Messy Circle of Love Chapter 9 Part 2

Chapter 9
Yaya, Nadech, Tah, and Sara are sitting in the dinning room, eating their breakfast.
“My dad’s wedding is next week,” say Nadech
“What?!” say everyone
“Yes, my dad is remarrying,” say Nadech, sadly
“I’m sorry to hear that, Nadech,” say Yaya, sadly
Nadech hold his tears. He have never expect that day.
Margie drive over to Yaya’s shop.
“Hey, Yaya,” say Margie, coming inside the shop
“Hell, Margie,” say Yaya
Margie give Yaya a big hug.
“So how’s your trip?” ask Yaya
“It was great,” say Margie
“That’s good,” say Yaya
“So did Kim do anything to you while I was gone?” ask Margie
“No,” lied Yaya
“Come one don’t lie to me,” say Margie
“Well, she didn’t do anything that bad,” say Yaya
“Ok, so I heard about Nadech’s dad’s wedding, is it true?” ask Margie
“Yes. Nadech have been really upset about it lately,” say Yaya
“That’s bad. Maybe you should go and cheer hime up,” suggested Margie
“I’ll try,” say Yaya
Margie gives her the thumps up, and Yaya half smile back.
Nadech is sitting in his office, and Kim walk in.
“You ok?” ask Kim, concern
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Here, eat these fruits, it’ll help you,” say Kim, putting the fruits on the table.
“Thanks,” say Nadech
“No, I should thank you. Thank you for last night. And I’m really sorry about it, too, ” say Kim
“It’s okay. But what are you sorry for?” ask Nadech
“I’m sorry-” say Kim, but was interrupt by Yaya
Yaya walked in, and see Kim and Nadech together.
“Sorry, ” say Yaya, than she turn around
But Nadech stopped her.
“Yaya, it’s ok, you can stay,” say Nadech
“It’s ok,” say Yaya
“No, it;’s really ok, I’m just about to leave,” say Kim, walking to her
“Ok,” say Yaya
Kim left, and Nadech and Yaya remain silent. The room was full of silence for a second.
“Aren’t you going to sit down?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Kim walk out and meet Chailda.
“Why are you here?” ask Kim
“To help you of course,” say Chailda
“What?!” say Kim
“Yes, I’m here to help you,” say Chailda
“No, I don’t believe you,” say Kim
“Come on, Kim. You and I have the same story. We’ve been trick by the person we love the most,” say Chailda
“Yes, and what do you mean by that?” ask Kim
“I know your whole story. I know you want Nadech, and I want to help you,” say Chailda
“I don’t believe you. I know that you also want Nadech for youself too,” say Kim, walking away
“Are you sure?! I’m already over Nadech. And you walking away from a good offer like this is not really wise,” say Chailda
Kim stop and turn around.
“What do you want?” ask Kim
“You and Nadech should be together. And I agree,” say Chailda
“Fine, I’ll take your help offer,” say Kim
Chailda smiled.
“Are you here because you brought me food, too?” ask Nadech
“No, I’m here to help around, if you don’t mind,” say Yaya
“Sure, tell me what you want to do,” say Nadech
“I’ll do whatever you want,” say Yaya
“Ok, may you take this to go copy it,” say nadech, handing her some papers
“Yes,” say Yaya, taking the papers
She walk out of the office, and realize that she didn’t know where the copy machine is. She didn’t bother going inside the office, since she doesn’t want to stress Nadech. She walk on, and ask one of the workers. The worker show her it. Yaya look at it. There were so much things on it, and she have no clue how to use it. She look around helplessly.
Nadech is just sitting still thinking about his dad’s wedding.  But than he realizes about Yaya. He look at his watch.
“Why isn’t she back yet?!” say Nadech to himself
He got out of the office, and went to the copy machine room. He saw Yaya trying to figure out how to use the machine. He smile, and the smile turn into laughs.
