Messy Circle of Love Chapter 2 Part 2

Chapter 2
“Good morning,” say Nadech, walking into the dinning room
“Good morning,” say Yaya
“P’Nadech, who is that girl yesterday?” ask Sara
“Kim,” say Nadech
“Who is Kim?” ask Sara
“My friend,” say Nadech, staring at Yaya, and Yaya staring at him also
“Oh,” say Sara
“Is breakfast ready?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya, serving them
“Kim, where are you going?” ask Marie
“To Kugimiya Company,” say Kim
“For what?” ask Marie
“To get him back of course,” say Kim
“Kim, I think that you’re out of your mind. Don’t do this,” say Marie
“I have to,” say Kim
“Fine. I’m coming with you, than,” say Marie
“Do you need help?” ask Natwara
“No,” say Chailda
“Chailda, I think you should take a break,” say Natwara
“No,” say Chailda, still typing at her computer screen.
Natwara walk to her, and put a hand on her shoulder.
“Thanks, Natwara. It’s just that, I want Nadech to notice me. I really want to impress him,” say Chailda
“I know. You have always try your hardest with Nadech, but you have to give yourself a break, too,” say Natwara
“Yes,” say Chailda
“Khun Nadech, there is someone to meet you,” say his secretary
“Who is it?” ask Nadech
“Khun Kimberly and her friend Marie,” answer his secretary
“Let her in,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say the secretary
Kim and Marie enter Nadech’s office.
“Hello,” say Kim
“Hello,” say Nadech
“How are you? Are you hungry, yet?” ask Kim
“Not yet,” say Nadech
“Come on. Me and Marie wants you to go  have lunch with us,” say Kim
“But I’m busy,” say Nadech
“It’s ok, you can take a break. Please do it as a sorry for me,” say Kim
“Fine, let’s go,” say Nadech
“Thanks,” say Kim
“Yaya, do you know those two girls yesterday?” ask Marie
“Not really,” say Yaya
“Who are they?” ask Margie
“One is Nadech’s ex-girlfriend, and I think that the other one is her friend,” say Yaya, sadly
“What?! Nadech’s ex-girlfriend!” say Margie
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Yaya, you know what this means, right?!” say Margie
“What?” ask Yaya
“It means, she wants Nadech back, and you’ll have to fight her, if you want Nadech,” say Margie
Yaya sigh. She don’t want to fight, or do anything.
“Sister Yaya,” say Sara, as she open the door, and ran Yaya’s way
“Yes,” say Yaya, who was still talking to Marie
Sara run to Yaya and grab her hand, and pull her outside. Margie follow after them.
“Come on, let’s go have lunch and fun!” say Sara, excitedly
“I can’t,” say Yaya
“Yes, we are going right now,” say Sara, pushing Yaya into the car.
“Come on, Margie,”  say Sara
“Yes,” say Margie, entering the car
They all got in the car, and Sara told the driver to go.
“Sara, where are we going?” ask Yaya
“To have fun of course,” say Sara
“For what?” ask Yaya
“Do need to ask. I just want to celebrate,” say Sara
“Celebrate what?” ask Yaya
“Yaya, I think it is a good idea, too,” say Margie
Before Yaya can say another word, they heard a car honk. They look over at the car, and saw Mark. Mark walked their way.
“Where are you ladies going to?” ask Mark
“To have fun,” say Sara. She is used to disliking Mark and Chailda, since they always bother Yaya and Nadech.
“May I come along?” ask Mark
“No, we’re full,” say Sara
“I can follow you guys,” say Mark
“No, this is only for girls,” say Sara
“Than why is Tah going?” ask Mark
“He’s the driver,” say Sara
“Yes, I’m the driver,” say Tah at the front
“Fine,” say Mark, walking away
“Sara. Tah,” say Yaya, while Margie laugh
“Nadech, let’s eat here,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Nadech
Marie, Kim, and Nadech enter the restaurant.
Boy call Nadech.
“Hello, Nadech,” say Boy
“What’s up,” say Nadech
“Where are you right now?” ask Boy
“Why?” ask Nadech
“I’m too stress, I want to talk to you,” say Boy
“Ok, I’m here with Kim and Marie,” say Nadech
“What?! You know them, too?” ask Boy
“Yes, but it’s a long story. Come here first,” say Nadech
“Ok,” say Boy
“Come on, let’s go,” say Natwara
“Where are you taking me?” ask Chailda
“To eat,” say Natwara
“OK,” say Chailda
Boy got to the restaunt, and went to where Nadech, Kim, and Marie are. Boy sat with Marie.
All of them sat there in silence.
“So tell me, Nadech,” say Boy, stopping the silent moment
“Kim was my ex-girlfriend, the one I talk to you about,” say Nadech
“Really?! But why did you marry Yaya?” ask Boy
“Because when I got to Thailand, my parents lie that Kim pass away. I found Yaya after that,” say Nadech
“And you. How did you know Kim and Marie?” ask Nadech
“After you left, I was in stress. And Marie help me out. After that we started dating,” say Boy, looking at Marie
“So you guys know each other?” ask Kim and Marie
“Yes, we were friends,” say Nadech
“So that day when you told me that you’re going to your friend’s wedding, it was Nadech’s wedding?!” say Marie
“Yes,” say Boy
Chailda and Natwara walked into a restaurant, and Chailda saw James. She turn the other way, and walk out. James follow her.
