Messy Circle of Love Chapter 5 Part 2

*The beginning is heart-breaking, but the end is good. Hope you all like it! :D
Sorry for the misspelled words.
Chapter 5
Yaya and Mark are at the shop, cleaning, since it was almost time to go home.
“Mark, may you go wash the table,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Mark
“You can go home now,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Mark, gathering his things
Nadech got to Yaya’s shop, and excitedly got out. He was free for the day, and wanted Yaya to have fun with him. He walked to her door.
“Good bye, Yaya,” say Mark
“Good bye,” say Yaya, as she walk to go put some things away. But she trip, and fell into Mark’s arm.
Nadech open the door, and sees Yaya and Mark together like that. He close the door, and walked out. He walked back to his car, and drove back to his office.
“Thanks,” say Yaya
“Your welcome,” say Mark, staring at her.
“Well, good bye,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Mark. Than he went to to the door and went out.
Nadech slam the door. His Secretary look at his door, and wonders why he was so mad.
Nadech was inside, and thinking about the Yaya and Mark. He was super mad and jealous. Than his phone rang, and he answer it.
“Hello,” say Nadech
“Boss, ka, khun Kimberly is here to see you,” say his secertary
“Let her in,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say the Secretary, and Kim enters his office
“Hello, Nadech. Do you want to go somewhere?” ask Kim
“No,” say Nadech, trying to control his anger.
“Come on. It’ll be fun,” say Kim
Thoughts of Nadech and Yaya kept on coming back into Nadech’s head, and he is getting angrier every seconds.
“Fine, let’s go,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Kim, leading him the way
Yaya sits, and patiently wait for Nadech. Sara notices, and went over to her.
“P’Nadech still haven’t arrive?!” say Sara
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Have you take a shower?” ask Sara
“No. I want to wait for Nadech,” say Yaya
“Go take a shower, and when he comes back, I’ll tell you,” say Sara
“Yes,” say Yaya
Yaya went upstairs, and took her shower.
Nadech drink glass after glass. Kim was surprised to see Nadech drink so much.
“Nadech, that’s enough,” say Kim, stopping him
“No,” say Nadech, taking her hands away
Kim let him drink a few more, than she stop him, and drag him out of the bar.
“Come on, Nadech, let’s go,” say Kim, putting his arms behind her neck.
Kim took them to his car, and took the keys out. She was going to drive to his office, but since it was dark, she decide to drive him home instead.
Yaya got done with her shower, and went back down to wait with Sara.
They waited for a few more minutes, than they heard a car, and went to the door to see who it is.
Kim got out of the car, and went to the other side, and got Nadech. He pull him out, and put his arm on behind her neck, and slowly help him get to the house.
Sara stop Kim at the doorway.
“You can’t come in,” say Sara
“Hey, can’t you see, Nadech needs to go in,” say Kim
“You can’t go in. Yaya and I will help Nadech in,” say Sara, taking Nadech’s arms off Kim
“Ok, as you like,” say Kim, turing to leave
“Wait,” say Yaya
Kim turn around again, and stare at Yaya.
“What now?!” say Kim
“Thanks for driving Nadech home,” say Yaya
“Don’t need to thank me. I don’t need it. I only want to make sure that the person I love is safe,” say Kim. Than she walk to her car, and drove off.
Yaya stare at Kim for a bit, than went in, and help Sara. They got Nadech into Yaya’s bedroom. Sara left. Yaya wanted to clean Nadech up, so she went to the bathroom, and get a wet towel, and bowl of water. She wring the towel, and gently wipe Nadech’s arm.
Nadech open up his eyes, and sees Yaya. He remember about Mark, and got mad again. He stop Yaya, and got off the bed.
“Nadech, don’t go,” say Yaya
Nadech turn around, and stare at her. He nailed her to the wall.
“Why?” ask Nadech
“Because you’re drunk.” say Yaya
“So?!” say Nadech
“Let me wipe your body first,” say Yaya
“Why don’t you go wipe his, huh?!” say Nadech
“What do you mean?” ask Yaya, confuse
“You love him so much, right?!” say Nadech
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” say Yaya
“Stop faking. Out of these 3 years of marriage, you don’t even love me! You only love my money,” say Nadech
Yaya was mad at Nadech. She slap him, without thinking first. Nadech touch his cheek that was slap. He turn around, and walk away.
“I’m disppointed in you, Yaya,” say Nadech
Yaya look at her hands, and tears start coming down her cheeks. Yaya regret what she have just done.
“I’m sorry Nadech. I didn’t mean to,” say Yaya
Nadech went to the living room, and fell asleep right there. Yaya wipe off her tears, and went downstairs to see if Nadech was there. She saw Nadech sleeping on the couch, and went back to her bedroom, and got a blanket, and put it over him.
“I’m sorry,” say Yaya
Yaya went back to her bedroom, and sleep uncomfortably.
