Messy Circle of Love Chapter 16 Part 2

Chapter 16
“Where did you go all night?” asked Grandma On
“Marie and I went to sleep over at a friend’s house,” answered Kim
Kim walked away, but Grandma On stopped her.
“Kim, what I say last night, it’s not to hurt you. I don’t want you to get hurt in the end, and also want you to accept the truth,” said Grandma On
“Grandma On, I understand that you love and care for me just like your granddaughter, but I need some more time,” said Kim
“Okay, go get some rest,” said Grandma On
Kim walked to her bedroom.
“We should really give her some time to think,” said Marie
“Nadech, are you awake?” asked Yaya, trying to wake him up
Nadech finally woke up, and sat on the bed.
“Uncle and Aunt tell us to go inside the house, and eat breakfast,” said Yaya
“Yes,” said Nadech. He slowly got off the bed, and went outside to wash his face.
Yaya sat down on the bed, and waited for Nadech. Finally, Nadech was done, and they walked together to the old couple’s house.
“Welcome, come inside,” said the old man
Nadech and Yaya went inside the house, and sat down at the small dining table.
Tah and Sara had just arrived at Sia’s house, the owner. Sara took a long look at the house. Tah came out of the car with the bags.
“Tah, I’m scared,” said Sara
“It’s okay. You have me with you,” said Tah. He took her hands into his, and give it a little squeeze.
They slowly walked up to the house, and entered it.
“Are you khun Sara?” asked Sia’s right hand man
“Yes,” replied Sara
“Follow me,” ordered the man
Sara looked at Tah with a worried face. Tah smile at her, and told her it was going to be okay. Sara nodded her head, and followed the man. Sara looked around at the unfamiliar things as the man lead her to through the stairs, and into a room. She feel so small in such a house.
“This is going to be your room, miss,” said the man
“Thanks,” said Sara with relief
The man went back down, and Sara followed him down. She walked back to Tah, and told him to follow her. Tah did as he was told.
Boy, Margie and their parents were sitting in the living room, discussing about their vacation.
“Boy, are you ready? Tomorrow, you and Margie are going on your vacation to the beach,” said his mother
“Why should I? I’m not the one that agreed to go,” said Boy
“Boy, watch your mouth,” said his mother
“Mom,” said Boy
“It’s okay, Madam. I know that he doesn’t want to go,” said Margie
“Thank you, Margie. Sorry for my son’s bad behavior,” said his mother
“It’s okay. At least my daughter is happy,” said Margie’s mother
Boy’s mother smiled, and tried to get him to smile, too. But Boy was too busy in his world, and didn’t do anything that his mother asked of him.
Yaya and Nadech just got done with their breakfast. They were sitting with the old man and his wife, talking about going back Bangkok.
“My daughter just called, and say that they’ll be here in 3 days,” said the old man
“That’ll be fine. Yaya and I could help you guys if you don’t mind,” said Nadech
“Oh, of course. There are lots to do, but not a lot of people to help,” said the old man.
“We’ll be glad to help,” repeated Nadech
“Thanks!,” said the old man.
“No problem. Excuse me,” said Nadech.
He walked away and back to the little house. Yaya was still making the bed, again. Nadech walked up to her, and then put his hands around her waist. Yaya turned around, and looked at him.
“You’re back?!” said Yaya
“Yes,” said Nadech
Yaya shyly took her eyes off him. She was too nervous to stare at him.
“What’s wrong?” asked Nadech
“Nothing, I’m just re-making the bed. Want to help?” asked Yaya
“Sure,” answered Nadech.
He took the other end, and laid it on the bed, following Yaya’s orders.
Noona turned the open sign side to the close sign side. It was only 11:00 in the morning, but she wasn’t feeling well today. She walked out the door, and look for her keys. She slowly locked the door, and then turned around. The sun was in her eye, and blinding her. She looked around the place, but only saw blurriness. Then she fell down on the ground, but someone caught her.
“Miss, are you alright?” asked the stranger
But Noona was still, eyes closed. He took Noona to the hospital.
1 hour later, Noona was finally conscious.
“Why am I here?” asked Noona
“You fainted, so you were taken here to the hospital,” answered the nurse
“Who took me here?” asked Noona
“I don’t know, but he seem like a nice young man,” answered the nurse
“Is he still here?” asked Noona
“Let me check,” replied the nurse
The nurse went out of the room, and looked for the man. She spotted him, and went up to him.
“Khun, a patient wants you,” said the nurse
“Yes, what is the number?” ask the young man
“Room number 604, ka,” answered the nurse
“Thanks,” said the young man
He went to Noona’s room.
