Messy Circle of Love Chapter 13 Part 2

Chapter 13
“Good bye, again, please take good care of my mother,” say Nadech, dropping Yaya off at the hospital
“Yes,” say Yaya
Yaya got out of the car, and went inside the hospital. She enters the room.
“Good morning, ka, how are you doing?” ask Yaya
 Nadech’s mother ignore Yaya’s question and ask something else.
“May we go outside, and take  a walk, please?” ask his mother
“But it’s…,” say Yaya
“I want to go now,” say his mother
“Ok, wait here, I’ll go bring the wheelchair,” say Yaya
She nodded, and Yaya walk out of the room. A few minutes later, she came back with a wheelchair.
Nadech’s mother got off the bed.
“Let me help you,” say Yaya
“No, I’ll do it myself,” say Nadech’s mother
She slowly and gently got out of the bed, and on to the chair
“Ok, I’m ready,” say his mother
Yaya slowly push her out of the room.
Chailda drove to Yaya’s shop the next day. She enters the shop, and found only Mark.
“Is Yaya here?” ask Chailda
“No, she’s at the hospital. Do you have anything to say to her?” ask Mark
“I…I…I,” say Chailda, but she couldn’t get the words out of her mouth. She start to cry hard, and Mark pull her into a hug.
“It’s ok,” say Mark, gently patting her back.
Kim walk in the store, and was surprised that Mark was being nice to Chailda. Noona came out of the kitchen the same time Kim came into the store. But she didn’t say a word. She just stare at them.
“Oh ho, You found a new guy, that’s why you stop working with me,” say Kim, loudly
Chailda wipe her tears, and turn around to face Mark.
“It’s not like that,” say Chailda
“Of course it is. I saw it with my own eyes. Um, khun Mark ka, I thought that you already have a girlfriend already, but why are you doing this to her?!” say Kim
“You, me and Chailda didn’t do anything,” say Mark, mad
“Keep on saying that, but I don’t believe,” say Kim
“You! You come here with me,” say Mark, he took one her hand, and pull her out of the store to the back of the store.
Chailda walked out of the store, and drove away. Noona was still standing thinking.
“It’s not true, you’re just thinking too much,” say Noona to herself
Than Bie enter the shop.
“Good morning, Noona,” say Bie
“Good morning,” say Noona
“I brought you something to eat,” say Bie
“Thanks,” say Noona, accepting the bag
“Eat it now, or else it won’t be good anymore,” say Bie
“Yes,” say Noona, opening it.
“Hey, let go of my hand, don’t you know it hurts,” say Kim
Mark let go. Kim look at her wrist. It is red now, and hurts a lot.
“Hey you stop worrying about your wrist. Don’t you know that what you just say, can hurt a person,” say Mark
“No, I don’t know, I’m only speaking the truth,” say Kim
“Ok, you like the truth, huh,” say Mark
“Yes, I love the truth,” say Kim
“Ok, the truth is that Nadech and Yaya are already married, so stop messing with them,” say Mark
“That’s not the truth,” say Kim
“That is the truth,” say Mark
“Not,” say Kim
“Is,” say Mark
“Not, not, not, not, not,” say Kim
“Is, is, is, is, is,” say mark
Kim put her hands over her ears, and keep saying not.
Mark keep on saying is.
Kim walk back to her.
Mark laugh, and went back inside the shop. He was surprise to find Bie, and Noona together. They didn’t seem to notice him.
“There’s something on the side of your lip,” say Bie
“Right here?” ask Noona, wiping with a napkin
“Let me do it,” say Bie
Bie gently wipe it off for Noona. Mark couldn’t take it anymore, and interrupt them.
“Good morning, Bie,” say Mark
Bie’s smile drop when he see Mark.
“Mark,” say Noona, with a smile
“How was it?” ask Natwara
“Yaya was there at the shop. She’s at the hospital,” say Chailda
“Oh, why did you go to the hospital?” ask Natwara
Chailda shrug, and went back to her room. She is so tired, because of her restless nights.
Yaya was still taking Nadech’s mother for a walk.
“Stop,” say his mother
“Why?” ask Yaya
“Just stop,” say his mother
Yaya obey, and stop.
“Sit on this bench,” say Nadech’s mother
Yaya sat on the bench. Nadech’s mother took one of Yaya’s hand in hers.
“What you told me yesterday, that you want me to accept you. Well, I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ll decided that I’ll give you a chance,” say Nadech’s mother
“Really?! Thank you,” say Yaya, happily
Nadech’s mother nodded her head.