“Chailda,” say James, grabbing hold of her arm
“Let go,” say Chailda
“Please, have lunch with me, ok,” say James
“No,” say Chailda
“Please,” say James
Natwara walk to them.
“Please, Chailda,” say Natwara
“Natwara, why did you do this to me? I thought that I could trust you,” say Chailda
“But Chailda, I also want you to forgive James, too,” say Natwara
“No, I won’t. Never,” say Chalida, walking away. James and Natwara follow her.
“Did you guys have fun?” ask Sara
“The most!” say Margie, happily
“Come on let’s go get some food. I tired from carrying all of your guys stuffs,” say Tah
“Yes, I’m also hungry, too,” say Yaya
“I know a really good restanut that we can go to. Everyone follow me,” say Sara
They all follow Sara. Sara was dancing on the way, and bumped into Chailda.
“Sorry,” say Sara, getting up
“It’s ok,” say Chailda, also getting up
They got up, and stare at each other.
“Nevermind, I’ll take that back. You deserve it,” say Sara
“Hey,” say Chailda
Yaya walk to Sara.
“Sara, apologize,” say Yaya
“No, she deserves it,” say Sara
“Sara,” say Yaya
“So that’s how it all go,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Boy
Marie stare at Boy, and than remember last night.
“But Boy, you haven’t answer my question yet. Who was that girl last night?” ask Marie
“A friend,” Boy lied. Nadech stare at him, and he stare back.
“Oh,” say Marie
“If you guys are done, let’s go,” say Nadech, putting the money on the table
“Yes,” say all of them
They all got up, and left. Kimberly holding Nadech’s hands, and Boy holding Marie.
As they got nearer to the door, they heard arguments. They got to the door, and see Chailda and Sara arguing.
“Why do I deserve it?” ask Chailda
“You still don’t know. It’s because you keep on interrupting my cousin and his wife’s life,” say Sara
“What is this?” ask Nadech, all of  a suddenly
They all stare at Nadech, and stop. Yaya look at Kim holding Nadech’s hands, and her heart in pain. Margie, too, but she put all the her strength together, and walk to them.
“Hello, Nadech and Boy,” say Margie
“Hello,” say Nadech
Boy hold Marie’s hand tight. He is not going to lose Marie.
“Come on let’s go,” say Boy, pulling Marie
“Where are you going, sweetheart?” ask Margie
Marie stop. She walk in front of Boy.
“Only a friend?! I’m disappointed in you,” say Marie, walking away. Boy follow her, but Margie pull Boy back.
“Marie,” Kim call after her, but she didn’t turn back
“You can go after Marie,” say Nadech
“Ok, good bye, thanks for the lunch,” say Kim, than she give him a kiss on the cheek, and than give Yaya a glare. Sara stare after Kim, eyes wide, and mouth open.
“Who was that?” ask Sara
“A friend,” say Nadech
“Stop lying. She’s your new girlfriend, right?” ask Sara
“No. What was going on?” ask Nadech
“Khun Nadech, ka, your cousin bumped into me, and she yell at me, instead of apologizing,” say Chailda, holding Nadech’s arm
“Sara, apologize,” say Nadech
“What? ! What about my side of the story?!” say Sara
“Ok, so what happen, Yaya,” say Nadech
“What Chailda say is right,” say Yaya
“Sara, apologizw,” say Nadech
“Sorry,” say Sara
“Come on, let’s go,” say Nadech, as he took off Chailda’s hands. He grab Yaya’s hand, and took her to the car.
“Come on, Boy. You have to send me home,” say Margie
Chailda stare after than. Than she turn around, and stare at James and Natwara. She turn back, and went to he car.
“Come on, let’s go, I’m not hungry anymore. I already lost my appetite,” say Sara
“Yes,” say Tah, carrying all her stuffs.
“Marie, why did you have to go?!” say Kim
“Because I can’t stand lies,” say Marie crying
Kim notices, and regret her words.
“Sorry, Marie,” say Kim, pulling her into a hug.
“Sorry for causing troubles,” say Yaya
“It’s ok. It wasn’t your fault” say Nadech
They remain silent for a moment.
“By the way, why are you at the mall?” ask Nadech
“Sara wanted a fun day, so she took me, Margie, and Tah to go shopping with her,” say Yaya
“Oh,” say Nadech
“Why did you do that?” ask Boy
“Do what?” ask Margie
“Make her misunderstand,” say Boy
“Make her misunderstand?! I didn’t. I was saying the truth,” say Margie
“I don’t like you, and we’re not dating,” say Boy
“But we’re engage,” say Margie
“So?!”  say Boy
“Hey, is that girl your girlfriend or what?” ask Margie
“Yes, my girlfriend that I love, understand,” say Boy
Margie was in pain again, but she try not to show it.
“I don’t care. Because soon, you’ll be mine,” say Margie, calmly
“Hey, listen, I’m going to do everything to make me and her together, and I’m not going to play this little game of yours,” say Boy
“Well, since you’re going to make everything good, I’ll turn it bad. I’ll do everything to make you guys part, and you’ll have to continue this game. If you don’t, than be ready to lose,” say Margie
They both give each other the death glare.
Enjoy! :D
Noona and Bie aren’t in the story yet, since it’s not their part yet.