“Hello Miss, what do you need me for?” asked the man
“I would like to thank you,” said Noona
“It’s okay,” said the man
Then Mark pushed open the door and went in.
“Are you alright, Noona?” asked Mark, worried
“I’m alright, don’t worry,” replied Noona
Mark turned and saw the man.
“You are?” asked Mark
“I’m Vichai, the one that took her here,” replied the man
“Thanks,” said Mark
“It’s okay. I’ll be leaving now. I hope that your health gets better,” said Vichai. Then he headed for the door, and went out.
Mark turned his attention back to Noona.
“Don’t you know that I was super worried when I heard that you were in the hospital? I rushed all the way here” said Mark
“Yes. Now, let me get some rest,” said Noona. She put her head on the pillow, and closed her eyes, hoping for Mark to leave, but he didn’t. He was still sitting next to her, watching her.
    “Yaya, let’s go for a walk,” said Nadech
    “Sure.” Yaya agreed
    They walked out of the house, and off to the trail on the right.
    “I love the air. It’s so fresh,” said Nadech
Yaya nodded in agreement.
“So, is there anything you want to tell me or ask me about?” asked Yaya
“Well, I sorry about this, taking you into such a mess,” said Nadech
“It’s okay. I actually enjoy staying with the old couple,” said Yaya, smiling.
Nadech stared at her, unable to smile back.
“What?” asked Yaya
“Nothing,” replied Nadech. “It’s just that I’m surprised by your answer. I thought that you don’t enjoy staying here, and wanted to go back as soon as possible.”
“I do want to go back. I promise Margie that I’ll send her to the airport when she goes to beach with Boy, but I don’t know if I could now, since they are going tomorrow,” said Yay, looking down at the dirt.
“Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure that Margie will understand,” said Nadech, hoping to cheer her up.
“Yeah…,” said Yaya. “I’m going to go back, and help out.” Yaya turned around and headed back.
“Wait Yaya, I have something to tell you,” yelled Nadech. Yaya turned around again, and walked towards him.
“What is it?” asked Yaya.
Nadech opened his mouth to speak the words, but only silence came out of it.
“Nadech?” said Yaya, but Nadech just stood still, with his mouth open. He didn’t say anything to her, and she was getting annoyed. “Nadech?” She repeated, but Nadech just stood there with silence. “Okay, I guess I’ll get going.” And after that, she went away.
 Nadech stood still.  He wanted to stop her, but he felt like he was paralyzed and cannot move. He stood there, and watched her walk away.
    Noona woke up, and looked to her right. There was Mark, still sitting there, at the couch, except he was asleep. She was so touched by his actions. So he had really cared for her after all. She sat up, and tried to get up, but the noise woke Mark up. He saw what she was doing, and rushed to her side.
    “Noona, what are you doing?” asked Mark
    “Getting up of course,” replied Noona
    “For what? You’re still not well,” said Mark
    “I just want to put the blanket on you since you were asleep, but I woke you up instead.” Noona explained. Mark looked at her, and then cracked up. Noona stared at him, and wondered what he was laughing at. “Hey, what are you laughing at?!”
    “Nothing,” said Mark, trying hard to stop laughing
    “You’re lying!” Noona exclaimed
    “I’m not.” Mark argued back, running away from her.
    “Stop it! I’m going to catch you!” Noona exclaimed, chasing after him.
    Mark ran to the other side of the bed, dodging the table. Noona ran to the other side, but Mark was too fast for her. She ran after him, and bumped into the table next to the bed. She fell down. Mark was worried, and walked to her, and helped her get up.
    “Are you alright?” asked Mark worried
“Of course!” said Noona. She got back on her feet, and started tickling Mark.
“Stop!” Mark shouted, laughing hard.
Noona didn’t stop, she kept on tickling her. Then the door open, and Bie and a nurse came in.
“Excuse me, but may you two quiet down. This is the hospital, and patients need their quietness,” said the nurse
Noona and Mark stopped, and turned around to face them. Noona was surprised to see Bie. Bie was not smiling. Seeing Noona with Mark makes him to disappear.
“Sorry, nurse.” Mark apologized
The nurse went out, leaving Bie, Mark, and Noona alone in the room. It was quiet and awkward, no one wants to say a thing to another. Bie looked at Noona, then smile.
