Messy Circle of Love Chapter 7 Part 2

Chapter 7
“What?! Nadech and you argue,” repeated Margie. She still can process that information onto her head, yet.
Yaya nodded her head sadly.
“But that’s mess up. You guys have never argue before, not even with Chailda,” say Margie, confused
“I also don’t understand,” say Yaya “, but Kim is Nadech’s ex, so I think that they’ll get along with each other more.”
“Now that’s a big problem,” say Margie
Yaya nodded her again, unable to speak.
“Yaya I know that you need help, but I can’t help you. I’m really sorry,” say Margie
“That’s ok,” say Yaya, with disappointment
“I’m really sorry, na. I still have problem with Boy,” say Margie
“I understand, no need to explain,” say Yaya
“Thanks Yaya. You’re so kind,” say Margie
Yaya nodded her head, and force a small smile.
“Good morning, Yaya and Margie,” say Mark, as he and Noona enter the door together
“Good morn…,” say Yaya, not completing her sentence
Noona and Mark smiled at her.
“You guys know each other?!” ask Yaya, surprised
“Yes,” they simply answer
“That’s great,” say Yaya
“Um, Yaya, please allow me to work here today,” say Mark
“No problem,” say Yaya
“But what about your work?” ask Noona
“No need to worry. I have day off,” say Mark, happily, staring into Noona’s eyes
“Than you guys can go ahead, and start,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Noona, shyly
Mark and Noona headed for the kitchen.
“So?!” say Margie
“Are you going to go?” ask Yaya
“Ok, I’m going,” say Margie, leaving
Yaya walked over to the kitchen, and sees Noona, and Mark messing around. They were happy, and laughing together. She envy them so much, and wish, just wish that she and Nadech were more like them.
“What?! Dad,” say Nadech, almost shouting
“Don’t be so loud,” say his father
“How can I not be loud when you’re divorcing my mother. How could you do this! Mother is sick, and you…you betray her like this!” say Nadech
“Nadech, you need to understand. Your mother and I can’t be in each other’s life anymore. We’re too far,” say his father
“But…,” say Nadech
“Another good news. I am getting marry again,” say his father
“What?!” shouted Nadech, full of anger. He wanted to smash his father, but he couldn’t do it
“I met this young pretty lady, and I have ask for her hand in marriage,” say his father
“You what?!” say Nadech
“Our wedding is next week, so invite your wife,” say his father
“You can’t do this,” say Nadech
“What about you than? You did it. You and I are the same,” say his father, walking out of his office
“I’m not like you,” say Nadech, furious
Yaya’s phone rang, and she pick it up, and see that Margie was the caller.
“Hello,” say Yaya
“Yaya, I know something that can make you and Nadech get along again,” say Margie
“What is it?” ask Yaya, happily
“You can go to his office at lunch time today, and eat with him,” say Margie
“But he’s really busy,” say Yaya
“Come on, it’s your love, you gotta fight,” say Margie
“Ok, thanks, Margie,” say Yaya
“Yes, good bye, and good luck,” say Margie
“Good bye,” say Yaya
Yaya happily hang up, and smile. She is going to try her best to make up with Nadech.
Boy enter Nadech’s office, and sat down on the chair.
“What’s up?” ask Nadech
“Sorry for yesterday. Margie is just too much,” say Boy
“But it seems like Margie is very jealous over you,” say Nadech
“She is. And I dislike it,” say Boy
“No, you’re very lucky. Yaya doesn’t even care,” say Nadech
“That’s good than. That’s why I like Yaya more than Margie,” say Boy
“But, Boy, Yaya doesn’t even care about anything that I do. She’s even fine with another woman with me. That just get me mad,” say Nadech
But before Boy can say another word, Yaya interrupt them.
“Hello, Boy,” say Yaya
“Hello,” say Boy
“What are you here for?” ask Nadech
“I brought you lunch,” say Yaya, nervously
“Really?! You do… I mean you did?!” say Nadech, excitedly, but kept it under control
“Yes,” say Yaya, walking over to his desk, and unpacking it.
“I should get going. Bye, Nadech,” say Boy
“Good bye,” say Nadech
“Here I’m done,” say Yaya, getting ready to leave
“You won’t stay and eat?” ask Nadech
Yaya was getting really nervous, and try to calm down before speaking again.
“No thanks,” say Yaya, hoping that Nadech will make her stay
“But I want you to stay, please,” say Nadech
“Ok, I’ll stay than,” say Yaya, happy that her wish was fulfill
“I’m going to go Nadech’s today,” say Kim
“Kim, you don’t need to go,” say Marie
“Yes I do,” say Kim, heading for the car
Marie sigh, than got in the car with her.