The next morning, Yaya woke up, and went down to the couch. Nadech wasn’t there. Yaya was worry, and look every where for him. She finally give-up, and went to work.
“Hey, Nadech, where do you want to go so early in the morning like this?” ask Boy
“Take me to Kim and Marie’s house,” say Nadech
“For what?!” say Boy, surprised
“I want to talk with Kim,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Boy
Sara woke up, and see Tah preparing the food. She walk up to the food, and pick it up, and start eating. Tah notices, and got mad.
“Hey, stop that now,” say Tah
“Why?” ask Sara
“It’s for Yaya,” say Tah
“So, Yaya and I are sisters, we share things,” say Sara, contining to eat
“Stop,” say Tah, pulling the food away from Sara
“But I’m hungry,” say Sara, than her stomach start to growl
“Fine. Have it all, since you already ate some,” say Tah, handing her back the plate
“So hungry,” say Sara to herself, as she eat the food
“Such a hog,” say Tah
Sara ignore, and continue eating the food.
“”Why do you look so restless?” ask Noona
“I’m ok. Just not enough sleep,” say Yaya
“Well, than you should get some rest. If you’ll like, I’ll take care of the stop all by myself,” say Noona
“It’s ok,” say Yaya
“Please, Yaya. I’ve been working in this shop for almost 3 years now, please trust me,” say Noona
“Ok, I agree,” say Yaya
“Thank you so much, Yaya,” say Noona, happily
“Yes. I’ll get going now,” say Yaya
“Yes, good bye, and have a nice rest,” say Noona
After Yaya left, Noona got right to work. She doesn’t want to disappoint Yaya.
“Is Kim home?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Grandma On
“May I see her?” ask Nadech
“Yes, please sit here. I’ll go get her,” say Grandma On
Grandma On enters Kim’s room, and tell her to go meet Nadech. Kim was super excited, and went to Nadech.
“Nadech?!” say Kim, excitedly
“Are you free, today? Do you want to go and have fun?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Kim. She couldn’t believe what Nadech have just say to her. She was so excited.
“Than let’s get going,” say Nadech
“Yes. You can go and wait for me, while I go change and get my stuffs,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Nadech
Kim hurriedly change, and got her stuffs ready. She went out to the car, and Nadech drove away.
Boy was also confused about his friend’s actions. He waited patiently for Marie, since he wanted to hangout with her.
Yaya walked into the house. It was cold and silent. No one was in sight. She silently make her way to her room. She got onto her bed, and thought. She thought about what Nadech say yesterday to her. She did know what he is talking about. All of the problems are making her restless, and she really wants to go back to her shop, and start working, but she already told Noona that she believes in her.
“Thanks for coming,” say Noona to a costumer.
“Yes, good bye,” say the constumer
“Good bye. Have a good day,” say Noona
The costumer left, and Noona felt happy. She have made it through the morning hours. Than suddenly the door swing open, and Mark came in.
“Hello,” say Noona
“Hello, is khun Yaya…,” say Mark, not finishing his sentence.
Mark stare at Noona, and Noona stare back.
“Noona?!” whisper Mark
“Yes, it’s me,” say Noona
“But how?! I though you move to other city,” say Mark
“Really?! Does my letter sounds like that?” ask Noona
“Yes,” say Mark, nodding his head
“Well,” say Noona
“Will you mind if we take a walk?” ask Mark
“Well, I promise Yaya that I will take care of this restaunt,” say Noona
“It’s ok. We can explain it later to Yaya. She’ll understand. Come on, now it’s time for our personal matter,” say Mark, grabbing her hand, and taking her out  of the store.
Noona could say nothing, but go with Mark.
“The air is so fresh,” say Kim, her hands spread out
“You like it?” ask Nadech
“Yep, I love it here,” say Kim, happily
“Let’s go play,” say Nadech
“Yes. Race you there,” say Kim, running ahead
Nadech happily smile, and ran after her.
“Hey, wait for me,” say Nadech
“Catch me if you can,” say Kim, happily shouting behind her
Nadech finally caught up with her, and they went walk together back to the car.
Yaya’s headache got worse each hour. She can’t take it anymore, and walk downstairs to go get medicine. She got there, and try to open the cupboard, but she fainted instead.
The maids came in, and saw her. They all help each other carry Yaya to the couch, and they call Sara.
Sara panick, so she call Tah.
“Hello, Tah?!” say Sara
“Yes, it’s me. What’s up?” ask Tah
“Yaya fainted. Come back home,” say Sara
“Yes. I’ll be there,” say Tah
Tah rush to his boss.
“Boss, my sister fainted, so I need to go back home,” say Tah
“Go ahead,” say his Boss
“Thank you,” say Tah
Tah rush to his car, and drove back home.