“One more thing, I’m sorry for all the bad things I did to you in the past, including your miscarr…,” say Nadech’s mother
“It’s ok,” say Yaya, suddenly sad remembering that awful day. She didn’t want to hear the last word ever again, and she didn’t want it to be finished either.
“Ok, let’s go back now,” say Nadech’s mother
“Yes,” say Yaya
She slowly got up, and weakly wheel Nadech’s mother back to her room.
Marie and Boy are having lunch at a restaurant.
“How is it?” ask Boy
“It’s good. Kim isn’t really causing troubles, and Grandma’s health is also good,” say Marie
“That’s good,” say Boy
Marie smile, and laugh at Boy
“What?” ask Boy
“I remember our first date, you were really funny back than,” say Marie, still laughing
Boy try to recalled the old days, and remember all the time he try to impress Marie, but also end up causing toubles.
“Yeah, I was really dork back then, right?!” say Boy
“No, you’re very cute, indeed,” say Marie
Boy shyly smile.
Margie walked into the same restaurant.
“Margie, over here,” say her friends, waving to her.
Margie smile, and walk to them.
“How are you?” ask one of her friend
“I’m fine, and you?” ask Margie
“We’re also good, too. We heard that you’re getting marry next year,” say the other friend
“Yes,” say Margie, happily
“Wait, isn’t that p’Boy?” ask one of the friend pointing to Boy and Marie’s table. Margie turn around. Her smile drop.
“Sorry, I gotta go,” say Margie
“Why? You just got here. Won’t you stay and eat first?” ask her friends
“No, I’m not hungry anymore, good bye,” say Margie
She rushed out the door. Outside, she took her phone out, and dialed her mother.
“Hello, mom?” say Margie, madly
“Yes, what is it, Margie?” ask her mother
“Mom, I want the wedding in 3 months!” say Margie
“Why?” ask her mother
instead of answering, Margie hang up. She was furious.
“Noona, I have something for you,” say Bie
“What is it?” ask Noona
Mark stare at Bie with annoyance. He wants Bie gone.
“I have a concert, and I want you to go,” say Bie, handing her a ticket
“What about mine?” Mark interrupt
“You don’t get one,” say Bie with annoyance also
“Why?” ask Mark
Bie stare at him, and didn’t answer.
“If I don’t get one, than Noona, no need to go,” say Mark. mark took the ticket away, and rip it in half
“You!” say Bie, mad
“Mark!” say Noona, also mad with his behavior
“I’m her boyfriend, and if a boyfriend don’t get to go, and girlfriend doesn’t also,” say Mark
Bie was about to punch Mark, but Noona stop him.
“Bie, go home first,” say Noona
Bie look at Noona and than at Mark
“Yes, good bye,” say Bie, he walk to the door, and went out.
Noona turn to Mark. Mark give her a smile, but she frown
“And you really disappointed me today. You can leave also,” say Noona, walking away
“Come on, Noona. He wasn’t being fair. How can you accepted and invitation that I can’t go. Remember, we’re in love,” say mark, sweetly
“Ok fine, I’ll forgive you, but you leave first,” say Noona
“Yes,” say Mark.
After Mark went, Noona smile and shook her head because of his silliness.
Margie got home, and stomp right away to her room.
“What happen, Margie?” ask her mother
Margie ignore, and lock herself in.
Margie’s mother decides to call Boy’s mother.
“Khun Karn(Boy’s mother), my daughter, Margie. I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but she’s been mad a lot lately these days, do you think is it that Boy..,” say Margie’s mother
“Oh, that’s really bad. I’ll have chat with Boy tonight, don’t worry,” say Boy’s mother
“Yes. Oh, and one more thing, Margie mentioned that she wants the wedding to be in 3 months,” say Margie’s mother
“Wow, why so fast?” ask Boy’s mother
“I don’t know also, Margie called me, and tell me that. She didn’t even talk to me after that,” say Margie’s mother
“But will we be ready…I mean my son, he, well, his girlfriend from America came to Thailand, and he…,” say Boy’s mother
“Karn, you can’t postpone the wedding. It was your plan! You can’t do that,” say Margie’s mother, suddenly turning mad
“But,” say his mother
Margie’s mother hang up.
“It’s because of this problem. Aww, my poor child. I won’t let you down,” say Margie’s mother
Nadech went back to the hospital and pick Yaya up.
In the car, it was silence, but Nadech broke the silence.
