Messy Circle of Love Chapter 1 Part 2

Chapter 1 Part 2
Yaya look at the wall, and daydream about Nadech and her wedding once more. It was so exciting.
“Yaya,” say Noona, but Yaya was still daydreaming. Noona say it a couple more times, and finally caught her attention.
“What?” ask Yaya
“Do you want me to make more chocolates, if not, I think that I’ll get going,” say Noona
“It’s ok, you may go home,” say Yaya
“Ok, good bye,” say Noona, getting her stuffs ready
After a few minutes, after Noona leaves, Mark came into the shop.
“Hello, Yaya,” say Mark
“Hello,” say Yaya
“How are you?” ask Mark
But before Yaya can answer, Chailda walk in with her arms lock with Nadech’s arm. Sara, who was also in the shop join them.
“Hello, khun Yaya,” say Chailda
“Hello,” say Yaya
Chailda was about to say more, but Nadech stop her.
“I’m here to remind you that tonight his my parents’ party. I want you to be ready, and don’t humiliate  may parents in front of all thise people. Understand?” say Nadech, without looking at her in the eye
“Yes, I understand,” say Yaya, looking up at him
After that, Nadech and Chailda left the shop without saying good bye.
“So shameless,” say Sara
Mark stare at Yaya.
“Are you, ok?” ask Mark
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Here, I brought you some food,” say Mark, putting the food that he brought for her on the table.
“Thanks,” say Yaya
“We’re here!” exclaimed Kim, excitly
“Yes,” say Marie
“Let’s go back to my house, and get some rest first,” say Grandma On
“It’s ok, my and Marie wants to tour Thailand,” say Kim
“Are you sure?” ask Grandma On
“Of course,” say Kim
“Ok, than I’ll take your guys suitecases,” say Grandma On
“Thanks,” say Kim
“Your welcome,” say Grandma On
Kim and Marie went outside of the airport, and got a taxi.
“Where do you want to go?” ask Kim
“Anywhere,” say Marie
“Let’s go shopping,” say Kim
“Ok,” say Marie
“Nadech, let’s go shopping,” say Chailda
“No. I busy,” say Nadech
“Come on. Take a break,” say Chailda
“No. I have to prepare all my files,” say Nadech
“Please,” say Chailda
“Fine, when I’m done, I’ll follow you,” say Nadech
“Thanks, Nadech,” say Chailda, putting her hands around his neck, and giving him a kiss on the cheek
“I have been thinking. You guys have been engage for 1 year already, and know each other for 3 years. I think that you two are ready,” say Boy’s mother
“I’m not ready for anything yet,” say Boy
“Me, either,” say Margie
“But why? You guys have have enough time to get to know each other,” say Margie’s mother
“But mom, we have never spend anytime together,” say Margie
“Oh, so you guys want to spend more time together?” ask Boy’s mother
“No,” say Boy
“That’s not what I mean,” say Margie
“Than what do you guys want?” ask their mothers
“I still want my freedom,” say Boy
“Me, too. I’m not ready to marry. Sorry,” say Margie
“Well, ok, we’ll give you guys a little bit more time,” say Boy’s mother
“Thanks,” say Margie
“Marie, let’s go to this store,” say Kim, pointing to a clothes store
They both went in and look at the clothes.
Nadech got to the mall, and call Chailda. Chailda went back down to go meet Nadech.
“I’m so glad you’re here. Come on, let’s go,” say Chailda, locking her arms with his.
“Do you like this?” ask Kim, holding up a dress.
“It looks pretty,” say Marie
“Do you think that I should buy it?” ask Kim
“Decide yourself,” say Marie, looking tired
“Ok,” say Kim, taking the dress
Marie look at the stores outside of the mall. Something finally caught her attention. It was Nadech and a girl. Marie walk over to Kim, but when she got there, she hesitated, and decided not to tell Kim.
“Come on, let’s go,” say Kim
“Kim, may we go home, I don’t feel so well,” say Marie
“Ok,” say Kim
Kim and Marie make their way to the exit, and Marie try her best to distract Kim, so that she won’t see Nadech.
“Boy, can you stop acting like that in front of Madame Rasri and her daughter,” say Boy’s mother
“I already told you. I don’t like her,” say Boy
“So?! Didn’t you promise me that you’ll do whatever I say,” say his mother
“Mom,” say Boy
“No mater what, you have to marry Margie,” say his mother
Boy stand there in the room. He couldn’t take it anymore.
