Secret Lies and Desires Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
    Mayumi kept her distance from Nadech, only talking to him when it was necessary. She had finished the drawing, it looked beautiful, the kind that she had planned for her wedding with Nadech. But that day will never come after all, he was getting marry with Anna who is a beautiful and talented woman. She couldn’t compare to Anna.
    Nadech dressed up and got ready to go to the company. There wasn’t really anything to talk about; he just want to see Mayumi. There was a knock at his door.
    “Hello, P’Nadech!” said Urasa.
    “What is it, Urasa?” asked Nadech.
    “Where are you going, P’Nadech?”
    “I’m going to the designing company.”
    “I wanna go. May I?”
    “Sure, Urasa.”
    “Thanks, P’Nadech, you’re so kind.” She hugged him tightly. “You know that I’m so glad that you and P’Anna are finally getting marry. P’Anna is so kind, just right for you!”
    “Yes, Urasa. You can release me now.” She released him, and they went to the living room.
    “P’Anna, are you going to go with us to the designing company?” asked Urasa.
    “It’s okay. I’ll stay home,” answered Anna, smiling at them.
    “Anna, if you want to look at our schedule, my planner is in my suitcase.”
    “Okay, thank you, Nadech.”
    “Why are you guys so shy to call each other sweet things? You guys are getting marry in 2 weeks!” Urasa reminded them.
    “We’ll call each other that after the wedding.”
    “I want to see your designer, P’Nadech,” whined Urasa.
    “Okay, okay. When we get there, I’ll show her to you.”
    They drove a bit more and then the reached the building. They got out and entered the building. Nadech spotted Kana, and waved to her, stopping her. They both walked to her.
    “Good morning, Kana,” said Nadech. He turned to Urasa and introduced them to each other. “Where is Mayumi?”
    “She’s at her office,” answered Kana
    “Thank you. Well, see you later,” said Nadech. Urasa and he headed to Mayumi’s office.
    “Your designer’s name is Mayumi, P’Nadech?” asked Urasa.
    “It’s beautiful! I can’t wait to see her!”
    They made a left turn and then walked to where Mayumi sat.
    “Hello, Mayumi,” said Nadech.
    Mayumi glanced up and greeted them.
    “This is my sister, Urasa.”
    “Hello, Urasa.”
    “You look familiar, Mayumi,” Urasa commented, “it’s like I’ve seen you somewhere.”
    “Maybe it’s deja vu,” Nadech interrupted. Then he turned to Mayumi. “We came to see the designs.”
    “Yes. It’s here.” Mayumi handed the drawing pad to them.
    Nadech hold it out for Urasa to study.
    “It’s beautiful, Mayumi. You’re really good!” said Urasa.
    “Thank you,” said Mayumi, looking at Nadech.
    “Anna, is there anything planned for this week?” asked her mother.
    “I don’t know. Nadech has the planner. Wait, Mom, I’ll go get it and come tell you,” said Anna, remembering Nadech’s words.
    “You have to hurry, okay?”
    Anna walked to Nadech’s room, and walked to his suitcase, remembering his instructions. She opened it up, but only saw his clothes so she dugged deeper, and when she finally feel the book, she took it out.
    “There you are!” she said and smiled. She hit the book playfully, and a picture fell down. Anna bend down and pick up the picture. “What is this?” she questioned, turning the picture around. Shocked, she dropped the picture. It was a picture of Nadech and Mayumi together.
    “Anna!” her mother called her from the living room.
    She bend down again and got the picture, and put it back in the book. “It’s nothing,” she assured herself, and walked to the living room.
    “I’m here, Mom,” said Anna, entering the living room.
    “Okay, anything?” asked her mother.
    “There’s not much. We only need to find the right place for it,” Anna replied.
    “That’s not a problem. Why not just do it here?” asked her mother.
    “I have to talk to Nadech about it.”
    Anna took the planner and went to her room. She took out the picture again and studied it. In the picture, Nadech and Mayumi looked like they were in love, not friends. It has a meaning beyond explaining. Anna could tell that they loved each other.
    “But P’Nadech, she really looks familiar. It’s really true. It’s just that I don’t remember who,” complained Urasa, getting out of the car. The whole drive home, she had been talking and saying about how familiar Mayumi look to her.
    “Where?” asked Nadech, not really paying attention.
