Messy Circle of Love Chapter 10 Part 2

Chapter 10
The next morning was bright and sunny. Yaya woke up, and stretch her hands. She slowly got up, and look at Nadech. He was asleep. His head on the desk, sleeping peacefully. She walk over to him. She took the pen away from his hand, and put the files of papers at the coner of his desk. She than put the blanket over him. She than took a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote him a note saying that she’s going home.
“Have a good sleep,” she muttered
Yaya walked out of the office, and smile. She got out of the office, and took a taxi home.
Boy lay in his bed, half awake. There was a noise in his room. a voice of a girl. He suddenly open up his eyes, and look to his side. There was Margie.
“Good morning, you’re sleepyhead,” say Margie, cheerfully
“Why are you here?” ask Boy
“Today, we have an appointment together,” say Margie
“What appointment?” ask Boy, confuse
“You and I are suppose to spend the day together,” say Margie
“No, go away,” say Boy, going back to sleep.
“Wake up, you sleepy head,” say Margie, gently kicking him in the side of his shoulder.
Boy ignored, and went back to sleep.
“You’re not, right,” say Margie. She took one of his pillows, and start hitting him with it.
“Wake up,” Margie saw with each hit
Boy was getting annoyed, got hold Margie’s hands and stop her.
“Stop, I’m tired,” say Boy
“Get up,” say Margie
“Ok, fine you win,” say Boy getting up, half asleep
Boy slowly walk to the bathroom to take shower.
Mark was waiting patiently outside for Noona. Noona was ready, and went outside to greet Mark.
“Hello, Mark,” say Noona
“Let me send you there,” say Mark
“Yes,” say Noona, still shy because of last night
Noona got in, and Mark drove.
“From now on, I’ll be the one to come pick you up, and drop you off,” say Mark
“It’s ok,” say Noona
“Let me, ok,” say Mark
“Ok,” say Noona
“Where are we doing today?” ask Boy
“We’re going to go to the fair,” say Margie
“What?!” say Boy
“Come on,” say Margie, dragging Boy out of the car.
They went to the Ferris wheel, and ride on it.
“So fun,” say Margie
“It is so not fun,” say Boy
“Whatever,” say getting off.
After the Ferris wheel, they went to get cotton candy, and went on more rides.
Yaya was in her shop. Mark and Noona arrive together, and greet her.
“Hello, Yaya,” say Mark and Noona
“Hello,” say Yaya
Yaya stare as Mark put his hands on Noona’s waist.
“Don’t tell me that…,” say Yaya
“Yes,” Mark interrupt,” we’re dating.”
“It’s great! You guys are really cute together,” say Yaya
“Thanks,” say Noona shyly
They all smiled.
“So how’s Nadech and you?” ask Mark
“We’re doing good,” say Yaya
“Is he still stressing out?” ask Mark
“Not really. Do you want to come to the wedding?” ask Yaya
“I guess,” say Mark, looking at Noona
“I’ll come also,” say Noona
“That’s great,” say Yaya, smiling at them
Nadech finally woke up, and read Yaya’s note. He smile, and again got back to work. He doesn’t want to be behind anything. Than Kim and Chailda both came in. Nadech was surprise that they were together.
“Hello Nadech,” say Kim and Chailda
“Hello,” say Nadech
“We’ll like to congrats your dad,” say Kim
“Thanks,” say  Nadech
Chailda and Kim smiled.
“Ok, what do we do after this?” ask Kim
“Tomorrow is the wedding, right. So we’ll have to kind ruin the wedding than blame it on Yaya, of course,” say Chailda
“Isn’t that too cruel. Believe me, it’s not,” say Chailda
“I don’t like it,” say Kim
“Well, if you don’t like it, you take the blame,” say Chailda
“Fine, whatever,” say Kim
“But remember, you have to come up and how to ruined it,” say Chailda
“Yes,” say Kim
Chailda smiled, and Kim stare at her.
Sara and Tah were sitting in the kitchen. The phone rang, and the maid brings the phone to Sara.
