Messy Circle of Love Chapter 15 Part 2

Chapter 15
The morning have come, and the rain have stop. Yaya woke up, and look at Nadech, still asleep. She stood back, and admire his handsome face. A few minyes later, Nadech woke up.
“Are you hungry?” ask Nadech
“Kinda,” say Yaya
“Let’s get going,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech try to turn the engine on, but it wouldn’t turn on.
“I guess that we’ll have to go on our feet,” say Nadech, staring at Yaya
“It’s fine,” say Yaya, trying to avoid eye contact with Nadech
Nadech and Yaya got out. Nadech took her hands, and they slowly walk, trying to not touch the water.
“Kim,” say Marie, knocking on her door
Kim heard, but ignore, and try to go back to sleep. Marie call her again a few more times, than went on in.
“Kim, I know that it’s hard to accept the truth, and it hurts. It hurts really bad, but it’s still the truth. Nothing can change it,” say Marie
“Get out. I want to be alone,” say Kim
Marie silently went out. Kim thought it bit.
“I have to try harder!” she told herself
Margie, Noona, and Mark are in the shop discussing about Nadech, and Yaya.
“So last night, you help Nadech and Yaya to be together?!” say Margie
Mark nod his head.
“That’s good. I’m really proud of you,” say Noona, happily
“Thanks,” say Mark, with a small smile. He was still thinking about Kim. He also felt bad for her, and wishes that he can help her.
“High five,” say Margie with her hand up, facing them. Noona high five her.
“Mark,” say Noona
“Huh?” say Mark
“High five,” say Noona
“Oh,” say mark. He high five her and than Margie
Margie and Noona starts discussing about Yaya and Nadech, while Mark’s mind drift off about Kim.
Bie sat down on his couch, thinking hard about what to do to get Noona.
“What are you thinking about?” ask Cupcake, his gay manager
“P’Cupcake, what would you do if you like someone that is already taken?” ask Bie
“What?! Are you saying that you like someone like that?” say Cupcake
“Yes,” say Bie
“Really?! Who is she? Is she pretty? Prettier than me?! Bie you can do this?!” say Cupcake in a rush
“Yes, I do. Her name is Noona, and she is very beautiful, and also have a kind heart. Prettier than you,” say Bie
“What?! Bie,” say Cupcake
“Just kidding. But p’Cupcake, I really want her,” say Bie
“But what about your reputation?” ask Cupcake
“I don’t care. I only want Noona,” say Bie
“Stay calm, Bie. If you want her, than you’ll have to know if she wants you also. Does she?” ask Cupcake
“I don’t know,” say Bie
“Who is she dating?” ask Cupcake
“Mark,” say Bie in a an angry tone. Saying Mark’s name makes Bie mad, really mad.”Do you hate him? Why do you sound so angry?” ask Cupcake
“I hate him,” say Bir
“Oh,” say Cupcake shutting his mouth because of Bie’s angry face
“But do you want to me her?” ask Bie, calming down again
“Sure,” say Cupcake
They got into the car, and Bie drove to the shop.
Nadech and Yaya are still walking, searching for people. Finally they spotted a house, not far away from them.
“Let’s go over there,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
They took a few more steps. The rain start to sprinkle down on them.
“Come on, let’s go fast, or else we’ll get soaked,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya. She force herself to go faster, but the pain in her leg isn’t helping a bit.
Nadech notice Yaya limping.
“Are you okay?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech stop her. He bent down, and look at her leg. It has one big bruise on it.
” It hurts, right?” ask Nadech
“Kinda,” say Yaya
“I’m sorry. It’s because of me that we have to walk all day,” say Nadech
“It’s okay,” say Yaya
“You sure?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Okay, let’s get going,” say Nadech
Nadech hold Yaya’s shoulders, and help her walk. They slowly walk to the house. When they got there, Nadech knock on the door. An old man open the door.
“Um, uncle, do you have shelter for us?” ask Nadech
“Yes, come on in,” say the old man
Nadech and Yaya went in, and saw a old woman and a little girl.
