Messy Circle of Love Chapter 12 Part 2

Chapter 12
Noona got back to the shop, and Mark went to her.
“What took you so long?” ask Mark
“I met…, there was a lot of people,” say Noona, nervously
“Oh,” say Mark
“I’ll get right back to work,” say Noona
Mark nod, and Noona slowly walk to the kitchen.
“What’s wrong with her?!” say Mark, shaking his head
Tah and Sara enter the house.
“It was so much fun,” say Sara, stretching her hands out, and enjoying her moment
“Indeed it was,” say Tah, not really in the exciting mood.
“What’s wrong?” ask Sara turning to him
“I’m worry about Yaya,” say Tah
“Don’t worry. I just call her this morning, and she say that everything was fine,” say Sara
“I’m going to give her a call,” say Tah, pulling his cell phone out
“I just say you don’t have too,” say Sara, taking the phone
“Give it to me,” say Tah. His voice was so serious and full of anger. Sara obediently give it to Tah.
Tah took the phone, and went back outside, and dailed Yaya’s phone.
“Hello,” say Yaya
“Yaya, who are you? What are you doing? Is everything fine? Did Nadech make you sad? Did Kim or Chailda do something bad to you?” ask Tah
“Relax, Tah. I’m doing fine, and everything is good here. Nadech is here with me, and helping me out. Kim and Chailda didn’t do anything. And how about you?” say Yaya
“I’m also fine, and Sara’s family is very good to me,” say Tah
“That’s good to hear. Remember your manners, and don’t cause them trouble,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Tah
“Also take care of Sara, too,” say Yaya
“I will. Good night,” say Tah
“Good night,” say Yaya
After hearing from Yaya, Tah felt better and went back inside the house.
“How is it? Am I right?!” say Sara
Tah nodded his head.
“Why didn’t you tell Tah the truth?” ask Nadech
“I don’t want him to worry,” say Yaya
“It’s ok. I understand,” say Nadech
“Nadech, do you really believe that I didn’t do it?” ask Yaya
“I don’t know, but I’m sure that it’s not you,” say Nadech
“Do you think that it can be Kim?” ask Yaya
“I don’t think that it’s Kim also. My father don’t really like you guys so he just did that,” say Nadech
Nadech smile at Yaya, and she half smile back. But inside, her heart sank.
“She used to be the person he love, so what’s wrong with him also protecting her.” say a small voice inside of Yaya’s head
The next day, Nadech and Yaya went to the hospital. They got to Nadech’s mother’s room.
“Get you hands of me!” shouted his mother
Nadech and Yaya open the door, and saw about 4 nurses, and 1 doctor around her, trying to get her to stay still.
“You guys can go now,” say Nadech
The nurses and doctor stop. Nadech walk over to his mother. His mother put her hands around Nadech’s waist.
“Nadech, help me. I’m scared,” say his mother
“It’s ok, I’m here,” say Nadech, calming her down
She finally calm down, and the doctor give her a shot. After that, she went to sleep.
“Are you sure that you’re going to stay?” ask Nadech, staring at her
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Well than, I’m going to go to work. Please take good care of my mother,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech left, and Yaya pulled out a book and read while his mother rest.
“Hello?” say Kim
“Kim, I withdraw from that promise,” say Chailda
“Why?!” say Kim
“I’m sorry, but I’m just tired of it,” say Chailda
“You can’t do that,” say Kim
“Why not? I was the one who came up with it. I can do what ever I want,” say Chailda
“Fine,” say Kim, and than she hang up
Mint slowly close her phone.
“I’m so glad that you decide to do the right thing this time,” say Natwara
“Yes, but I scared. Natwara, I’m scared that Yaya wouldn’t forgive me,” say Chailda
“Yaya is a good person. I believe that she’ll forgive you,” say Natwara
Chailda stare at her encouraging friend. She just hope that it’s easy.
Nadech’s mother woke up, and slowly try to sit up.
“Be careful,” say one voice behind her, holding her arms. She turn around, and was surprised to see who it is.
“You,” say his mother
“Let me help you,” say Yaya
Nadech’s mother didn’t do anything, instead she let her help her sit up.
“Thanks,” she muttered
“Your welcome,” say Yaya, and smile
“I’m thirsty,” say his mother
Yaya walk to the water, and pour a cup for her.
“Here,” say Yaya
“Thank you,” say his mother
After that, the nurse came in.
“It’s time to go out for a walk,” say the nurse
Yaya and the nurse help Nadech’s mother get off the bed, and into the wheel chair.
“I’ll take her,” say Yaya
“Are you sure?” ask the nurse
“Yes,” say Yaya
Yaya took the the handle bars, and took Nadech’s mother out.
“Why are you being nice to me? What do you want?” ask Nadech’s mother
“I don’t want anything. I just want you to accept me,” say Yaya
“Accept you now?” ask his mother
“I want you to like me, and accept that I’m Nadech’s wife,” say Yaya
Nadech’s mother remain silent, and thought about what Yaya was saying.
Bie stand outside of the shop, and look around it. It was beautiful, even though it was small. He open the door, and look around on the inside.
“Hello, what will you like?” ask Noona
Bie walk to her.
“Remember me?” ask Bie
“Yes, you’re Bie,” say Noona
“Yes, and I would like the best chocolates in the world,” say Bie
“Yes,” say Noona
Noona went back into the kitchen, and Bie follow her.
“Noona,” say Mark, smiling when Noona came in
“We got a new constumer,” say Noona
“Noona, I,” say Bie, but when he see Mark’s face, he stop
“Bie,” say Mark
“Mark,” say Bie
Noona smiled.
“Oh yes, Bie, I forgot to tell you something. Me and Mark are currently dating,” say Noona, smiling at Mark. Mark stare at Noon and also smile. Bie’s smile drop into a big frown.
“That’s good for you,” say Bie
“Thanks,” say Noona
“Well, I guess that I’ll get by,” say Bie
“Why are you going so fast? Aren’t you going to stay for a bit, and chat?!” say Mark
“No thanks,” say Bie
Bie rush to his car.
“How can this be?!” Bie say, furious
Nadech came back to pick Yaya at the hospital.
“Is she asleep?” ask Nadech
“Yes, she just went to sleep before you came,” say Yaya
“Than let’s get going,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya, getting her stuffs
Nadech and Yaya left.
Nadech’s mother wasn’t asleep, and was still thinking about Yaya.