“Sara?!” say her mother
“Yes, mom,” say Sara, happily
“You’re father is very sick right now, and we need you back home,” say her mother
“What?! Yes, I’ll come,” say Sara
Than she hung up.
“What is it?” ask Tah
“My dad’s really sick, and I need to go back right now,” say Sara in a rush
Sara rush up to her room, and pack up half of her things into the bag. Tah followed her.
“What are you doing?” ask Tah
“Going back home,” say Sara. Tah stop her.
“Sara, relax,” say Tah
“I can’t. I have to go now,” say Sara
“Than let me go with you,” say Tah
“Yes,” say Sara
“I’m going to get my things and call Yaya,” say Tah
“Yes,” say Sara
Tah got out of the room, and went to his room. He called Yaya before packing up.
“Hello,” say Yaya
“Yaya, me and Sara have something urgent that we have to go to,” say Tah
“What is it?” ask Yaya
“Sara’s father is really sick, so we’re heading to her parents home which is 6 hours away from here,” say Tah
“Are you going to drive?” ask Yaya
“Yes,” say Tah
“Than good luck, take care of Sara and yourself,” say Yaya
“Yes, bye,” say Tah
They both hang up, and Tah pack his stuffs. He walk back to Sara’s room.
“Ready?” ask Tah
“Yes, let’s go,” say Sara
They both got out, and got into the car. Tah drove out, and got onto the highway.
Yaya called Nadech.
“Hello,” say nadech
“Nadech, Tah and Sara went back to Sara’s house, because her father is very sick right now,” say Yaya
“Ok thanks,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Boy got to Margie’s house, and she got out.
“Bye bye, good night,” say Margie, than she blow him a kiss
“Whatever,” say Boy, than he drove off
Margie happily march to her room. She fling herself on her bed, and happily trying to remember the day again.
“Yaya, I’ll get going, see you tomorrow,” say Noona
“Yes, thank you. And don’t forget that tomorrow is the wedding, so the shop is close tomorrow,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Noona
“Come on, let’s go. Bye, Yaya,” say Mark
“Bye,” say Yaya
Mark and Noona left.
Nadech came to see Yaya right after work.
“I’m going to stay with you for the next few days if you don’t mind,” say Nadech
“No, I don’t mind at all,” say Yaya
“It’s good, so I can keep you company while Tah and Sara are gone,” say Nadech
Yaya smile.
“Let’s go home,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Tah and Sara arrived at her house. Sara got out. She miss her house so much. It have been 3 years already since she moved out. She enter the house, and found her mother sitting on the couch, waiting for her.
“Mom,” say Sara
Her mother turn around and see her.
“Sara,” say her mother
She walk over to her mother, and give her a big hug.
“I miss you so much,” say her mother
“Me, too,” say Sara
Tah enter the house, carrying his and Sara’s stuffs.
“And who is that young man?” ask her mother
“P’Nadech’s wife’s brother,” say Sara
Tah walk to them.
“Hello,” say Tah
“Hello,” say her mother
“Tah, this is my  mother,” say Sara
“Nice to meet you,” say Tah
“Nice to meet you, too,” say her mother
Sara smiled.
“Mom, is there anything to eat. I’m super hungry,” say Sara
“Yes there is,” say her mother
Her mother took them to the dinning room, and order the maids to cook for them.
Nadech and Yaya arrive home. Yaya took a shower, and after that, Nadech took a shower.
“Do you want to sleep together?” ask Nadech
“I guess,” say Yaya
They got into bed, side by side. They turn of the lights, but leave the lamp on.
“Thanks, Nadech,” say Yaya
“For what?” ask Nadech
“For staying with me,” say Yaya
“It’s ok,” say Nadech
“Nadech,” say Yaya, but stop
“What is it?” ask Nadech
“Can I ask you something?” ask Yaya
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Can you tell me about your first love?” ask Yaya
Nadech was surprise by her question, but he told her anyway.