Yaya saw him laughing at her. She was about to shout something back at him, but realizes that she have cheer him up, and that was the first time he have laugh ever since the news about his father’s wedding was out.
Nadech walk over to Yaya.
“Do you need help?” ask Nadech
“It’s ok,” say Yaya
“No, I’ll help you,” say Nadech, holding her hand, guiding it
Yaya only stare at him. She wanted to hug him so bad, and tell him that she love him.
“Ok, that’s how you do it,” say Nadech, finally after a few seconds of Yaya’s moment
“Thanks,” say Yaya
“Yes, hurry, I got other work for you,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech went back to his office, and Yaya smile to herself. She made Nadech laugh, and she was proud of it.
Mark came to the shop.
“Noona?!” say Mark
Noona appeared, holding a try of chocolates.
“I’m here,” say Noona, almost dropping the tray
Mark smile, and walk over to her.
“Let me help,” say Mark, taking the tray out of her hands
“Thanks. Please give it table #4,” say Noona
“Yes,” say Mark, smiling at her
“you can go now,” say Noona
Mark went to table #4 and Noona went back inside the kitchen.
Mark walked into the kitchen.
“Let me help you for the day, ok,” say mark
“Sure,” say Noona
They both smile at each other.
Yaya was sitting in Nadech’s office, reading a book. Nadech stare at her, and than at his watch.
“Let’s go out and eat,” say Nadech
“What?!” say Yaya
“Let’s go to lunch,” say Nadecjh
“Yes,” say Yaya, getting up
They walk to his car, and he drove them to the restaurant.
“Such a beautiful day, right?” ask Boy, happily, stretching his arms out
“Yes, it is very beautiful,” say Marie, happily
“Where should we go today?” ask Boy
“Let’s go eat first,” say Marie
“Yes,” say Boy
They got into the car, and Boy’s phone rang. It was Margie.
“What is it?” say Boy, annoyed
“Wjere are you?” ask Margie
“Why?” ask Boy
“Just tell me,” say Margie
“I’m out with Marie,” say Boy
“What?! You need to come back right now, or else-” say Margie, but Boy hang up on her
He turn to Marie.
“It’s Margie right?” ask Marie
“Yes,” say Boy, nodding his head
“You should go,” say Marie
“No, I’m not going to let her force me into everything. Even though my mother’s on her side, I won’t give up on our love,” say Boy
“Boy,” say Marie
Boy hold Marie’s hand, and put it to his heart.
“Marie, no matter what, I still love you. Let’s just enjoy our time together, and don’t think about others,” say Boy
“Yes,” say Marie
Yaya and Nadech are sitting in the restaurant, slowly eating. Than Yaya’s phone rang. She took it out, and see that it was Margie.
“I’m going to go to the restroom,” say Yaya
“Go ahead,” say Nadech
Yaya rushed to the restroom.
“Hello, Margie,” say Yaya
“Yaya,” say Margie
“What is it?” ask Yaya
“Yaya, I need you, right now, may you come to my house,” say Margie
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Thanks you,” say Margie
They hang up, and Yaya went back to the table.
“Um, Nadech, Margie is having toubles, will you mind if I go help her, I’ll come back after I help her,” say Yaya
“Do you want a ride?” ask Nadech
“It’s ok,” say Yaya
“It’s fine, I’ll give you a ride,” say Nadech
They both walk to his car, but bumped into Boy and Marie.
“Hello, Nadech and Yaya,” say Boy
“Hello, Boy and Marie,” say Nadech
“Are you guys done eating already?” ask Boy
“Yes, we’re heading for Margie’s house,” say Nadech
“Will than good luck,” say Boy. Marie and Yaya were feeling uneasy, but finally they parted.
Nadech drove to Margie’s house, and Yaya to off.
Yaya went inside, and Margie took her to her room.
