Messy Circle of Love Chapter 4 Part 2

Chapter 4
“You seem to brighten up today,” say Margie
“Yes, I found what me and Nadech will be doing on his birthday,” say Yaya
“What?” ask Margie, suddenly happy
“Go to the ball, and dance,” say Yaya
“That sounds like fun,” say Margie
“Yes, and you can invite Boy along,” say Yaya
“Oh, him,” say Margie
Yaya realize what she just say, and regret it. Margie was still mad at Boy.
“I’m sorry,” say Yaya
“It’s ok. I have gotten over it. Yesterday I went home, and thought about it. And I also thought about you. You were a perfect example to me. I’m going to endure and be patient like you,” say Margie
“That’s good. Being patient and endure is a way to help you control yourself,” say Yaya
“Yes, thanks Yaya. And I will totally ask Boy to go to the ball with me,” say Margie, happily.
“Na, Tah, please, go with me to the ball,” Sara plead
“No,” say Tah
“Please,” say Sara
“No,” say Tah, going the other way
“But we are doing this for Yaya and Nadech’s sake,” say Sara
“Fine, I’ll go,” say Tah
“Yay,” shouted Sara happily
“Nadech, ka, there’s a ball, and I really wanted you to go with me,” say Kim
“I’m really sorry, Kim, I can’t,” say Nadech
“Why not?” ask Kim
“Because I have to go with Yaya,” say Nadech
“But,” say Kim
“I’m sorry, but Yaya ask first,” say Nadech
“Oh. So you always take the one who ask first?” ask Kim
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Well, then, it’s ok,” say Kim
Chailda was outside the office, and have heard everything. She is going to go to the ball.
Kim got home, and stomped to her room. She couldn’t take it anymore., Nadech not caring about her. She feels pain all over her body and heart. Marie walks in to check up on her. The minute she enter, Kim starts to scream at her.
“Don’t you see, Marie?! That girl makes Nadech forget about me! She makes Nadech ignore and not care for me!” say Kim
“Kim calm down,” say Marie
“No!” say Kim, crying
Marie went to sit down next to her, and calm her down.
“I endure it anymore, Marie,” say Kim
Marie only hold Kim close to her, and listen to her words.
“Natwara, do you want to go to a ball with me?” ask Chailda
“Sure, why not,” say Natwara
“It’s next week. So can you go help me choose out my outfit and accessorices?” ask Chailda
“Of course,” say Chailda
“Hello, nu Margie” say Boy’s mother
“Hello, Madame,” say Margie
“Please sit down,” say Boy’s mother
“Yes. Thank you,” say Margie, sitting down
“So what’s the problem?” ask his mother
“Um, there’s going to be a ball dance, and I really want Boy to go with me. May you please tell this to him for me,” say Margie
“A ball?! That’s sounds fun. And don’t worry, he’ll go with you,” say his mother
“Thank you very much, madame,” say Margie
“It’s ok. We’re going to become a family soon,” say his mother
“Than good bye,” say Margie
“Good bye, have a safe drive, na,” say his mother
Margie got out of the house. Boy was waiting for her.
“Why are you using my mother?” ask Boy
“Well, if I ask you nicely, will you go with me?” ask Margie
“No,” say Boy
“See. That’s why I use your mother,” say Margie
“Even though you use my mother, I still won’t go,” say Boy
“We’ll see,” say Margie, as she got into her car
The night of the ball.
“P’Nadech, Tah and me are going to go ahead,” say Sara, happily
“Yes,” say Nadech, sitting on the couch, impatiently waiting for Yaya
Sara took Tah’s hand, and pull him outside. They got into the car, and drove off.
Yaya sat in front of the mirror, staring at herself to see if she’s beautiful enough. She wants to be the most beautiful tonight, since it was Nadech’s birthday.
Nadech was walking back and froth now, since he got tired of sitting down.After a few minutes, Nadech decided that he’ll go get Yaya, himself. She walk up the stairs, and got to their bedroom, and sees Yaya doing nothing, but admiring herself. She was about to got to her, but stop. Yaya slowly turn around and look at him.
“Nadech?!” say Yaya
“Yes, are you ready?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya. She could tell that he was very impatient with her noe, but she didn’t try to explain her reasons to him.