“Well, she was a very energetic person at that time. We met at age 5. She use to always tease me and we play together alot. One day, I almost drown, by she saved me. She also taught me how to swim. She taught me many things. That’s what move my heart. She was really a wonderful person. She may not be that kind, but she’s considerate. I really like the way she is,” say Nadech
“That does sound like a nice person,” say Yaya
“What about yours?” ask Nadech
“Well, the first time I meet him, he was drunk, and I save him. After that we start seeing each other, and I just have this feeling that I like him more than just a friend. He’s also a very nice, and likes to joke alot. He had a nice humor,” say Yaya
“I wonder who was that wonderful person,” say Nadech
Yaya smiled.
“Good night, sweet dreams,” say Nadech
“Good night,” say Yaya
They both turn around, their backs facing each other.
“I’m sorry, Yaya.” Nadech say in his mind
“It’s you, Nadech, how could you not know, or have you forgotten?!” Yaya say in her mind
Sara took Tah to his room.
“Here’s you’re room. If you need anything tell me, my mother, or the maids,” say Sara
“Ok, thanks,” say Tah
“No, I should be thanking you,” say Sara
Sara stare at him, and than put her hands around his waist.
“Thanks,” say Sara
Tah was shocked, and couldn’t say anything. All her could do was pat her on the back.
Sara let go, and wish him good night. After that, she went to her room. All night, Tah could on think about Sara, and Sara could only think about Tah.
The next day was the wedding. Nadech and Yaya woke up, and got ready. Nadech’s phone rang.
“Hello, dad,” say Nadech
“Are you ready?” ask his father
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Come here at 10:00 a.m.,” say his father
“Yes,” say Nadech, looking at the clock. It was 8:00 a.m.
“What is it?” ask Yaya
“Dad wants us by 10:00 a.m.,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“I’m going to go shower,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech went to the bathroom, and took his shower. Yaya patiently waited for him to finish.
“Kim, where are you going, so early in the morning?” ask Marie
“To the hospital,” say Kim
“Why?” ask Marie
Kim remain silent, and got into her car. Marie followed her. When Kim got to the hospital, Chailda was already there with Natwara.
“It’s good you’re here, let’s begin,” say Chailda
“Yes,” say Kim. Marie walk up to them.
“What is this?” ask Marie
“Don’t get involve if you don’t want to help,” say Kim
“Let’s go,” say Chailda
“Chailda, you and Kim go, I don’t want to get invovle with this either,” say Natwara
Kim and Chailda walk on, leaving their two friends behind.
Natwara and Marie sat on the couches, avoiding eye contacts. They both new that their friends are doing the wrong thing, but they don’t even have the strength to stop them.
Kim and Chailda walk in to Nadech’s mother’s room.
“Hello, mother,” say Kim
“Who are you? I don’t know you,” say Nadech’s mother
“I’m Kim. Are you sure that you don’t remember me,” say Kim
Nadech’s mother look closer, and she remeber her.
“Don’t. Please don’t do anything to me,” say Nadech’s mother, putting her arms over her head
“Relax, I’m not going to harm you, even though I should have, because you’re the reason why I didn’t get Nadech,” say Kim
“What do you want?” ask Nadech’s mother
“I’m here to tell you some bad news,” say Kim
“What is it?” ask Nadech’s mother
“Don’t you know, your husband is getting marry today,” say Kim
“What?!” say Nadech’s mother
“Yes, but you still have the chance. You can go and destroy the wedding,” say Kim
Nadech’s mother look at her.
Every guest was there. Nadech and Yaya stand outside greeting the guests. Boy and Margie stood by their side, helping them. Mark and Noona arrived, and went in. Kim, Chailda, Marie, and Natwara arrive almost last. The party started.
“Thanks everyone for coming,” say Nadech
Everyone stop talking, and look at him.
“Today is Mr. Kugimiya and Aimee’s wedding. We will like the groom, and bride-,” say Nadech, but was interrupted. His mother enter. And everyone was surprise, but most of all, his father. Nadehc’s mother headed straight for the microphone.
“Give it to me, Nadech,” say his mother, taking the microphone outof his hands
“Mother,” was all Nadech could say
She took the microphone, than walked over to Nadech’s father and his new wife.