“Margie, what’s wrong?” ask Yaya
“Nothing, I just want you to hang out,” say Margie
“Margie, I just want to tell you something, but keep calm ok,” say Yaya
“What is it?” ask Margie, curoius
“I met Boy and Marie at the reastaunt,” say Yaya
“So. Who cares?!” say Margie
“Are you sure?” ask Yaya
Than Margie burst into tears, and put her head on Yaya’s shoulder. Yaya patted her back.
“Just cry it all out, Margie,” say Yaya
Yaya took a taxi back to Nadech’s office after she calm Margie down. She went up to his office.
“I’m back,” say Yaya
“That’s good. But I don’t have anything for you, you can just read,” say Nadech
“That’s fine with me,” say Yaya, settling on the couch, and pulling out a book
Nadech got back to work.
Boy dropped Marie off, and than went back to his house. Marie hurried inside. She went to Kim’s room.
“Kim, I think that you should-,” say Marie, but she stopped since she sees that her friend is on the phone
Marie wait patiently for Kim. After the that, Kim turn around, and look at Marie.
“What is it?” ask Kim
“I think that you shouldn’t bother Nadech anymore. He’s really happy with Yaya already,” say Marie
“Not true. And how do you know?” ask Kim
“I saw the going to eat lunch together,” say Marie
“So?! I won’t stop. And just to let you know, someone is on my team right now, and she’s willingly to help me get Nadech,” say Kim
“Who?” ask Marie
“Chailda,” say Kim
“And you believe her?!” say Marie
“Not really. But she say she is going to prove it,” say Kim
“Kim, I don’t like the sound of this idea,” say Marie
“Than just stay out,” say Kim
Boy walked into the house, and his mother appeared.
“Where have you been?” ask his mother
“I went out with Marie,” say Boy, honestly, not afraid
“Boy, how many times did I tell you go stop doing that. You’re about to get marry, and you’re also hurting Margie’s heart,” say his mother
‘But mother, I have never agree of any of these, and I’ll tell you again that I can’t marry a person I don’t love,” say Boy
“You still need to. Margie is a good person,” say his mother
“What about Marie?! She also good too. Mom, you never take time to study her, and I think that isn’t fair,” say Boy
“Fine, I agree that I was wrong to do things without your permission, but please, Boy, just do this once for your mother,” say his mother
Boy walk away. He was tired of having this talk everyday with his mother.
“Thanks,” say Noona, after Mark cleared off the last table
“It’s ok,” say Mark
Noona look at the clock.
“Oh my gosh, it’s already 10:00, I think that we should leave,” say Noona
“Yes,” say Mark
They got outside, and it started raining. Mark put his arms over Noona.
“It’s ok,” say Noona
“It’s not okay. I don’t want you to get sick,” say Mark
“Thanks,” say Noona
Mark smile.
“Let’s go in my car,” say Mar
“It’s ok, I’ll get a taxi,” say Noona
“Come on, just go, you don’t need to waste money,” say Mark
“Yes, thanks,” say Noona, getting in.
They remain silent in the car. Mark drove, and they finally reach Noona’s apartment.
“Thanks,” say Noona, silently
“It’s ok. Good night,” say Mark
Noona nodded her head. She open the door, but Mark hold her arm, ad stop her. She turn around, and Mark give her a kiss on the lips. After a few seconds, Mark release her.
“Sorry,” say Mark
“It’s ok,” say Noona, shyly
“Um, I have something that I want to say to you,” say Mark
“What us it?” ask Noona
“May we start over,” say Mark
“Yes,” say Noona, without realizing what she just say until it was already said.
“Thanks for giving me another chance,” say Mark, giving her a hug
Noona hug him back. She hope that she wasn’t doing the wrong thing, giving him second chance.
Yaya was asleep, and Nadech was still working. He notice her. He walk to Yaya, and took one of his clean blankets, and put it over her.
“Have a good dream and sleep,” say Nadech
Than he walk back to his desk, and continue working.
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