Messy Circle of Love Chapter 8 Part 2

Chapter 8
“Yaya, I’m going to come, so be prepare,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya, happily
Mark notices.
“Nadech call, and say something good right?” ask Mark
“Yes, Nadech is going to come home,” say Yaya
“That’s great,” say Mark, with a half smile
“Yes. Mark, I’m going to leave early to go get dinner ready, so I’m going to close now,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Mark
“Nadech, please, let me go with you. I want to have dinner with you,” say Kim
“I guess,” say Nadech
Marie held onto Kim’s arm.
“Don’t,” whisper Marie
Kim ingore, and happily follow Nadech to the parking lot.
“Marie, do you mind me riding with Nadech?” ask Kim
“Of course not,” say Marie, silently
“Are you sure, Marie?” ask Nadech
“Yes, of course,” say Marie with uncertianity
“Ok, than let’s get going,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Nadech
Nadech drove away, leaving Marie alone.
“I’m sorry, Yaya,” Marie muttered to herself
“Smells so good,” say Sara, her nose sniffing the air
“You’re here, Sara,” say Yaya, putting more food on the table
“Yes, and what does this mean? Why do the food smells so delicoius?” ask Sara
“It’s because,” say Yaya
“Because of what?” Sara interuppted
“Nadech of course,” say Tah, walking in
“Yes,” say Yaya
“I don’t get it. Why do you always do good things for him?” ask Tah
But before Yaya could answer, Nadech enter the house with Kim. She’s disappointed, but try not to show her disappointment.
“Yum, it smells so good,” say Nadech
But no one was smiling, they were all staring at each other.
“Everyone?!” say Nadech, trying to get their attention
“Um, yes,” say everyone finally
“Is the food ready?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Than lets eat,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say everyone
They all sat down, and eat.
“It’s so good, Yaya did you cook this?” ask Kim
“Yes,” say Yaya
“It’s so delicoius, maybe sometimes when I’m not busy, you can give me cooking lessons,” say Kim
“That’s good. Yaya will you do that for Kim?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“But I disapprove. If Kim wants to learn, she’ll have to ask someone else,” say Sara
“Sara, don’t be rude,” say Yaya and Nadech
“But I also agree with Sara,” say Tah
But before anyone can say anything, Marie arrived, and interrupted them.
“Kim, Grandma On is sick in the hospital, you need to go see her right now,” say Marie
“Really,” say Kim, standing up
“Yes, let’s go,” say Marie
Kim walk to her and they bot walk to the car.
Marie drove them back home.
“Marie, I thought you say Grandma was at the hospital,” say Kim
“Kim, Grandma is fine, but you’re not,” say Marie
“You tricked me?!” say Kim, furious
“Sorry, but I don’t want you doing stuffs like this. It’s not right, and grandma and I also disapprove of it,” say Marie
“Stop the car,” say Kim
“Kim,” say Marie
“Stop it now!” shouted Kim
Marie hesitated, but finally stop the car.
Kim open the door, and got out. Marie also got out of the car.
“Leave me alone,” say Kim
Marie remain silent. Kim walks away. Marie knows that it is no use to chase after her, so she call Nadech.
“Nadech, Kim is not herself now, and I need your help,” say Marie
“What is it?” ask Nadech
“Ok, it’s a long story, but right now, I need you to come here,” say Marie
“Ok, where are you?” ask Nadech, concern
Marie give him the place, and they hang up.
Yaya, Sara, and Tah were alll staring at Nadech.
“What is it?” ask Yaya
“I don’t  know, but Kim needs me right now,” say Nadech
“You can’t go,” say Sara
“But she needs me,” say Nadech
“Maybe it’s just a trick,” say Sara
Nadech didn’t listen. He run to his car, and drove as fast as he could.
Yaya sat there, lifeless. Sara walk over to her.
“It’s ok, Yaya,” say Sara, giving her a hug
“I’m ok. I’m going to go get some rest,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Sara and Tah, concern
Yaya walk up the stairs slowly. She feels weak. When she got into her room, she slowly got on to the bed, and pull the covers up. Than tears after tears starts to go down her cheek.
Kim walk and talk to herself at the same time. She’s mad and confused.
“How am I wrong? How is this wrong?” whisper Kim to herself
“Nadech was suppose to be mine. MINE! But she, Yaya, took him away from me. How is it wrong to get him back?!” say Kim
“I’m not wrong,” Kim started chanting, but none of her words were helping her at all. She’s only getting weaker each second.
Than someone grabs her arm. She pull away and turn around. It was Nadech.
“Kim are you alright?” ask Nadech
Seeing Nadech’s face made Kim glad. She hug him tightly, and release her tears.
“Nadech, don’t leave me, ever again,” say Kim
Nadech patted her back, and say words of encouragement.
“Yes, I’m here,” say Nadech
Nadech walk up the stairs. He was so tired, since he have to take care of Kim until she went to sleep. He walk to his and Yaya’s room, and took a shower. After the shower, he got up on the bed. He turn and look at Yaya.
“I’m sorry Yaya, but I hope that you’ll understand,” say Nadech, than he kiss her on the cheek. After that Nadech turn around, and went to sleep. Yaya open up her eyes.
“I understand, Nadech, and I’m not mad,” say Yaya, quietly to herself
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