“My mother wants me and Boy to get marry fast,” say Margie
“That’s good,” say Yaya
“But he is not happy about it,” say Margie
“Why?” ask Yaya
“Maybe, he still hates me,” say Margie
“Margie, that’s ridcilous. Boy’s a nice person,” say Yaya
“I wish I could also believe that, too,” say Margie
“Margie, you just have to tell him, your feelings,” say Yaya
“I don’t know how. In the past, I have been so mean to him,” say Margie
“It’s ok,” say Yaya
“So, are you ready to go to the party tonight?” ask Margie
“I don’t think I want to go,” say Yaya, sadly
“But I heard that Nadech invite you along himself,” say Margie
“Yes, but he only force himself to do it,” say Yaya
“No. I believe that he still loves you,” say Margie
“But he have Chailda,” say Yaya
“So?! You’re his legal wife. You have to protect your rights,” say Margie
“Did you two have fun?” ask Grandma On
“Yes,” say Marie and Kim
“That’s good,” say Grandma On
“Um, Grandma On, me and Kim are thinking that we want to go back home, and visit our parents,” say Kim and Marie
“Oh really. I thought that you guys were free,” say Grandma On
“Why?” ask Marie and Kim
“Because there is  party that I’m going to attented tonight, and I really wanted you two to go with me,” say Grandma On
“Oh. We can go with you if you want,” say Kim and Marie
“Really. That will be great,” say Grandma On
“Yes. What time does the party start?” ask Kim
“6:00,” answer Grandma On
“And it’s 2:00 now, me and Marie have 4 more hours. We are going to go visit our home, and we’ll try to come back in time,” say Kim
“Ok,” say Grandma On
Kim and Marie arrive at their village, and they went in. Kim got to her house, and sees her mother.
“Mom,” say Kim
“Kim,” say her mother
Kim walk to her mother, and give her a hug, crying the tears of joy.
“How are you, honey?” ask her mother
“I’m fine, and you, mom, and what about dad?” ask Kim
“I’m fine, and your father is also fine,” say her mother
“That’s good,” say Kim
“Come, let’s go inside, I’ll prepare food for you,” say her mother
“Yes, mom,” say Kim
They got inside, and Kim give a father a hug also. Her mother got the food ready, and they eat and talk.
“I’m so proud of you, Kim, my daughter,” say her father
“Me, too. I have never exepected that my daughter will get this far in life,” say her mother
“I’m also excited, too,” say Kim
“That’s good. Now that you’re done with studying, what will you do next?” ask her father
“I don’t know,” say Kim
“Well, you have to decided, since you’re getting old,” say her mother
“Yes,” say Kim
Her family and her ate and chatted excitedly.
“Mom,” say Marie
Her mother appear out of the doorway.
“Who is it?” ask her mother
“It’s me, your daughter, Marie,” say Marie
“Oh, Marie,” say her mother walking to her
Marie hug her mother.
“I miss you so much,” say Marie
“Me, too, come on let’s go inside,” say her mother
“Yes,” say Marie
They went inside and Marie tell her mother all her experiences.
They talk for a little while, than Kim came to get Marie, and they went back.
“Is Yaya ready?” ask Nadech
“She’s not,” answer Sara
“Why is she taking so long?” ask Nadech
“Because like what you say, she wants to make sure that she won’t humiliate aunt and uncle tonight,” say Sara
Nadech remain silent, and impatiently wait for Yaya.
Yaya was ready, and went down. Nadech was about to ask her why she took so long, but he stop when he saw her. She was beautiful, wearing a light pink dress.
“Come on, let’s go,” say Nadech, going into the car
“Yes,” say Sara and Yaya as they follow him.
Yaya sat in the front with Nadech, and Sara sat at the back.
“I know that you don’t want to come to this party with, but I want to thank you,” say Margie
“It’s good that you know. And don’t thank me, since I was only force,” say Boy
“Even though it’s a force, I’m still thankful,” say Margie
“Whatever,” say Boy
“Hey, can’t we talk nicely like before,” say Margie
“I hahe never have a nice talk with you,” say Boy
“But,” say Margie
“Don’t say anymore, I don’t want to listen,” say Boy
Margie remain silent, and sat still. Boy hates her.
“Are you guys ready?” ask Grandma On
“Yes,” say Marie and Kim
“Than let’s get going,” say Grandma On
“Yes,” say Kim and Marie
They all got into the car, and headed towards the party.
“Welcome,” say Nadech and Yaya to every guest that enter the party
“Nadech, take you and your wife inside, me and your mother will handle this,” say his father
“Yes,” say Nadech
He turn to Yaya.
“Lets go inside,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya, putting her hands on Nadech’s arm
They both walk in to the party. Kim, Marie, and Grandma On got to the doorway.
“Hello,” say Nadech’s father
“Hello,” say Grandma On
Kim and Marie remember Nadech’s father, and he also remember them, but they all remain silent, and didn’t say anything.
“Did you see, that was Nadech’s father,” say Marie
“Yes, I saw,” say Kim
“If he’s here, than that means Nadech is here, too,” say Marie, happily
“I think so, too,” say Kim, happily
“That’s good, you’re already meeting yours,” say Marie
Kim smile, and kept on walking.