“Are you okay?” asked Mark
“Yes.” Noona answered quietly
“That’s good. I was worry,” said Bie
“It’s okay, you don’t need to be worry. Noona have me. She can always depend on me.” Mark interrupted. He turned to Noona, and smile, and hold her hand. “I promised that we’ll get marry soon.” Bie’s frown drop lower, and he looked down at the floor. He was sad and mad. Noona was a bit shocked by his words. She took her hands out of his.
“Mark, I’m not ready…” said Noona, frowning.
Bie looked up, and half smile.
“What? How can you not be ready? We’ve been dating for years,” Mark exclaimed.
“I don’t want to get marry…” Noona started again, but was cut off by Mark
“I’ll be waiting for you then.” Mark interrupted. He leaned in and give her a kiss, then waved good bye, and then he went out the door.
Bie looked at Noona’s sad face.
“You know that if you don’t want to marry, he can’t force you.” Bie advised
“I know. But I want to marry Mark; it’s just that…I don’t feel enough love for us to get marry. A marriage without love is meaningless. I love Mark and want the same from him.” Noona explained. The words stabbed Bie as Noona said she loves Mark. He wished that he could disappear somewhere. Somewhere far from these places filled with sadness and one-sided love.
“Oh, that’s great then.” Bie mumbled.
Noona stared at him. “Are you okay, Bie?”
“I’m alright. I think that I have to go now. Good-bye.” Bie stood up, and then went out the door. Noona stared at him leave in a sad motion. Outside the door, Bie dropped to his knees. “Am I not good enough?” He asked himself. Then a tear came down his face, then another. Then some of his fan girls saw him, and shouted his name. He quietly wiped away his tears,  put a fake smile on his face, then walked to them.
“Auntie, do you need some help?” asked Yaya
“Yes, may you go feed the pigs,” said the old woman
“Yes.” Yaya agreed.
The old woman handed Yaya a bucket, and Yaya took it. Nadech was outside the door, blocking the way to the pighouse. Instead of asking him to move aside, Yaya walked around him, and ignored him. Nadech looked at her until she reached the pighouse, then he went in.
“Young man, I need you to go to town with me,” said the old man
“Yes,” said Nadech
    They started walking out the door and into town.
    “Are you still scared?” asked Tah
    “Not really. Thanks, Tah for being here with me,” replied Sara
    “No problem.”
    Sara stared at him, and smile.
    “I still can’t believe my parents will sell me like this.”
    “Sometimes things are unpredictable.”
    “Yes, I agreed.”
    “Are you mad at your parents?”
    “This is a good way to repay them.”
    “So you’re not mad?”
    “I’m tired. I’m going to take a rest.”
    Sara lay down, and ignored Tah. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She covered her face with the blanket, hoping Tah doesn’t know that she’s crying.
    There was a knock at Margie’s door. She walked over to the door, and opened it.
    “Mom,” said Margie
    “I have something to ask you.”
    “What is it?”
    “Are you sure you want to go with Boy? We can cancel it if you want.”
    “No, I want him.”
    “Margie, I know that you adore him, but come to your senses, he already have someone else.”
    “Mom, it doesn’t matter. Where there is a chance, there’s still hope. I still have faith that he’ll be mine one day.”
    “Margie, stop daydreaming. Marie is a nice girl. And Boy’s family won’t mind her as her daughter-in-law.”
    “Mom, I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”
    “Fine, be stubborn. You’re just going to hurt yourself.” Her mother stormed out.
    Margie stared after her mother. Her heart was filled rage. “How can her own mother go against her?!”
    She walked back to her bed, and started packing up again.
    “Where did Nadech go?” asked Yaya when she got back.
    “He went with my husband to town,” answered the old woman
    “Oh,” muttered Yaya
    “If you don’t mind, will you help me cook dinner?” asked the old woman
    “Sure.” Yaya said. She went into the kitchen.
    Sara  woke up, and looked to her side. The chair next to the bed was empty.
    “Tah?” Sara called, but received no answer. She called Tah again and again, but still there was no Tah.
    She got off the bed, and went to the door. The door flew open, almost hitting Sara. A guy came in.
    “Who are you?” asked Sara, scared.
    “I’m Sia,” answered the man
    “Don’t do anything to me,” pleaded Sara
“Don’t worry. I’m not,” he said
Sara stood there, staring at him. He moved closer to her, and then grabbed her.
“You say that you wouldn’t do anything to me,” Sara yelled
“Your parents sell you to me already, I can do whatever I want!” he shouted
“No.” said Sara. She ran away. She ran outside, but tripped, and fell on her knees. “Tah!” she yelled, crying.