“This couple is asking for shelter. Should I take them to the small house?” the old man ask his wife
“Is there another room?” ask his wife
“No, there’s only the the little house,” replied the old man
“Okay than take them there,” say his wife
The old man turn to them.
“We only have the small house that is by the back of our house. Do you mind?” ask the old man
“Anything’s fine, sir,” say Nadech
“That’s good than. Please follow me,” say the old man
“Okay than,” say Nadech
Nadech and Yaya followed the old man to the barn.
“You two can settle here. I’ll return with blankets,” say the old man
“Yes. Thank you for your kindness,” say Nadech
The old man smile, and than went.
Yaya look around the house. There was only one room, and that room have a bed, 2 chairs, and a table. Yaya sat down on the bed, and Nadech sat next to her.
“Are you cold?” ask Nadech
“Not really,” say Yaya, her mouth chattering
Nadech smile, and than put his hands around her.
“I’ll keep you warm,” say Nadech
“Thanks,” say Yaya with a smile
“Yes,” say Nadech
Yaya put her head on his shoulder, and rest her head.
“Kim, where are you going?” ask Marie
“To Nadech’s house,” say Kim
“What for?” ask Marie
“I going to see if he’s home yet,” say Kim
Kim back went out of the house.
“Why didn’t you stop her?” ask Grandma On
“It’s no use,” say Marie, sadly shaking her head
“When she come back, please tell her to come see me,” say Grandma On
“Yes,” say Marie
Mark went to Kim’s house, but Marie told him that she when the Nadech’s. Mark hurried to Nadech’s house.
Kim got out of her car, and stare at the big mansion. She walk to the door, but someone pull her away before she can enter.
“Let go,” say Kim
“No. Come let’s go back,” say Mark
“Let go. I’m going to see Nadech,” say Kim
“Nadech is not here,” say Mark
“Where is he?” ask Kim
“With Yaya. I don’t know where they are, but they’re together,” say Mark
“No, I’m going to wait here til Nadech get back,” say Kim
“No need. They won’t,” say Mark
Mark pulled her, and forced her into his car.
“Thanks for the blankets, uncle,” say Nadech
“It’s okay. You guy stay in here til I come get you to go have dinner,” say the old man
“Yes,” say Nadech
The old man smile, and went away.
Nadech unfold the blankets, and put them around Yaya. Yaya smile at him, and he smiled back.
“Are you hungry?” ask Nadech
“Not really,” say Yaya
“Just wait a bit. Uncle and aunt will call us,” say Nadech
Yaya nodded with a smile.
“Hello,” say Cupckae
“Hello,” say Noona and Margie
“This is Cupcake, my manager,” say Bie
“Oh really. That’s cool,” say Margie
“Do you guys want something?” ask Noona
“Sorry, but who is Noona?” ask Cupcake
“Me,” say Noona, pointing to herslef
“Oh, so it’s you. You’re not that bad,” say Cupcake
“Cupcake, that was rude” say Bie
“It’s okay,” say Noona with a smile
“And what-,” started Cupcake again, but was interrupt by Mark and Kim.
Mark pulled Kim into the shop.
“Let go,” Kim shouted
“No, come here,” say Mark
Mark, Margie, and Cupcake were all watching with their mouth open. Noona turn the other way, and try to ignore it.
Mark and Kim stopped, and look at everyone. They were all staring at them, and they were embarrasses. Than Mark notice Noona, and walk over to her.
“Are you alright?” ask Mark
“Yes,” say Noona, with a smile
“Guys, let’s get back to work,” interrupted Margie
“Yes,” say everyone
Everyone got back into their work.
“Noona, me and Cupcake will take our leave,” say Bie
“Yes, say Noona
“What about me?” ask Kim
“Go back the way you came,” say Margie
“But,” say Kim
“I’m send her home,” offered Bie
“No need. I will,” say Mark
He grabbed her hand, and took her out. Bie smile to himself, and headed after them.
Margie saw Noona’s expression, and went to comfort her.