“Hello,” say Margie walking to Yaya
“Hello,” say Yaya
“Hello,” say Nadech
“Hello,” say Boy
“How are you guys doing?” ask Margie
“Great, and you and Boy?” ask Yaya
“Also great,” say Margie, forcing a smile. Boy frown, and stare off into space.
The party started, and Nadech’s parents were ask to give a speech.
“Welcome everyone. Thanks for coming to my party,” say Nadech’s father
He talk about their company, and how successful it have become.
“I would like you guys to know that I’m retiring, and my position will be given to my son, Nadech. Nadech, please come up here,” say his father
Everyone clapped. Kim’s heart flip-flop as she saw Nadech again.
“Thanks everyone. I really glad to be here for tonight. I would really like to thank my parents. They’re the reasons why I have the things that I have today,” say Nadech
Nadech talk more, and than he look at Yaya. She have also help him, too. And he wanted to thank her.
“Everyone, I would also want you guys to know that my wife, Yaya, have also help he through hard times, too. Yaya, please come up,” say Nadech, and everyone clapped
Yaya was nervous, but she went up there, and stand next to Nadech. Kim’s heart dropped. She still couldn’t get Nadech’s words through her mind. “Nadech is already married?!”
Marie saw her expression, and comforted her.
“Are you, ok, Kim?” ask Marie
“Marie, I heard it wrong right. Nadech is not married yet, right?!” say Kim
“No, you heard it right,” say Marie
Tears came down from Kim’s eyes.
“It’s ok, Kim,” say Marie
“The Kugimiya Family, please gather up, we want to take pictures,” say the reporters
All of the Kugimiya family inculding Boy and Margie stand together and took pictures.
Marie, Kim, and Grandma On got out, and they look at The Kugimiya Family. Marie spotted Boy, and was surprise. Nadech look up, and saw Kim in front of him.
“Kim?” say Nadech to himself, he got away from the family and walk to her.
“Kim?” say Nadech
Kim didn’t answer, and run outside. Nadech follow her. Yaya stare after him, but didn’t follow.
Boy, too have also notice that Marie was there. He walked up to Marie.
“Hello, Marie and Grandma,” say Boy
“Hello,” say Marie
“Hello,” say Grandma On
“May I have some words with you?” ask Boy
“Yes,” say Marie
“Kim,” say Nadech
Kim turns around, and face Nadech.
“Why did you do this to me?” ask Kim
“Sorry,” say Nadech
“I don’t want that word,” say Kim
“Kim, when I left, I have to go to Amercia to study, so I can marry you. But when I come back, my parents told me that you were dead, so I meet Yaya. And she is a good person. That’s why I decided to marry her,” say Nadech
“So you got over me?!” say Kim
“No, it took me a long time to forget you,” say Nadech
“But why did you marry her. Why didn’t you stay single?” ask Kim
“Because Yaya change my point of view, and make me have the same feelings I have for you,” say Nadech
“You also know that…,” say Kim, crying hard now
Nadech stop her, and pull her into a hug.
“I’m sorry, Kim. I’m wrong. It’s all my fault,” say Nadech
“I’m sorry,” say Boy
“Why did you break our promise?” ask Marie
“I didn’t. There was something that I wanted to tell you, but not in the letter, I want to tell you in person. but I have never have the chance to,” say Boy
“Ok, tell me right now,” say Marie
Boy took in a long breath, and slowly breathe out air.
“Well,”  started Boy
“Boy, we have to go now,” shouted Margie, waving her hands in the air
“Is it because of her?” ask Marie
“Look, I can’t explain it to you now. I’ll do that later, ok,” say Boy, walking away
“Yaya, go get Nadech, we are going home,” say Sara
“Ok,” say Yaya
Yaya follow the way Nadech went. She got to the place and see Nadech and Kim hugging. Her heart felt heavy.
Nadech notice her, and stop hugging Kim.
“Kim, I have to go now,” say Nadech
“Wait, what if I have questions?” ask Kim
“Well, you always have me to help you,” say Nadech
“Thanks,” say Kim
“Good night,” say Nadech, walking to Yaya
Kim make her way back to Marie and Grandma On.
“Who was those two girls?” ask Margie
“You don’t need to know,” say Boy
Margie stare at the windows, and stay silent. She’s tired of Boy’s behavior, but she try her best to endure.
Nadech and Yaya were sitting on their bed.
“Is she Kim?” ask Yaya
“Yes, why?” ask Nadech
“I thought you say she was dead?!” say Yaya
“My parents lie to me,” say Nadech
“Oh,” say Yaya
Nadech and Yaya didn’t say anymore.
“What did you and Nadech talk about?” ask Marie
“The past,” say Kim
“Kim, what are going to do now that Nadech is married?” ask Marie
Kim thought to herself of all of the things that she have gone through for him.
“Steal hime back of course,” say Kim
“Kim,” say Marie
“Marie, I have to go through a lot just to be with him, I can’t waste it,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Marie