“You really want to re-marry, right?!” say his mother
“Yes!” say his father, not considering anyone’s feelings
“How can you? How can you do this to me? I won’t let you,” say his mother. She dropped the mircophone, and slapped Nadech’s father’s new wife.
“You shameless girl,” say his mother
“Stop!” say his father, but his mother disobey, and keep on slapping the new wife. Nadech run over to her mother, and stop her.
“Nadech, take your hands off me, don’t stop me!” shouted his mother
“Mom, calm dowm,” say Nadech
But his mother did not calm down, she keeps fighting to get Nadech’s hands off her. Nadech took her outside, and Yaya followed.
“Mom, calm down,” say Nadech
“No, Nadech, why did you stop me!” say her mother, crying out loud.
“Sorry,” say Nadech
Yaya walk to where they are, and sat down next to Nadech’s mother.
“Take care of her, while I go call the hospital,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech took a few steps away, and than dialed the hospital.
“They should be here in any minute,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Nadech
They waited for a few minutes. The nurses came,  and took Nadech’s mother back.
“Let’s go back inside,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
They got back inside, and there was another probelm. There was a little girl, crying for her mother. Nadech’s father was having a headache, and was furious with everything. Yaya walk over to the little girl, and calm her down.
“What is it, sweetie?” say Yaya, wiping off her tears with her hand
“I want my mom,” say the little girl
“Where’s your mother?” ask Yaya
“I don’t know,” say the little girl
“Come on here, let’s go somewhere else ,” say Yaya
They little girl obediently follow Yaya. Yaya took her to the bathroom to clean her face.
“Come on, let’s go back in, I’m pretty sure that you mother is also looking for you,” say Yaya
Yaya walk into the party again with the little girl by her side.
“Let’s go find something to eat,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say the little girl
Yaya got her a piece of cake, and walk back to where Nadech, Boy, Mark, Noona, Margie, Kim, Chailda, Natwara, and Marie stand.
“Aww…she’s so cute!” say Margie
“Indeed she is,” say Noona, staring at her
“Oh yeah, that made me remember, how many years have you and Nadech been married?” ask Kim
“3 years,” say Yaya
“That also makes me wonder. You guys have been married for that long already, and haven’t have any kids yet. Why is that?” ask Kim
Margie was about to answer, but Yaya stop her.
“Nadech and I are too busy, so we decided not to have any kids yet,” say Yaya
Nadech and Yaya stared at each other. They were both feeling uneasy about the subject.
“Excuse me,” say Nadech and Boy. Nadech walk as fast as he could away from them. And Boy followed him.
“Oh really. I thought that one of you guys were disable,” say Kim
“What?! How could you have such thought,” say Margie, furious
“I don’t think that you should be asking these kind of questions, and also saying it either,” say Mark
“Who are you?” ask Kim
“It doesn’t matter who I am,” say Mark
Kim stare at him.
“Come on, let’s go some where else,” say Mark, walking away. Yaya, and the rest follow him.
“Thanks, Mark,” say Yaya
“It’s ok. Those girls shouldn’t be saying that,” say Mark, shaking his head.
They stood for a few minutes, and the little girl’s mother came and get to little girl.
“Thanks,” say her mother
“Your welcome,” say Yaya and the others
The little girl was gone, and all Yaya could do stand there, and thought about Kim’s question. “You guys have been married for that long already, and haven’t have any kids yet. Why is that?”
“Thank you for coming,” say Yaya and Nadech to the last guest that is leaving
“Thanks, Margie and Boy,” say Nadech
“It’s ok, we’re family members, too,” say Boy
“Well, good bye and good night,” say Nadech
Margie, and Yaya give each other hugs, and than Margie and Boy left.
“Let’s get going,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
But Nadech’s father stop him.
“Nadech, you didn’t bring your mother here, right?” ask his father
“No, why?” ask Nadech
“Well, I’m very mad today. And if I find out, I’m ready to kill,” say his father
“Yes, father,” say Nadech
Nadech and Yaya headed for home.
All night, Yaya keep on waking up, and she couldn’t go to sleep. She was still think about the Kim’s words.
*I hope that it was long enough.