They got to company, and bumped into Boy on the way.
“Hey, Boy,” say Kim
“Hi,” say Boy
“Is Nadech still in there?” ask Kim
“Yes,” say Boy, but remembering that Yaya was also there, he quickly added,” But it is not good timing to go see him.”
“It’s ok, I’m welling to deal with anything that concerns Nadech,” say Kim, steeping into the elevator
Marie followed her, while Boy shook his head, and than went his way.
Nadech sat at his side and stare at Yaya. Yaya notice, and got even nervous.
“Nadech, why are you staring at me?” ask Yaya
“Oh, I’m staring at you?!” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Sorry,” say Nadech
“It’s ok,” say Yaya
“Do you want to eat?” ask Nadech
“No, I’m not hungry,” say Yaya
“Come on, I’ll feed you,” say Nadech, holding up the spoon
Yaya accepted it.
“Thanks,” say Yaya, after she swallow.
Nadech only laugh at her.
“What?” ask Yaya
“Just stay still,” say Nadech
Yaya listen, and Nadech reach over to her, and wipe off the food on the side of her cheek.
“There,” say Nadech
“Thanks,” say Yaya
Nadech smile, and Yaya smile back at him. Remembering the problem, Yaya decided to ask him.
“Nadech, I’m sorry for shouting at you last night,” say Yaya
“It’s ok. I’m also sorry,” say Nadech
They give each other smiles.
“Ok, come on, let’s eat,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya, happily, and glad that they made up.
“Natwara, where are you taking me to?” ask Chailda
“Somewhere that we haven’t been to for along time,” say Natwara
“Really?! I’m so excited now,” say Chailda
“You should be,” say Natwara
Natwara turn the steering wheel left, and than park it to on the side of the sidewalk.
“You have to close you eyes, since we are going to walk to it,” say Natwara
“But promise that this have nothing to do with James,” say Chailda
“I promise,” say Natwara
Chailda cover her eyes, and Natwara guide her to the place.
They got to the place, and Chailda uncover her eyes.
She stand there, amazed.
“It’s so beautiful,” say Chailda, admiring it
“Indeed it is,” say Natwara, agree with her
Chailda stand there, still admiring the scene, while Natwara spotted James, and give him the thumps-up. James was really glad that Chailda like the scene.
“Nadech,” say Kim, as she open the door
Nadech, and Yaya stare at her as she and Marie walk in.
“Hello, Khun Marie, Khun Kim,” say Yaya
“Hello,” say Kim, without looking at her
“Hello,” say Marie, smiling at Yaya
“Nadech, I brought you lunch,” say Kim, showing him the box
“Really?! Man, this must be my lucky day,” say Nadech
Nadech walk over to her, and grab the box.
“Thanks,” say Nadech
Nadech took a big bit. Yaya and Kim stare at him. Yaya feel left out again.
“Yum…it’s so good,” say Nadech
“Thanks,” say Kim
Yaya got up.
“Um, Nadech, I think that I’ll leave first,” say Yaya
“Are you sure?! Don’t you want to help me finish up?” ask Nadech
“It’s ok. Khun Kim is here, she can help you,” say Yaya
“Ok. But may I drive you there. I still feel bad about last night,” say Nadech
“It’s ok,” say Yaya
“Are you sure?” ask Nadech, concern
“Yes,” say Yaya, heading out
Kim stare after her. She turn back to Nadech, and smile.
“Eat a lot, so you get a lot of energy, ok,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Nadech
Yaya got to her car. Her heart still hurts. But she put on a smiling face, and drove back to her shop.
She got there, and saw that Noona was gone. Mark was waiting for her.
“Do you need anything?” ask Yaya
“Yes. Yaya, I have something to tell you,” say Mark
“What is it?” ask Yaya
“Well, Noona and I have a long story together, and I’ve hurt her in the past. I want to do something good for her. And I have decided, I want to be the person that takes care of her for the rest of her life,” say Mark
“That’s great, Mark,” say Yaya, happily
“But I need your help. The problem is, I don’t know how to show her that I have love and concern for her,” say Mark
“Well, the way you show her is with sincerity. You have to make her feel comforted, and safe with your love. Make her know that you care,” say Yaya
“But how?” ask Mark
“By being you of course. You can’t pretend to be someone you’re not,” say Yaya
“Oh. Thanks, Yaya. I also have another favor to ask you,” say Mark
“What is it?” ask Yaya
“May you be my helper, and help and guide me with Noona,” say Mark
“Um, sure,” say Yaya
“Thanks,” say Mark, happily
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