“So, how is it?” ask Nadech mother do?” ask ” say Yaya
“Oh, what did my mother do?” ask Nadech
“Well, she loves to talk walks, so I took her out for walks a lot. And she also rest a lot. We don’t really do much,” say Yaya
“Oh,” say Nadech
“How was your day?” ask yaya
“Just the same,” say Nadech
Nadech and Yaya reach the house, and went inside.
“Sara was about to go to sleep, but her mother stop her.
“Sara, come here, I have something to tell you,” say her mother
“Yes,” say Sara. She follow her mother to her room.
“What is it?” ask Sara
“Well, you know how, I told you that your father was sick. Th truth is, he isn’t sick at all,” say her mother
“What?! Mom, than what do you mean when you call me?” ask Sara
“Well, your father still have to pay, and we don’t have money. So they come and took your father away,” say her mother
“What? Tell me now, tell me all of it,” say Sara
“Well, in order for your father to come back,” say Sara’s mother
“Say it, mom, say it,” say Sara
“We have to trade with you for your father,” say Sara’s mother, sadly
“What?! Mom,” say Sara. She couldn’t believe her mother’s words. She ran out of the room, and into her room.
“It’s not true. My parents won’t do that to me,” say Sara, shaking her head. She feels weak and scared now.
Boy enters the house, and his mother appeared in front og him.
“Boy, we need to talk again,” say his mother
“Yes,” say Boy
“Boy, Madame Rasri won’t let us withdraw from your marriage with Margie, instead, she move the wedding closer. The wedding is in 3 months,” say his mother
“What?! Mom, you know that I’m not going to do it. They can embarrasses themselves if they want to, but I don’t care,” say Boy
“Boy, you can’t say that. Madame and me were friends for a long time, and plus she is far richer than us. She is going to do something to us,” say his mother
“They’re so evil. Mom, don’t worry, I’ll find a way out,” say Boy
His mother nodded, and Boy went upstairs.
He went inside his room, and called Margie.
When Margie saw that it was Boy, she happily cheer up, and answer.
“Hello,” say Margie
“Margie, it’s me, Boy. Are you free tomorrow?” ask Boy
“What?!” say Margie. She was so happy and surprise. She have never thought that Boy will ever ask her that question.
“Are you free tomorrow? If you are, I’ll come pick you up tomorrow, and take you somewhere,” say Boy
“Yes, I’m free,” say Margie, happily. She couldn’t believe her ears.
“Tomorrow at 10:00a.m,” say Boy
“Got it,” say Margie
Ok good bye,” say Boy
“Good bye,” say Margie. She happily hang up. After that, she went downstairs.
“Margie, are you ok?” ask her mother
“I’m totally fine,” say Margie
“OK, but what about a while ago?” ask her mother
“That was nothing, I just got mad at my friend,” Margie lied
“Oh,” say her mother, feeling ashamed because she just yelled at her friend
“Mom, is there anything to eat? I’m super hungry,” say Margie, happily
“Yes,” say her mother
After Boy hang up, he smile an evil smile.
“You’ll get it tomorrow,” say Boy
Boy walk downstairs again, and found her mother in the phone. Boy stand there, and wait until his mother was done.
“Boy, I’m so happy. Madame Rasri just call, and say she was sorry about her harsh words,” say his mother
“That’s good,” say Boy
His mother smile.
The next day, Nadech drove Yaya to the hospital again, and went to work. Yaya got inside the hospital, and see Kim and Marie with Nadech’s mother. She walk straight to Nadech’s mother.
“Hello, Yaya,” say Kim
“Hello,” say Yaya
“Get them out of here, Yaya,” say Nadech’s mother
“Wait, I have something to tell you,” say Kim
“What is it?” ask Yaya
“Get out,”  yell Nadech’s mother
“Not until I tell her,” say Kim
“Kim, I think that we should go,” say Marie
“No,” say Kim
“Mark, go deliver these to Yaya. She’s looking after Nadech’s mother, and she must be tired, so give her these,” say Noona
“Yes,” say Mark
Mark got out of the shop, and headed for the hospital. When he got to the room, he heard Nadech’s mother yelling, and Kim’s voice. He threw open the door, and saw that Kim and Marie was with Yaya and Nadech’s mother.
“Oh, good, you’re here,” say Kim
“What are you doing?” ask Mark
“Telling the truth,” say Kim
“The truth is that you need to stop interfering other people lives,” say Mark, pulling Kim out
Mark too Kim out of the hospital, and into his car.