“Than let’s get going,” say Nadech, going out. Yaya follow after him.
“Hey what were you thinking, going ahead?!” say Tah
“I want Nadech and Yaya to go alone,” say Sara
“Aren’t you scared, he might do something to her?” ask Tah
“No. P’Nadech is a gentleman,” say Sara
“Yes sure. Out of these 3 years that they have been married, he have never done anything good for my sister, expect bringing her more pain,” say Tah
“But Yaya needs those pain. Can’t you see, she have gotten so much stronger,” say Sara
“Yeah, yeah,” say Tah in an annoyed voice
“Marie, are you ready?” ask Kim
“Kim, I don’t think this is a good idea,” say Marie
“Of course it is! Don’t you want tp see what Boy is really up to?!” say Kim
“Yes,” say Marie
“Than let’s get going,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Marie, as she got into the car
Nadech and Yaya arrive at ball, and look around for Tah, Sara, Margie, and Boy. They spotted Sara and Tah, and walk over to them.
“So where is Boy and Margie?” ask Yaya
“They haven’t arrive, yet,” say Sara
“Well, they should, since I just call Margie, and she says that she’s on her way,” say Yaya
“Hey, you, why are you so mad, that you fake an illness?” ask Margie
“I told you, that I don’t want to go,” say Boy, mad
“So what’s the problem with going? Nadech is going,” say Margie
“So?! Nadech is Nadech, and I’m me,” say Boy
“That doesn’t make anything different,” say Margie
Boy sigh, and ignore Margie for the rest of the drive.
Kim, Marie, Chailda, and Natwara got to the ball at the same time and bump into each other.
“Well, hello there,” say Chailda
“Hello,” say Kim getting annoyed, and trying to go inside as soon as possible.
“You’re not going to stay and have a chat first,” say Chailda
“No thanks,” say Kim, but Chailda stop her
“You and I need to talk first,” say Chailda
“What do you want?” ask Kim
“Something,” say Chailda
“Fine, what is it?” ask Kim
“Let’s go talk somewhere else,” say Chailda
“Ok,” say Kim
“Follow me,” say Chailda
Kim follow Chailda, but Marie stop her.
“Kim, don’t go,” say Marie
“It’s ok,” say Kim
Natwara was also unsure of Chailda’s plan, too.
“The music have started. Won’t you ask Yaya to dance?” Sara whisper to Nadech
“I don’t want to,” say Nadech back to Sara
“Come on, it’ll be fun,” say Sara
Nadech turn to Yaya.
“Yaya, may I have a dance with you?” ask Nadech, his hand out
Yaya was so happy, that she started blushing.
“Sure,” say Yaya, shyly, putting her hands on his
Nadech lead them to the dance floor.
Sara stare at them happily, jumping up and down a bit.
“Why are you so excited?” ask Tah
“Because Nadech and Yaya finally gets time together,” say Sara
“Yeah sure,” say Tah with a sigh
“Hey you, be a gentleman, and ask a girl to dance with you,” say Sara
“I don’t want to. I don’t need too,” say Tah
“Come on. Standing here is not fun,” say Sara
“Ok, fine. Sara may I please have a dance with you?” ask Tah, holding his hand out
“Yes,” say Sara in surprise. She have never expected Tah to ask her. She put her hands on top of his.
Yaya and Nadech were gracefully dancing. Yaya keep on looking at his lifeless face. His has no emotion on, so she don’t really know what he is thinking about, and also the room was kinda dark, so it was hard for her to notice. Yaya was really glad, and she really wanted time to froze, so it could always be like that forever, but she knows that it’ll never happen. She haven’t been happy with Nadech for a long time, and now was a good time to be happy. But why is her heart still so sad tonight? She wanted everything to be good, and happy. Yaya force herself to smile. She force the herself to feel happiness and that she have had a good time. But still, a small voice in her whispers, “Stop forcing yourself, and accept reality.” Yaya push that thought out of her mind, and focus on Nadech.
