Messy Circle of Love Part 2 Review

Messy Circle of Love Part 2 
A life full of pressuring. His parents always put pressure on him to do this and that. Things got worst-er when Kimberly returns to Thailand. Nadech was shock to learn that Kim was not dead yet. He have a choice to make. He either have to lose Yaya or lose Kim. Which will he choose?
3 years of marriage with Nadech. And everything was getting worst-er not better like what she have wish for. Chailda was enough for her, but when Kim return, she wants Nadech back. Yaya will have to fight these two women if she wants Nadech. But she’ll also have to turn Nadech back to himself, back to the nice, caring, and loving Nadech. But could she do it, could she do all of those things?
Kimberly return to Thailand to find a big disappoint  All of her dreams and wishes shatter. But she’s ready to fight back her rights, fight back for what she have work for. Marie warns her, but she still thinks it’s unfair. Will she regret everything later?
For the past 3 years, he spent his life looking out for Yaya, and secretly loving her. He didn’t want to see Yaya hurt. But when Kim comes, he even have to try harder. But meeting Noona again was a challenge for him. He wasn’t ready to face her yet. And still hates himself for hurting her. But he also have to deal with Kim. Why will happen between him and Kim?
A love triangle. Boy is still stuck in the same situation  even though it has been 3 years. His mother still wants him to marry Margie. But when Marie come to Thailand and found out everything, he tries his best to make her understand. Worst, Margie trys to ruin their relationship, doing everything to break them. Who will Boy choose, Marie or Margie/his mother?
3 years have pass, and Margie’s feelings for Boy grew stronger. She have never told him, but hope that one day, he’ll return those feelings back to her. But everything got ruined when Marie, Boy’s girlfriend, come to Thailand. Margie want to win Boy’s heart. She’ll do anything. But in the end, will she get it?
She also experience a big disappointment like her friend. She knows that Boy haven’t intend to hurt her, but she was still sad. Boy is staying with her, and try to make the relationship the same, but she knows it will never return. She knew that she will never win Margie. But will she take that chance and fight for Boy like her friend?
For these 3 past years, she have been trying to get Nadech’s heart, but haven’t succeed. She still haven’t given up hope. She really wants Nadech even though she will have to do evil things. She still haven’t forgotten James and Natwara. She still remember the pain. But as her life goes on, she reliaze that she have done many bad things. She have hurt other people the same like James and Natwara. She want to stop. But how, she have already come this far, will she be able to?
James have never given up on Chailda. He is trying his very best just for her. He wants her to be the same. But she have change so much. She have change into a devil. But he still loves her, and wanted her. Will James do everything to get her back?
Natwara have also been like James, trying to ask forgiveness for Chailda. She have much more luck, and Chailda have forgiven her. But she have to agree and do whatever Chailda wants. She can’t stand Chailda doing awful things, and try to stop her, but she won’t listen. Will Natwara be able to help Chailda realize, too?
Sara have live there for 3 years already, and have gotten use to all the dramas around. The last 3 years was the most funniest years in her life. She get to see what life is like, and have change a lot. She’s on her sister-in-law, Yaya’s side. She is willingly to help Yaya in anyway she can about Nadech, Chailda, and Kimberly. But what will happen if he got too close to Tah?
Tah is still protecting his sister. Because of Yaya’s bad past and memories, he decided to stay with her and Nadech. Sara have help, and Tah start seeing the bright side of her. Will Tah develop feelings for her?
Bie have became a famous singer in just those 3 years. All he worries about
now is singing. He have put his past aside, but not everything from the past have go yet. He met Noona and Mark again, and they encounter problems again. What will Bie do next?
Noona also have thought that the past have already die, but no it haven’t. Meeting with Mark and Bie was the last thing on her head. She already have a good job, and good life. But no, things are going to get recover again. But worst, she find out that she have heart cancer. Will Noona tell Bie and Mark what she is going through?
Nadech’s parents
They hate Yaya, but as these 3 years pass by, Yaya have help them get along and understand everything. They are still stubborn, and pretends to hate Yaya though even after all she have done for them. But at the end will they finally accept their daughter-in-law?
Likes, Love, Promises, Separation, Forgotten/Broken Love & Promises.
Will the cycle repeat itself?