“Where are you taking me?” ask Kim
“Somewhere that you won’t be able to cause troubles,” say Mark
“Stop the car, right now,” say Kim, but Mark just keep on going on
Margie was ready, and waited impatiently for Boy. Boy finally arrive, and Margie went with him.
“Where are we going?” ask Margie
“You’ll know when we get there,” say Boy
“Yes,” say Margie. She was still very excited.
Boy drove very fast which kinda scared Margie, but she endure it since she was too happy.
Boy turn, and put into a motel.
“Boy, what are we doing here?” ask Margie, scared
“To fulfill our marriage, of course,” say Boy
“Boy,” say Margie
They put into a room.
“Get out,” say Boy
Margie hesitated, but got out.
Boy pull Margie into the room, and throw her on the bed, and starts to kiss her on the neck.
“Boy, please, don’t,” say Margie
Boy stop, and look at her.
“We’re getting marry, no need to worry,” say Boy
“No, but I want it after our marriage,” say Margie
“”But I want it NOW,” say Boy. Than he continue what he is doing.
“No stop, I don’t want this!” Margie shouted
“So you don’t want us to marry?” ask Boy, stopping again
“No, I do. I want us to marry, but I’m not ready to do this, yet,” say Margie
“Too bad,” say Boy, and than again continue.
“NO. Don’t. Boy please stop, I lose. I’ll willingly to be the loser,” say Margie, crying with tears
Boy stop, and stare at her. He laugh.
“Finally. Now you’re willing to lose,” say Boy, getting off the bed
Margie was still crying, and hugging herself all over.
“Just this much, you you’re willing to lose,” say Boy, than he turn back to Margie and say,” don’t think that I really want to do this with you. I don’t. I just want to teach you a lesson, so that you wouldn’t mess with people’s life anymore.”
Margie only remain silent.
Mark and Kim were still arguing when they got off.
“Hey, take me back,” say Kim
“No,” say Mark, getting inside his car again.
“Hey, you. You can’t just leave me here,” say Kim
Mark ignore, and rove away.
Kim stood there, thinking of what to do.
She look around her pocket for her cell phone, but it wasn’t with her.
“Ugh, why do it have to be like this!” say Kim
Bie came again to the shop, and was happy that Noona was alone.
“Hello, Noona,” say Bie
“Hello,” say Noona
“Do you, um, need help with anything?” ask Bie
“Yes, may you please put this on table #1,” say Noona
“Yes,” say Bie
Bie walk over to table #1 and give them their desserts.
Sara’s head recalled the memories from last night. Her parents want her to sell her body in order for them to be free. No matter how much she thinks of it, she just couldn’t do it. Tah walk up to her, but she didn’t notice.
“Sara,” say Tah
“Huh,” say Sara
“You’re…,” say Tah, but the cup of coffee drop before Sara can do anything.
Tah help Sara, and look at her hands.
“Are you, ok?” ask Tah
“I’m alright,” say Sara
“Come on, let’s go, I put some medicine on it,” say Tah
Sara let Tah guide her.
After Tah put medicine on Sara, Sar turn to him.
“Tah, I think that you should go back home,” say Sara
“Why?” ask Tah
“You need to go take care of Yaya,” say Sara
“But Yaya tell me to take care of you,” say Tah
“I don’t need it. You have to go home now, since I…I won’t be returning,” say Sara
“What do you mean you’re not returning? Of course you are,” say Tah\
“I…I can’t. I have to stay here, and protect my parents,” say Sara
“You can bring them to live with us,” suggest Tah
“I can’t, because I,” say Sara
“Tell him,” say her mother
“Mom,” say Sara
“What is this about?” ask Tah, confused
“Sara, tell him, or else I’ll do it,” say her mother
“I can’t,” say Sara, her head down, looking at her feet
“Sara tell me,” say Tah
“Sara is going to get marry soon. She don’t need a person like you to take care of her anymore,” say her mother
“What?! Sara, it isn’t true right?” ask Tah
“It’s true,” say Sara
Tah pull Sara’s out of the room, and took her outside.
“You can  go ahead now. Have a good rest,” say Boy, and than he give Margie a kiss on the cheek
Margie open the door, and walk out. She try to look calm, so her mother will not notice anything.
“Margie, you back. How was it?” ask her mother
“It was great,” say Margie with a fake smile
“That’s good,” say her mother, smiling
“I’m going to go get some rest,” say Margie
“Yes, go ahead,” say her mother
Margie slowly walk up the stairs, and into her room. She threw her purse on her bed, and wipe off her cheek.