“So how did you spend your last 4  years doing?” ask Mark
“I try to find out what I wanted to do. And I finally found it,” say Noona
“When did you start working with Yaya?” ask Mark
“3 years ago,” say Noona
“Huh?!” say Mark, surprised
“Yes, I know that you’re very surprised. I didn’t know that you know Yaya, too,” say Noona
“And if you know, will you ran away again?” ask Mark
“What?! I didn’t,” say Noona, but stop
“Didn’t what,” say Mark
“I didn’t run away, well, I guess I kinda did. It’s that I already accepted everything, and wanted to find the things that I want to do,” say Noona
“But why didn’t you tell me and Bie where you were going?” ask Mark
“I didn’t want to. I want peace and queitness,” say Noona
“I understand,” say Mark
“Sorry if I made you guys misunderstand,” say Noona
“Yes, but what I want to talk to you about is not about this,” say Mark
“What is it?” ask Noona
“I’m sorry if I have hurt your feelings that night. I know I was being a jerk. I’m really sorry,” say Mark, pulling her into a hug.
Noona loved the way he hug her, and try to not let her hope going up again.
“It’s ok. I understand. But by the way, I also have a questio for you,” say Noona
“What is it?” ask Mark
“Do you like Yaya?” ask Noona, pulling away from the hug
“Why do you want to know?” ask Mark
“I see the way you look at her. You always make her laugh, and you always stare at her,” say Noona, staring at the ground instead of his face
“Yes, but Yaya and I have been friends for so long. And she is always in stress about Nadech,” say Mark
“Really?!” say Noona
“Yes,” say Mark
Tah rush inside the house, and found Yaya on the couch with Sara by her side.
“How is she?” ask Tah
“We don’t know. We haven’t,” say Sara, but Tah interrupt
“Than go and call them!” say Tah, madly
“Yes,” say the maids
“Tah, calm down,” say Sara, putting her hands on his shoulders, but he took her hands off
She carry Yaya to her bed, and put the blanket over her.
A few minutes later, and the doctor arrived. He check Yaya, and than he went and talk to Tah.
“She’s ok. She just only have a fever. And this is the medicene for it,” say the doctor
“Thanks, doctor,” say Tah
“Ok, I’ll send the doctor out. You stay here, and take care of Yaya,” say Sara
“Yes,” say Tah
Sara send the doctor off. Tah stay and made sure that Yaya was safe.
“I’m sorry, Nadech, please don’t leave me,” say Yaya
Tah heard it, and was mad. He wanted to kill Nadech so bad now. He open the door the same time as Sara. He madly walk past Sara, and down the stairs.
“Hey,” say Sara, but was too late
She enter Yaya’s room, and found her awake, feeling her head.
“What happen?” ask Yaya
“You fainted, and the doctor say that you have a fever, so you need to stay in bed,” say Sara
“Where’s Nadech?” ask Yaya
“I don’t know,” say Sara
“And Tah?” ask Yaya
“He madly walk out. I don’t know what he is going to, but when he first found out that you fainted, he was pretty mad. Maybe it’s because of Nadech,” say Sara
“Nadech?!” say Yaya. She hurriedly got off the bed, but Sara stop her.
“Where are you going to?” ask Sara
“To Nadech’s house,” say Yaya
“But you’re not well,” say Sara
“But I need to help Nadech,” say Yaya, sickly
“Yaya, you can’t go,” say Sara
“Don’t stop me, Sara. I must go,” say Yaya
Yaya slowly walked down the stairs, and into the parking lot. Sara gripped Yaya.
“If you go, I’m coming with you,” say Sara
“Thanks, Sara,” say Yaya
“Yes, come on, let’s go,” say Sara, helping Yaya into the car
Sara drove as fast as she can to Nadech parent’s house.
Tah got there, and he was still super angry at Nadech. He walked right into the house, and demand for Nadech to come out. Nadech heard, and went out.
“What are you here for?” ask Nadech
Tah punched him. Nadech stand up again, and was about to punch Tah back, but Yaya stop him.
“Nadech, please,” say Yaya, holding his arm
Nadech pull her hands off.
“Go home,” say Nadech
“You have to come with me,” say Yaya
“Go home!” say Nadech, a little harsher
Yaya look sad and disappointed, She turn her back on Nadech, and slowly walk to the door steps. Than her head started to hurt, and she fainted again. Nadech was shocked, and run over to her. He put her head to his chest.
“Yaya?!” say Nadech
Tah was mad again.
“Don’t touch my sister,” say Tah, trying to take Nadech’s hands off, but Sara stop him
“Don’t Tah. Yaya needs the help,” say Sara, and when Tah heard that, he stop, and let Nadech carry Yaya to his room.
After that, Sara told Nadech that Yaya have a fever and needs to rest. Sara and Tah leaves afterward, leaving Nadech and Yaya alone in the house, since Nadech’s parents weren’t home.
Nadech look at Yaya, and regret what he did.
He wipe Yaya’s body, and put his clothes that he have never wear before on her.
He got up on the bed, and hug her to sleep.