    “Somewhere.” She got out of the car and headed toward the house. When Nadech didn’t get out of the car, she turned around and looked at him. “Are you going to go somewhere?” Nadech nodded his head. He started the engine again, and drove off before Urasa could say another word. Urasa turned back and stomp into the house.
    “Hi, Urasa. You back already?” said her mother.
    “Yes, Mom.”
    “Where’s your P’Nadech?”
    “He went somewhere. I don’t know where.” Urasa headed for her room, but her mother stopped her.
    “Urasa, stay and chat with me.”
    “I’m sorry, Mom. I want to rest.” She walked away to her room, leaving her mother in the living room.
    She entered her room and locked the door.
    “Mayumi, Mayumi,” Urasa repeated to herself, thinking where she had saw her. She thought hard, thinking back 6 years ago, when Nadech returned home fromo Japan. He never mention anything such as a girlfriend to them; he was too busy. And then there was this one time when she accidently went into Nadech’s room, and saw a picture on his lamp table. It was of a girl and he together. Yes! Mayumi was that girl. She was!
    “So does that mean that Nadech and Mayumi used to know each other?” she asked herself. “Are they just friends or do they have something deeper?” She thought and thought. She needed to find the picture again, but don’t know where to find it. She finally came up with a plan. She needed to direct and go ask Mayumi the next day herself.
    Nadech stopped in front of a cafe shop. He got out and was about to enter when he saw a little boy running toward the road, trying to get his ball. He ran to that boy and stopped him.
    “What are you doing, little boy?” asked Nadech. The little boy remained silent and stared at him, pointing to the ball. Nadech looked at the road, making sure that it was safe. He then walked to the road and picked up the ball. He returned the ball to the little boy. The little boy smiled at him.
    “Are you mute?” asked Nadech, bending down to his height.
    He shook his head.
    “Then why are you not talking to me?”
    “My mom told me not to speak to strangers,” he said and then realized that he had just gone against his mother’s wishes. He put a hand to his mouth.
    Nadech laughed, thinking that it was cute. “Oh really. Where’s your mom?” The boy remained silent, not speaking. “It’s okay, you can talk to me.” The little boy studied him, deciding if he should or should not talk to him.
    “Fine, since you rescue my ball, I’ll talk to you,” said the little boy finally.
    “What’s your name?” asked Nadech, chuckling.
    “Ryuunosuke or just Ryu,” he answered with a serious face.
    “Oh really. You wanna know something?” asked Nadech.
    He moved closer to him and then whispered, ” I have a nickname. It’s Ryu.”
    “Really?” Ryuunosuke exclaimed happily.
    “My Mommy gave me that name. Did your mommy give you your name?”
    “No. Nadech is the name that my Mom gave me. My girlfriend gave me the nickname Ryu. She liked the name a lot.” He smiled at the memory when Mayumi had first given his nickname to him.
    “Where is she?” asked Ryuunosuke.
    “She’s here in the city.”
    “I’ll like to meet her one day.” Ryuunosuke smiled at him.
    “You will. She’s the most beautiful and kindest.”
    Ryuunosuke smiled at him and he saw a trace of Mayumi in his face.
    “Ryuunosuke, let me ask you something. You’re Japanese. Who taught you Thai?” asked Nadech, suddenly curious.
    “My Mommy did. She’s half Thai. She taught me both Thai and Japanese,” he answered.
    “What’s her name?” asked Nadech.
    “I don’t know. I just call her Mommy, but other people call her May..Mayu…” he struggled to remember his mother’s name.
    “It’s okay, Ryuunosuke. You always talk about your mom, what about your dad?” asked Nadech.
    “I don’t know who he is. Mommy never mention about him. Whenever I ask, she try to close the topic. She says that my Daddy die,” he said sadly, staring at the ground.
    “And do you believe her?”
    “Half me do, but the other half don’t. You want to know a secert?”
    “What?” Ryuunosuke motioned for him to move in closer and he did.
    “One night, I couldn’t go to sleep, so I stayed up. When Mommy got home, I faked sleep. And then she walked to me and touch my hair. And then she says this,”Will your father know that you’re his son, Ryuunosuke?”. After hearing that, I’m sure that my father is still alive,” said Ryuunosuke, hopefully. Nadech saw the faith and hope in the little boy’s eyes and wished that it was true.
    “You’re smart for a little kid,” said Nadech, chuckling and patting his head.