“I’m going  to get you back! Just wait and see,” say Margie, mad and sad at the same time.
Mark went back to the hospital, since he forgot to to give the desserts to Yaya.
“Yaya, here are the desserts that Noona made for you,” say Mark
“Tell her thanks,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Mark
“Where’s my friend?” ask Marie
“You can go pick her up,” say Mark
Marie left.
“Yaya, I want you to know something,” say Mark
“What is it?” ask Yaya
“If you ever need help to get rid of Kim, I’ll always be there to help,” say Mark, holding one of his hand
Yaya put her other hand over his hand and say,” Thanks, Mark.”
Nadech was outside watching them. His anger suddenly rise up.
“Sara, you can”t,” say Tah
“Why?” ask Sara
“Because….Because I love you. I love you very much,” say Tah. Than he pulled her into a hug.
“Tah, I love you, too. But it’s for my parents’ safety,” say Sara
“I know, but just let me stay. Let me stay, and help you on some parts, ok,” say Tah
“Oh Tah. Ok, I give up, you can stay,” say Sara
“Yes! Thanks, Sara,” say Tah, smiling
Sara smiled back, but it was a weak smile. She love Tah, but she also love her parents.
After that, Mark went back to the shop. He was surprise that Bie was there again.
“I’m here, you can go home now. I’ll help,” say Mark
“Mark, stop being a jerk,” say Bie
“I’m not. I’m only protecting my rights. Go now,” say Mark
People were staring. Bie was scared that they might notice him, so he walk straight out.
Mark than, walk to Noona.
“Noona, I have something to tell you,” say Mark
“What is it?” ask Noona
“You remember Kim? Well, she have been causing Yaya troubles, and I dislike it a lot. I think that we should help Yaya. Do you mind if I help Yaya?” ask Mark
“No, I don’t mind. Yaya have help me so much, and I want us to do something good for her,” say Noona
“That’s right,” say Mark
They both smile at each other.
“Yaya, come here,” say Nadech’s mother
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Yaya, tomorrow, don’t come here. Go to your shop, and work, ok,” say Nadech’s mother
“But,” say Yaya
“No buts. I already accepted you, please do this request,” say Nadech’s mother
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech came in.
“Ready to go?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech and Yaya left.
“Mother say that I don’t need to take care of her tomorrow,” say Yaya
“So?” ask Nadech
“I’ll be working in my shop tomorrow,” say Yaya
Before Nadech can answer, his phone rang.
“Hello,” say Nadech
“Nadech, can you come. I need help,” say Kim
“Where are you?” ask Nadech
“At home,” say Kim
“I’ll be there,” say Nadech
Instead of driving home, Nadech drove to Kim’s house.
“Where are we going?” ask Yaya
“To Kim’s house. She called, and say that she needs help,” say Nadech
“Oh,” muttered Yaya
They reach her house, and walk in.
“Hello,” say Grandma On
“Hello, where’s Kim?” ask Nadech
“She’s in her room. I’ll get her for you,” say Grandma On
“You can sit, Yaya,” say Marie
Yaya sat. She was very uncomfortable about everything.
Kim came out, and Nadech and her went outside and to talk.
After they were done, Nadech and Yaya went back home. For the rest of the trip, it was full of silence.
“Mom, please, let him stay,” say Sara
“Sara,we can’t,” say her mother
“I’m going to stay no matter what,” say Tah
“Fine, I’ll let you stay,” say her mother finally
“Thanks, mom,” say Sara
“Thanks, aunt,” say Tah
Tah and Sara give each other smiles.
The next day, Yaya went to her shop.
“Good morning, how are you?” ask Noona
“I’m good, and you?” ask Yaya
“I’m also good,” say Noona
“Thanks, Noona for taking care of my shop for me,” say Yaya
“It’s ok,” say Noona
Margie walk to Boy’s office.
“Khun Margie, I think that you shouldn’t go in. Khun Boy wanted to stay alone…,” say Boy’s secretary
Margie ignore her. She went right inside. Boy’s head was on the desk, and he was  half asleep.
“Wake-up,” say Margie
Boy’s head was up.