Nadech on the other side is still worrying about the problem between Kim and Yaya. Which should he choose? And not only that, his parents, too. He was happy seeing that Yaya was happy. Yaya have always release his stress, and he was thankful for everything that she have given to him. But does he really love her? But also, does he really love Kim, too? He knows that he is in love, but don’t know which person it is. Those questions keep on running through his head, making him worry and confused. Yaya was a good person to talk to, but this was about her. Nadech is still stuck in his world, trying to find and figure everything out.
Boy and Margie enter the ball. Margie look around, and than at Boy.
“I guess that we were late, and they already went into dancing. Let’s start, too,” say Margie
“Ok,” say Boy, holding his hand out for her. Margie put her hands on top of his, and than they went into the dance floor.
Boy was still mad, so he wasn’t enjoying it much. Margie on the other side, like Yaya, force herself to enjoy and have fun.
“What is it?” ask Kim
“Nothing, sorry to waste your time,” say Chailda, heading for the ball again
“What is this?! You call me here, and you say nothing!” say Kim, angry
“Well, I already apologize,” say Chailda
“So?! I don’t accept apologizes. It doesn’t help with bring my precious time back,” say Kim
“Ok, if you don’t want to waste it anymore, you should go now,” say Chailda
Kim angrily stomp back to the ball, and Chailda smile after her.
“Do you want to go get some food?” ask Yaya
Nadech look over at the food.
“Yes, I’ll go get it. You stay here,” say Nadech
Yaya happily nodded, and let Nadech go.
Margie, Boy, Sara, and Tah join in with Yaya.
“So did you all enjoy it?” ask Sara
“Yes,” everyone lied, expect for Tah
“That’s great! Why don’t we go for another round,” say Sara
“Um, I’m not sure,” say Yaya, Margie, and Boy
“Why not?” ask Sara
Kim stomped in, and spotted Nadech right away. She went over to him.
“Hello, Nadech,” say Kim
“Hello,” say Nadech
Before they can say anything more, Chailda walked in.
“Hello,” say Chailda
“Hello,” say Nadech
Marie and Natwara entered after their friends.
Chailda and Kim, giving each other death glares.
“It’s ok, let’s go for another round, ok,” say Sara
Everyone look uncomfortable, and didn’t say anything, except Tah and Sara.
“By the way, where is Nadech?” ask Sara, just noticing that Nadech was gone.
“He went to go get us some food,” say Yaya
“Oh my, Nadech,” say Sara, walking as fast as she can to the food table. Yaya and the other notice, and follow her.
But someone grabbed Yaya’s arm, and Yaya wasn’t able to go with them.
Yaya turn away in fear.
“Hello,” say Mark
“Hello,” say Yaya in surprised
“Did I scared you?” ask Mark
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Sorry,” say mark
“It’s ok,” say Yaya
“So who’s here with you?” ask Mark
“Nadech, Sara, Tah, Margie, and Boy,” say Yaya
“What abou them?” ask Mark, pointing to Kim, Marie, Chailda, and Natwara
“I don’t know either,” say Yaya
“Come on, let’s go to them,” say Mark, taking Yaya’s hand into his, and they walk over to Nadech.
“What are you two doing here?!” say Sara when she reaches the food table
“Why can’t I? Is this your party?!” say Kim
“No. But still you guys can come here,” say Sara
“She say it all. It’s not yours, so you can’t stop us,” say Chailda, walking away. Sara was mad, and stop her.
“You have no right to bother my cousin and his life!” say Sara
“Move,” say Chailda
“No,” say Sara
Chailda and Sara stare hard at each other.
“Fine,” say Chailda, walking back to her place
“You guys can leave now,” say Sara
“No,” say Kim, walking to Nadech, and hold his hand
Sara try to separate it, but Kim was holding on so strong, too.
“Hello,” say mark, and everyone turn the attention to Mark and Yaya. Nadech stare at Mark. Jealousy was all over him. He can’t stand it anymore. He can’t stand anyone touching Yaya. But he control himself and do nothing.
“So what’s going on?” ask Mark, still holding Yaya’s hand
“It’s good that you’re here. Take her with you anywhere, and may sure that she doesn’t bother me and Nadech,” say Kim
“What?!” say Mark, confused
Sara broke Yaya’s hand away from Mark, and put Yaya and Nadech’s hands together. Nadech actually feel good and happy for the very first time on that day.
