Messy Circle of Love Chapter 9 Part 1

Chapter 9
“Hello, welcome,” say Yaya
“I have something to talk to you,” say the lady entering the shop
“Yes,” say Yaya
“I want you to break up with my son, Nadech,” say Nadech’s mother
“What?!” say Yaya
“In exchange for that, you’ll recieve $500,000 in return, is that to your sasify?!” say Nadech’s mother
“I’m sorry, but this is me and Nadech’s choice to make. I’ll wait for him to come to take to me about it,” say Yaya
“No need to talk to my son about this. This is a matter between us only,” say his mother
“Why?” ask Yaya
“Why? Because me and his father have already plan his future for him. We want him to be successful. I hope a person like you will understand,” say his mother. She stood up, and left Yaya standing alone in the shop.
Yaya was still thinking about Nadech’s mother’s words.
“How’s it going?” ask Kim
“It’s working,” say Marie
“Really?! Than that’s great,” say Kim
“Yes, but Kim, I think I’m really in love with him,” say Marie
“And what’s wrong with it?” ask Kim
“I don’t know,” say Marie
“Marie, love is a good thing,” say Kim
“I know, but how am I suppose to confess to him?” ask Marie
“Well, you just need to show him your feelings, and be sincre with it,” say Kim
“Thanks, Kim,” say Marie
“Yes, go and tell him,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Marie, getting out of the door.
“She say that to you?!” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“It’s ok. Don’t mind my parents,” say Nadech
“But,” say Yaya
“It’s ok, Yaya, believe me,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Yaya, promise me that you’ll never go away from me, ok,” say Nadech
“Ok, I promise,” say Yaya
“Thanks,” say Nadech, giving Yaya a hug
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Um, I have something to tell you,” say Marie
“What is it? Do you want to go out today, too?” ask Boy
“No, it’s not about that,” say Marie
“Than say it,” say Boy
“I…,” say Marie
“You what?”ask Boy
“Oh I just want to tell you that I want you to met my friend Kimberly,” say Marie
“Oh,” say Boy
“Come, follow me,” say Marie, leading  the way, and feeling relaxed.
“Yes,” say Boy, following her
Marie enter the house. She went to Kim’s room to see if she was inside. Luckily she was.
“Kim, I’m sorry, I couldn’t tell him,” say Marie
“Why?” ask Kim
“Because I’m too nervous,” say Marie
“It’s ok,” say Kim
“He wants to meet you,” say Marie
“Really?!” say Kim
“Yes,” say Marie
“Ok, let’s go,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Marie
They both walk to the living room.
“Hello, I’m Kimberly” say Kim
“Hello, khun Kimberly, I’m Boy” say Boy
“No need to introduce anymore, I already tell you guys about each other,” say Marie
“Yes,” say both
“Well, you guys can talk while I go get something to eat,” say Marie
“Yes,” say both
Kim and Boy talk about their studies, while Marie prepare food for them. Marie wants to show Boy her best skills.
“She say she wouldn’t leave him,” say Nadech’s mother to Nadech’s father
“Why?” ask Nadech’s father
“She says that she and Nadech have already promise to be together,” say Nadech’s mother
“Why does Nadech do such a dumb thing?!” say Nadech’s father
“No matter what, I’ll never let my son marry her. Just by looking at her, I can tell that she is going to steal all of the love my son have for me,” say Nadech’s mother
“You’re right. We need to destroy the thing she love the most” say Nadech’s father
“Her shop,” say Nadech’s mother
“Whatever it is, if she loves it, than yes,” say Nadech’s father
The next morning, Yaya got to her shop. It was all messy, and somethings were stolen or broken. She was confuse, since she didn’t remember leaving it like this. And she doesn’t have any enemies that will do this to her.
Nadech drove by to see Yaya. When he went inside, he sees that the shop was a messy, and Yaya was cleaning. He walk over to Yaya.
“Yaya what happen?” ask Nadech
“I don’t know either. When I go to the shop, it was already like this,” answer Yaya
Nadech look at Yaya. She looks so calm, not at all mad. If it was his shop, he’ll be so mad at the person who did it.
“Yaya, aren’t you mad or angry?” ask Nadech
“Yes, but I don’t care,” say Yaya
“Oh,” say Nadech
Nadech bent down and help Yaya clean up. Ana he got suspicious, and have a question to ask Yaya.
“Yaya, do you know who did this?” ask Nadech
“No,” say Yaya
“Oh,” say Nadech. He have a thought that it might be his parents.
After that, they clean up the whole place. Yaya decided to close the shop for the day, and went home.
Nadech went back home. His parents were waiting for him.
“Where did you go all day?” ask his father
“I went and help Yaya clean her shop, because some people are too mean, and mess up her shop,” say Nadech
“You saying like that, do you mean me and your mother?!” shouted his father
“I haven’t say anything about you guys yet. Unless it’s really you guys, than,” say Nadech
“How dare you talk back?!” say his father
“I didn’t. I was just telling you that I didn’t say you or mom,” say Nadech
“No matter what, you are forbidden to see that girl again,” say his father
“What if I refuse?” ask Nadech
“Than that girl will deal with hardship,” say his father
“Dad and mom, I think you guys can stop now. No matter what you guys do to her, I’ll still love her. And the more you hurt her, the more I love her,” say Nadech, walking to his room
“Nadech!” say his father