Messy Circle of Love Chapter 22 Part 2 (END)

Chapter 22
1 1/2 year later
        1 year and 6 months has past, and Nadech and Yaya were spending time at the beach with their little daughter, Anong. Anong just turned 1 two months ago. Anong had cherished and brighten both Nadech and Yaya’s life, bringing lots of joy and love. They loved the child. She looked so like her mother, beautiful and bright. But additude like her father.
        They were on the shore of the beach, splashing water gently at each other.
        “Mommy, daddy!” she shouted at them.
        “What is it, sweetie?” said Yaya.
        “I’m hungry. I want food,” said Anong.
        “Yes, come one, let’s go,” said Yaya. She and Nadech hold hands with their daughter as they walk back to the beachhouse. They were having a party that day, and Nadech and Yaya would need to prepare things since Margie&Boy, Mark&Kim, Marie, Natwara, and James&Chailda will be there in the afternoon.
        Bie was back again, visiting Noona’s grave. As he wallked to her, he again, thought of her. Memories rushing to him. He stood and brushed away the leaves that we covering the tombstone.
        “Noona, I am here. I here to visit you. It has been a 1 year 6 months and 3 weeks since that accident. I hope that you are happy, living up there. I want you to know that I still miss you. Here I have some flowers for you.” He gently put the bouquet of flowers on the grave. “Remember, I will always love you.”
        Bie stood, and stared at her tombstone. He read her name, her birthday, and her death date.
        “You’re also here,” said a familiar voice behind him. He knew who he was, it was Mark.
        “Hi,” said Bie as he turned around.
        “How are you?” asked Mark.
        They ended up going to the park that they had so many went to when Noona was alive. The park that brought them closer together. They sat at the bench that a long time ago they did, and feed the ducks again. Everything of the past seem to come back, and they remember the memories created from this park, there were so many.
        “Are you really going to give up your career as a singer?” asked Mark.
        “I don’t know. I am still thinking,” answered Bie.
        “Waiting will cost you. I think that you should. I remember that you love to sign so much, you will always have me and Noona listen to you while you sing.”
        “I remember that too.”
        “I have to go, but good luck, my friend.” Mark stood up and headed for the exit entrance.
        “My friend,” Bie whispered to himself. They haven’t called each other like that for so long, and he realized it now, he missed those words.
        “Wait!” he shouted at Mark, and Mark turned again and looked back at Bie. Bie walked to him, smiling.
        “Let’s go get some ice cream first before you go, my friend” said Bie. Mark smiled at him and they walked to the ice cream shop that they had always, in the past, went to for ice cream. They still remember each other’s flavors. They smiled, licking the ice cream like little kids, and then they knew that they both have forgiven each other, that they were friends again.
        “I have my final desicion now. I am going to go back and sing,” said Bie happily.
        “That’s great,” said Mark.
        “I am going to fulfill mine and Noona’s wish and also my fans. They have waited long enough for my return. I’m going to sing for Noona,” said Bie.
        “”Good luck, my friend,” said Mark. They smiled and say their farewells.
        Marie was coming back to Thailand and Margie, Boy and Kim were waiting for her return. Natwara was also coming back to Thailand, too, and James and Chailda were there, waiting for her. When both of their planes had finally landed, they all spotted each other, and waved. Marie and Natwara give all of them each a hug.
        “I miss you guys so much!” said Marie and Natwara
        “We miss you, too!” they all say at the same time.
        “Come on, let’s go. We have to go to Nadech and Yaya’s party,” said Kim. They all went to the car. The car ride was full of questionings and answers. They were all so happy to see each other again.
        Sara and Tah were the first to arrived. They were super excited for the event. Everyone was going to be in it. Margie, Boy, Marie, Kim, Mark, Natwara, Chailda, and James. They all exchanged their “hello”, and sat down, talking about the events that happen over the year and months. Mark turned on the T.V. and saw Bie on the screen. He was there, smiling, telling everyone that he had come back.
        “Lunchtime!” Nadech shouted and they all surrounded the table, grabbing food. After they all ate and were full, it was time for a picture. They got ready, and squished on the sofa.
        “1…2…3…” said the photographer, and then the camera flashed and the picture was taken…
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