    “I have to go,” said Ryuunosuke.
    “Why?” asked Nadech.
    “Mommy is going to be home. She promised me.”
    “Let me take you home.”
    “It’s okay, Uncle. May I call you uncle?”His eyes shining into his, and a strange feeling hit him.
    “Yes, you may.” Nadech smiled down at him.
    “I hope to see you again, Uncle!” said Ryuunosuke.
    “We will. I’ll be here again.” They bid their farewells and went off.
    Ryuunosuke skipped happily to his house. When he got there, Mayumi was already there, sitting outside, staring at the ground.
    “Mommy, what are you doing?” he asked.
    Mayumi looked up at him. “Ryu, where have you been?”
    “I went to play ball. Mommy, I met a very nice man-“
    “Ryu, I told you to stay in the house and to keep away from strangers!”
    “Sorry, Mommy.”
    “It’s okay, let’s go inside.” Mayumi took his hands and they went inside. “Are you hungry?”
    “Yes.” Mayumi went to the kitchen and prepared their meal for them. When she finished, she took the food to the living room, for her and Ryuunosuke.
    “Yes, Ryu?”
    “I want to tell you about Uncle Nadech,” he happily said, as he remembered their meeting.
    “Nadech?!” Mayumi was alarmed.
    “Yes, he has the same nickname as me. His nickname is Ryu, too. His girlfriend gave him his name. I would really want to meet his girlfriend someday and he say that I will.” Ryuunosuke turned and looked at his mother. Mayumi was still, frozen. She don’t want to believe that Nadech and Ryuunosuke met already. How could it have been so quick? What should she do? She needed to seperate them; they can’t know about each other!
    “Mommy?” Ryuunosuke tugged at her and she dismissed her thoughts.
    “What is it?” asked Mayumi, concerned.
    “Nothing, it’s just that you didn’t answer when I first ask you.”
    “Ryu, hurry up and finish your food.”
    “Okay.” As they finsihed up, Mayumi thought about Nadech. Things are getting messier each day!
    Urasa ran out of the house with her money. Today was the day that she is going to find out the truth, and she can’t wait. She waited outside for a taxi. A taxi finally came and she got in.
    “Please go to this place,” she said and handed him the paper where she had written the company’s address.
    The driver nodded and give the paper back to her. He drove to the company and Urasa got out. She paid him and entered the company, bursting with excitment.
    “Excuse me, do you need any help?” asked a girl next to him.
    Urasa turned around and saw Mayumi.
    “Oh hi, Mayumi, it’s you!” she exclaimed excitedly.
    “Yes, it’s me. Do you need help?” she repeated.
    “Yes. No, no, I don’t need help. I wanted to talk to you.”
    “Oh okay. This way please.” Mayumi headed to her office but Urasa stopped her.
    “Let’s go outside instead. I hope you don’t mind.” Mayumi looked at her weridly, then smiled and lead the way.
    When they got outside, Urasa blurted, ” What is your relationship with P’Nadech?”
    Mayumis looked at her, confused.
    “I remember seeing you in a picture with P’Nadech. You guys seem close.”
    “He told you about me?” Mayumi asked hopefully.
    “No. He never mention anyone.” Mayumi’s hope shattered.
    “In that case, we have nothing to talk about.” Mayum headed back, but Urasa stopped her.
    “Please, Mayumi?” she plead. Mayumi studied her, hesitating to say no.
    “If Nadech didn’t tell you guys anything about me then it means he doesn’t want you to know,” she silently answered.
    Mayumi entered her house. She was tired, since she had a lot to do today.
    Ryunnoosuke got out of the bed and happily ran to her. “Mommy!”
    “Hi, Ryu. Why are you so excited?” asked Mayumi.
    “It’s P’Nadech. He played with me today. He even brought me an ice cream!” Mayumi frowned.
    “And he also-“
    Ryuunosuke stopped talking and looked into his mother eyes.
    “Ryu, don’t play with that man, do you hear me?”
    “Why, Mommy?”
    “He’s…he’s untrustworthy. Ryu, promise me that you won’t.”
    Ryuunosuke stared into his mother’s eyes and saw the fear and concern in it. “Okay, Mommy, I promise.”
    “That’s my good boy!” said Mayumi, smiling. She took him in her arms and hugged him. Ryuunosuke snuggled in his mother’s arms.