“It’s okay. Mark is just trying to be nice,” say Margie
“I know,” whisper Noona
“Is the food good?” ask the old man’s wife
“Yes, it’s good,” say Nadech and Yaya
“That’s good. Eat as much as you want,” say the old man
“Yes,” say Yaya and Nadech
Yaya stare at the little girl.
“What’s your name?” ask Yaya
“Nong Kaew, ka, and you?” ask the little girl
“I’m Yaya,” say Yaya with a smile
“You’re really pretty,” say Nong Kaew
“Thanks, you’re also very cute and lovely,” say Yaya. Than she turns her head to the old woman. “Is she your granddaughter?” ask Yaya
“Yes. My daughter, and her husband works in Bangkok. They left her here for me and my husband to care for,” say the old woman
“Do they visit often?” ask Yaya
“No. They usually visit 2 times a month,” say the old woman
“Talking of this, why are you guys here?” ask the old man
“We were driving up here last night, and I think that our car hit the tree. This morning the engine won’t stop, so we walk to find shelter,” say Nadech
“Oh, so you guys are from Bangkok,” say the old man
“Yes,” say Nadech
“You can go back when my daughter and her husband come visit. You may ride back with them,” say the old woman
“When will they visit?” ask Nadech
“Maybe in 3-4 day,” say the old woman
“That shouldn’t be long, will it?” ask the old man
“No, its fine. We’ve bother you guys enough,” say Nadech
“No, it’s okay. It’s actually nice to have company,” say the old woman
“Khun Yaya, is okay if I sit on your lap?” ask Nong Kaew
“Kaew, why did you ask that?” ask the old woman
“It’s okay. Nong Kaew, come,” say Yaya
Nong Kaew went to Yaya, and sat on her lap.
“Thank you, Khun Yaya. You’re a very kind person,” say the old man
“It’s okay,” say Yaya
“Are you, and Khun Yaya a married couple?” ask the old woman
“Yes, we’re husband and wife,” say Nadech. They both stare at each other, and than smile.
“How long have you been married?” ask Yaya
“About 50 years,” answer the old man
“What about you guys?” ask the old man
” About 5 years,” replied Nadech
“Oh, so do you have any kids together?” ask the old couple
Nadech and Yaya stare at each other again, now uncomfortable.
“No, not yet,” say Nadech
“Oh, why not? You guys seem like a pretty fine couple,” say the old woman
“We don’t have time,” say Nadech
“Oh really. But here, you guys can have as much time as you want, okay?!” say the old woman with a smile
“Okay,” say Nadech, shyly staring at Yaya
For the rest of the time, Nadech and Yaya make eye contact, and stared at each other shyly, and smile to themselves.
“Thank-,” started Kim
“No need. I don’t want it,” say Mark
“Fine,” say Kim
She try to open the door, but was locked. She turn back to Mark, and stare at him hard.
“Hey, unlock the door,” say Kim
“No, we have to talk first,” say Mark
“Fine. What?” ask Kim
“I want you  to stop bothering Yaya and Nadech’s life,” say Mark
“I don’t care what you say. Nadech’s mine,” say Kim. She unlock the door, and got out. Mark followed her, and pulled her back. But he pulled with too much force, that they both landed on the ground. Kim’s lips were on Mark’s lips. They stare at each other for a while, than Kim got off Mark.
“Sorry,” say Mark
Kim say nothing, and walk into the house. Mark stare after her. Than he went back to his car, and drove back to the shop.
Kim walk in, and was surprise that Marie was waiting for her.
“Marie, what’s up?” ask Kim
“Grandma On wants to meet you,” replied Marie
“What for?” ask Kim
” I don’t know,” lied Marie
Kim walked down the hall, to Grandma On’s room. She knocked on the door, and called her name.
“Grandma On,” say Kim
“Come on in,” say Grandma On
Kim walk in.