Boy look at Marie, feeling uneasy. And Marie also. Margie notices, and hold on Boy tightly. Chailda stand there and enjoy the drama going on. Tah was looking at Sara.
“Everyone please line up. It is now time for the best dance activity. The ladies please line up on the right side, and the gentlemen please line up on the left side. I hope all of you guys already know how to do this. When we remove the cloth that is blocking the ladies and the gentlemen, the lady or gentleman that is facinging you is your dancing partner,” say the host
Everyone got into the line. Sara intended to get Yaya and Nadech together. Kim was looking at where Nadech stands, and stood at that spot first. Mark notices, and ask to switch places with Nadech. Nadech was confused, but switch anyway.
Margie look for Boy, and stand at the same place he stood.
“Ready! Ok, pull the cloth down,” say the host, and the cloth was pull down. Kim look at Mark, surprise. Mark stare at her with a smile.
“Hello,” say Mark
Kim was still surprise, and didn’t say anything back.
Nadech and Yaya was surprise that they were partners. They were both happy, but hide their feelings. Sara smile and give them thumbs up.
“Ok, ladies and gentlemen, let’s begin,” say the host, and everyone got ready.
Boy and Marie look at each other from a distance, while dancing unhappily with their partners. Margie notice, and move them further away from Marie.
Sara and Tah dance with ther partners happily. Kim was mad, and didn’t enjoy the time at all, while Mark smile and dance with her. Chailda unhappy dance with her partner. Natwara happily dance with her partner, since there was no problem.
Nadech and Yaya were alone in the car.
“Did you have fun?” ask Nadech
“Yes, and you?” ask Yaya
“Me, too. Thanks for inviting me,” say Nadech
“Your welcome. I’m glad that you enjoy it,” say Yaya
“Yaya, did you like it?” ask Nadech
“Yes. Why?” ask Yaya
“Would you like to go again?” ask Nadech, smiling
“Yes,” say Yaya, surprise at Nadech’s words and smile
“Let’s go again when I’m free, ok,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya, happily
Nadech drove into the driveway of their house, and stop for Yaya.
Yaya almost forgot to give Nadech the present, but luckily, she remember. She handed him the present.
“Happy Birthday,” say Yaya
“Thanks,” say Nadech, accepting the gift
“Your welcome. And good night,” say Yaya, getting out of the car.
“Good night,” say Nadech after her. He took the box, and unwrapped it. It was his favorite desserts. He than drove to his parents house.
Kim stomp into the house, madly. Marie slowly walk after her.
“Kim, you should stop it,” say Marie
“No. Didn’t you see? That dude help Yaya get Nadech. Why is everyone on her side?!” say Kim
“Kim, she is his wife after all,” say Marie
Kim went to her room, and slam her door. She feel lonely and mad.
Marie went to her room, and took a shower to cool her down, too.
“See, I told you that my plan work after all,” say Sara, happily
“Stop bragging, bragger,” say Tah. gently hitting her on the head
“Ok,” say Sara, laughing
Sara wasn’t looking, and almost trip over the steps, but Tah saved her. They stare into each other’s eyes for a minute.
“Hey, you can stop holding me now,” say Sara, shyly
“Yes,” say Tah, as he took his hands off her
They stare at each other shyly, and blush.
“Come on, let’s get going,” say Sara
“Yes,” say Tah
“Thanks for the ride,” say Margie, as she got out of the car
“Wait,” say Boy
“What?” ask Margie
“May I ask a favor?” ask Boy
“What is it?” ask Margie
“Please, Margie. May you please don’t destroy me and Marie’s love,” say Boy
Margie was mad.
“No. And don’t ever ask me about that anymore! The more I hear about it, the more I want to destroy it,” say Margie, walking to her house.
Boy sat there. He was sad. Margie was mad, and went into her room.
“Chailda, the party was so fun, wasn’t it?!” say Natwara, happily
“Um, yeah,” lied Chailda
“Well, good night,” say Natwara
“Good night,” say Chailda
Chailda got into her room.
“I need to do more than this to get Nadech,” say Chailda to herself
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