“Who is it?” ask Boy
“Me. Margie,” say Margie
“Margie,” say Boy, by the sound of her voice, he woke up directly
“Why are you here?” ask Boy, wide awake
“To warn you,” say Margie
“I’m not scared. Aren’t you already afraid of yesterday?!” say Boy
“Yesterday I lose, but today, I’m the winner,” say Margie
“What?!” say Boy
“Didn’t you hear, our wedding is in 2 months,” say Margie
“You!” say Boy
“Remember that I’ll always be the winner no matter what. Oh, and if you try to prank me like yesterday, be careful, because for every prank, the wedding will get move to be nearer,” say Margie. Than she walked out of the office.
Boy was mad.
“I’m also not going to lose, too,” say Boy
“Natwara, should I go?” ask Chailda
“Do you want to go?” ask Natwara
“I’m kinda scared,” say Chailda
“It’s ok, just go, and talk,” say Natwara
“OK,” say Chailda
She got into her car, and drove away.
She arrive at the shop, but was still nervous. Yaya look out the window, and sees Chailda.
“What is she doing here?” ask Yaya to herself
Chailda look around the place. Than she sees a old woman that is about to cross the rode, but the signal haven’t change to walk. She ran to her, and stop her. After the signal change, Chailda help the old woman walk across the street.
“Thank you. You’re a very kind person. You will be blessed,” say the old woman
Chailda nod her head.
“Kind,” say Chailda to herself
Yaya watch all of them in amazed and surprise. Chailda walk back, and than enter the shop.
“That was really good,” say Yaya
“What good?” ask Chailda
“You helping that old woman out,” say Yaya with a smile
Chailda half smile back
“Really,” say Chailda
Yaya nodded her head.
“But I. I’m evil. I’m not a kind person,” say Chailda
“Yes, you are. Everyone have kindness in them,” say Yaya
“Really. Do you really believe that I have kindness?” ask Chailda
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Yaya, I’m sorry about of those bad things I did to you. You and Nadech are the perfect match. I’m sorry about that time. I almost separate you two,” say Chailda, crying
“It’s pk. I’ve forgive you,” say Yaya
Chailda give her a hug, and she hug back.
“Thanks, Yaya. For everything, especially your kindness,” say Chailda
Yaya smile.
“Yes. But now it’s your turn. Go out there, and tell people your kindness,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Chailda, happily, smiling
Chailda drove home, happy.
“Natwara I did it! I did it!” say Chailda
“That’s great,” say Natwara
Chailda smile, and hug her friend.
“Thanks,” say Chailda
“You shouldn’t thank me. The person you should thank is James,” say Natwara
“Oh ok,” say Chailda, getting out her phone
She dailed his phone.
“James, can you come meet me,” say Chailda
“I can’t. My flight is in 20 minutes,” say Chailda
“What?1 I though that it was in 2 months,” say Chailda
“I changed it,” say James
“But,” say Chailda. But James hung up before she say another word. 30 minutes later, James was at her door.
“James?!” say Chailda
“I delayed my plane flight,” say James
“But why?” ask Chailda
“You say you need to talk to me,” say James
“Oh yes. Thank you for making me think, and change,” say Chailda
“It’s ok. I’m really glad that you change,” say James
“That’s all,” say Chailda
“That’s all?!” say James, sad
“Yes,” say Chailda. She close the door. James walk back to his car.
“Go home,” say James
“You’re not going to the airport anymore?” ask his driver
“I say go back to my house,” say James
“Yes,” say the driver.
“Chailda, why didn’t you do something for him. He help you,” say Natwara
Chailda remain silent.
“Chailda,” say Natwara
“I’m tired,” say Chailda heading for her room, than she stop and say, “please don’t mention him again. We ended a long time ago.”
Yaya already took a shower, and was waiting patiently for Nadech to return.
Nadech ame back really late.
“Nadech, why are you late?” ask Yaya
“I have work,” say Nadech
They went upstairs.
“Nadech,” say Yaya
“Yaya, I tired,” say Nadech
“But Nadech,” say Yaya
“I say I’m tired!” Nadech say in a loud voice
“I’m sorry,” say Yaya
Nadech look at Yaya.
“Yaya, I’ve been thinking about our marriage. Nothing good ever goes good. I’m willingly to let you have another chance,” say Nadech
“What?! Why?! Nadech what does this mean. You want us to divorced. Is it because of Kim?!” say Yaya, getting mad
“Yes, I want us to divorce. I want to go my own way,” say Nadech
“No, Nadech,” say Yaya, but he was too far from her grip. In a flash, he was gone.
Yaya cry to herself.
“Nadech, I don’t want to end our marriage.”
Enjoy! :D