Then someone grabbed her, and lifted her up. “Let me go! I want to see Tah!” Sara yelled
“Relax, I’m here,” said Tah, softly, putting her down.
“Tah!” Sara yelled, happily. She hugged him tightly.
“It’s okay, I’m here.” He comforted her, wiping her tears.
    Marie put the blanket over Kim, then looked at her.
    “I understand that you’ve been through lots. I know that you love Nadech very much. I’ve also never wish about this things, but it’s the truth, and I had to accept. Sorry, Kim,” said Marie. After that, she left the room. Kim sat up after she went.
    “I’m sorry, Marie,” she whispered to herself. Then she sat back down, and tried to really go to sleep.
Marie walked into the living room, where Grandma On was.
    “How is Kim?” asked Grandma On
    “She’s still in her room, and just went to sleep,” answered Marie
    “Yes, let her rest. She had been through so much, I pity her,” said Grandma On
    Tah took Sara to her room again, and put her to sleep.
    “Rest well,” said Tah
    “Thanks,” said Sara, falling asleep.
    After Sara fallen asleep, Tah walked out onto the bacolny, staing at the sky.
    “I don’t know what will happen fromo now one, but I want to protect you with all my heart, Sara. I hope that God will give me that chance to do that for you,” said Tah
    Then he walked back into the room, and out of Sara’s room. He walked to his room, and lay down, trying hard to go to sleep.
    Nadech and the old man finally returned at night. They entered the house. Yaya and the old woman already set up the table, and food were already there. They all washed their hands, and sat down quietly, eating. Everything seems awkward and silent, even Kaew, the little girl was quiet. Nadech and Yaya went back to their little house after the dinner. The walk was also filled with silence.
    “How was your day?” Nadech asked, finally breaking the silence.
    “It was good. I helped with the cooking and feeding the animals. And yours?” Yaya questioned.
    “Oh me, well, I went into town with uncle. We had to walk, though, but it wasn’t that long of a walk,” answered Nadech
    “Oh, are you, um… tired?” asked Yaya
    “Yeah, a little. What about you?” asked Nadech
    “Me, too. But I enjoyed it. Auntie was nice to me,” said Yaya
    “That’s good then. Uncle was also really nice to me, too,” said Nadech
    Nadech walked in front of Yaya, and opened the door for her.
    “Thanks,” muttered Yaya
    “You’re welcome,” said Nadech
    Yaya entered the hous, and Nadech followed close behind. Nadech put on the candle while Yaya sat on the bed, watching him. After he finished, he walked to the bed, and sat down next to Yaya.
    “I have something to say,” said Nadech
    “What is it?” asked Yaya
    “Yaya, I um…. I…. I …. want to….” Nadech started, but was interrupt.
    “What is it, Nadech?” asked Yaya
    “I want to….” Nadech started again.
“Want what?” asked Yaya, staring at him. He stared back.
“Never mind! It’s too hard to ask for,” said Nadech, throwing his hands up in the air.
Yaya stared at him, confused. She went to him, and put her hand on his shoulder and said “Nadech, just tell me.”
Nadech turned around, and looked at her. Her eyes were full of sincerity and seriousness. But was she going to agree?
“Remember the year that I told you that I didn’t want any kids? Well now, after we met Uncle and Aunt, I kinda do want to have children. But will you mind, since when I say that to you, you know, um, you got really mad. And you know after your first miscarriage, I thought a lot about it. I know that I was selfish; I was scared that I might lose a child again, so I didn’t want to take the risk. But now, I think that I’m ready to start a family of my own. A real family. These days, I’ve been under dad, helping him, and I guess that I kinda regret being like this to you. So are you okay if we start over?” asked Nadech
Yaya stared at him. She still remembered each of those memories Nadech just mentioned. What hurt her the most is that the person she loved had change, but now she was happy that he was back. Her frown turned into a smile. She met with his eyes, and said, “Of course, Nadech, you dummy. I’ll always ready and willing to start anew, I was waiting for you.”
“Really?!” Nadech half-yelled. Yaya stared at him, smile, and then nodded her head.Nadech jumped up and down with joy, yelling “hooray” to himself.  Then he calmed himself down, and took her hands into his. “Thanks for giving me another chance. I won’t fail this time, I promise.”
Yaya smiled happily, and nodded again. Nadech hugged her, and then turned back to face her again. They stood there with silence, staring at each other. Then finally they knew that it was time to start a family of their own.
“Yaya, I love you,” said Nadech, as he laid her on the bed.
“I love you, too.” Yaya said back to him.
He slowly bent down, and kiss her on the forehead….

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