught. Mommy was very worried about me. I was willingly to do anything for my sake. She begged and knelt down to them, saying that she’ll do anything. She worked so hard just for me, even though it’s tiring. She says that she wants me to have a wonderful life.”
    “Wow! She must loved you a lot.”
    “Yes. Does your Mommy love you?”
    “Yes, she does. She cooks for me and always stayed by my side although I disappoint her a lot of time.”
    “What about your girlfriend?”
    “She used to love me a lot. We used to play like this all the time. She was someone I would have love to spend my whole life with.”
    “Why didn’t you?”
    “Things didn’t turn out to be the same as I want. Maybe she just wasn’t my soul mate.”
    “What’s a soul mate?”
    “Someone that will be there with you forever, someone that you’ll marry and live happily ever after with.”
    “I want someone like that.”
    “You will. Everyone has a soul mate.”
    “Who’s your soul mate?”
    “I don’t know, but I hope that it’s Anna. We’re getting marry in 6 days.”
    “You’re getting married?!”
    “Why didn’t you tell me?” asked Urasa
    “I didn’t know that you know,” answered Anna.
    “Well, I don’t really know.”
    “What do you mean?” Anna was confused.
    “I mean that I don’t know who Mayumi is either. Nadech had never mention her to our family. You can ask everyone of our family members and they’ll say that they don’t know her. But one time, I sneak into his room and found a photo of them together.”
    “You mean this?” Anna opened up her purse and got the picture out. She handed it over to Urasa. Urasa took it and stare at it. It was Mayumi.
    “How did you get this?” Urasa turned to Anna, surprised.
    “That day, after you guys left, Mommy wanted ti know the schedule. I went to Nadech’s room to get the planner from his suitcase. I found it in the book.”
    “Really? So Nadech kept the picture for this long?!”
    Anna didn’t say anything in return.
    “That’s why you hired a spy?”
    “Yeah. That’s when I got suspicious. I wanted to know what their really relation is.” Anna stared at the ground.
    “Anna, don’t be sad. Even if they do have a relationship, it’s the past. Nadech won’t abandon you, I’m sure. I’ll help you fight!” She patted Anna on the shoulder.
    “Thanks, Urasa.”
    “Let’s go home.”
    “Uncle Nadech, you only have to send me this far. Thank you,” said Ryuunosuke.
    “Okay. good bye. Remember our secret.”
    “I remember, don’t worry.” Ryu walked to his house while Nadech walked back to his car. He smiled and then laughed. He had a lot of fun with Ryuunosuke, he was cute and a very likable little guy. If he had a kid, he wanted him to be like Ryuunosuke. Too bad that he couldn’t meet with his mother. If he did, he will tell her that he loved and adored her little boy. And his father, who is he? Nadech also wanted to know what kind of man would abandon such a cute child and hardworking woman.
    “Hello, Anna. I got the information.”
    “Yes. Listen, I’ll tell you.”
    Anna sat still and listened to all the information about Mayumi. She learned that she moved here to Tokyo 6 years ago. She also went to the same University that Nadech went to.
    “And, she give birth to a son name Ryuunosuke 6 years ago,” finished the spy.
    “What?! What did you say?” Anna asked, shocked.
    “She’s a single mother, living alone with her son.”
    “She’s a mother?!”
    “What about the father?”
    “No one knows, it’s a secret.”
    “Okay, thank you.” Anna hung up and walked to her bed. “A single mother!” she repeated. What does that mean? Did she and Nadech had a child together? Or did she have a child with another man? No, she saw Mayumi’s eyes. Even though Mayumi pretend not to care about Nadech, she does, and so does Nadech. Anna needed to go and talk to Mayumi the next day. She just can’t go ahead and marry Nadech if Mayumi and him had a child together. Anna knew that she was self-centered, but she’s not that evil to steal a child’s father and a woman’s husband.
    Nadech went over and played with Ryuunosuke the next day. They had fun and enjoyed every moment. However, their secert friendship didn’t last. Mayumi caught on.
    Ryuunosuke had finally agreed to take Nadech to his house.
    “Thank you, Uncle Nadech for taking me home,” said Ryuunosuke.
    “You’re welcome,” said Nadech, and he patted his hair. They smiled.
    Mayumi was walking home, happily, and then she spotted Ryuunosuke and Nadech. They were smiling. Angry that Ryuunosuke had broke his promise and without thinking, she stormed to them.
    “Ryuunosuke!” she yelled.
    “Mommy,” muttered Ryuunosuke.
    “Mayumi?!” said Nadech, surprised.
    Mayumi grabbed Ryuunosuke’s arm and was about to dragged him inside, but Nadech stopped her.
    “Mayumi, what’s the meaning of this?” Nadech asked.
    “Let go of me,” Mayumi ordered.
    “No, you have to tell me this first. Is Ryuunosuke my son?” Their eyes locked.