“What’s the matter?” ask Kim
“Sit here,” say Grandma On, pointing to the small couch next to her chair
“Okay,” say Kim, sitting down
“Kim, I want to talk to you about Nadech,” say Grandma On
“Grandma On,” say Kim
“You mature enough to know what’s wrong and right. You’re not  a kid anymore, Kim. You can’t go around acting like that. You have to have pride” say Grandma On
“But Grandma On, love doesn’t need pride. And I know what I’m doing,” argued Kim
“Kim, but does he love you? Do you know for sure that he loves you? Have he even say it?” say Grandma On
“Well, the last time he say that he loved me was 10 years ago,” say Kim, remembering her fifteenth birthday, trying to put all the events on that day in places
“10 years ago. Isn’t that too long? Kim, you have to understand that he already have a wife, and he’s going to have a family soon,” say Grandma On
“Grandma On, can you not interfere in the matter?! I’ll handle this on my own,” say Kim
“Kim-,” say Grandma On
But Kim got out of the room, and rushed to Marie.
“What’s wrong?” ask Marie
“Take me somewhere, anywhere,” say Kim
“Okay,” say Marie
They went outside, and Marie drove them away.
Mark came in, wet, and dirty.
“What happen? Why are you all dirty and wet?” ask Margie
“I accidentally trip and fall,” say Mark
“Are you alright?” ask Noona
“Yes,” say Mark
“I think that you better go home, and change,” say Margie
“I agree. Mark go home,” say Noona
“But.,” say Mark
“No, go home,” say Noona
“Okay,” say Mark
He left the shop. Margie stared at Noona.
“Why do you sound so mad?” ask Margie
“I’m not,” say Noona
“See?” say Margie
Noona ignored Margie, and kept going with her work.
Bie and Cupcake are in Bie’s condo, discussing about Noona.
“I think that you’re suitable for her than that guy Mark,” say Cupcake
“You think so?” say Bie
“Yes. He broken her heart, and than came back. What a guy. If it’s me, I’ll never look at him again,” say Cupcake
“Me, either,” say Bie
“Oh yes. Aren’t you going to get her back?” ask Cupcake
“Yes, but I’ll need help with it. Noona is in love with him, and I need to break it. May you help me, Cupcake?” ask Bie
“Of course I’ll help,” say Cupcake
“Thanks, Cupcake,” say Bie, with a smile
“Thanks for the food,” say Nadech
“Your welcome, have a good night,” say the old couple
“Good night, Khun Nadech and Yaya,” say Nong Kaew
“Good night,” say Nadech and Yaya
Nadech turn on the flashlight, and they both headed for the small house.
“You can change your clothes first,” say Yaya
“No, it’s okay, you go first,” say Nadech
“Okay,” say Yaya
She took the clothes the old couple give to her, and slowly put it on. After that, Nadech changed his clothes also.
“I’ll sleep on the ground,” say Nadech
“It’s okay. The ground is all dirt, and the bed is big enough. We can both share it,” say Yaya
“Okay,” say Nadech, happily
Nadech sat on the chair, and waited for Yaya to finish making the bed. After a few minutes, Yaya was finished and called to Nadech.
“You can sleep on the wall side,” say Nadech
“Okay,” say Yaya
Yaya got on the bed first, and went to her side. After that, Nadech got on the bed. Their back were facing each other, but in their minds were thinking about each other.
Sara sat at the dinning table stressing out. Tah walked in.
“What’s wrong?” ask Tah
“My mother. She wants me to go live with that old man,” say Sara
“Than go,” say Tah
“What?!” say Sara
“Go,” say Tah
“Tah, but didn’t you say that you didn’t,” say Sara
“Sara, you have to be a grateful child,” say Tah
“But Tah,” say Sara
“No buts. You’re going to go tommorow, and I’ll be going with you,” say Tah, happily
“Really?!” say Sara, happily, jumping up and down for joy
“Yes,” say Tah, giving her a hug
“Kim, let’s go back,” say Marie
“No, I don’t want to. Marie, you may go back if you want to,” say Kim
“No, I’m staying with you,” say Marie
“Marie, thanks,” say Kim, giving her a hug
“It’s okay,” say Marie, hugging her back
Kim continue to cry in her arms.
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