Messy Circle of Love Chapter 7 Part 1

Chapter 7
“Are you ready?” ask Yaya
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Ok, than lets put on the aporn, and start,” say Yaya
Yaya hand the apron
to Nadech. Nadech look at Yaya than the apron.
“Khun Yaya, may you put it on me?” ask Nadech
Yaya turn to him, and smile. She happily put it on him. After that they start. Nadech was confuse with most of it, but Yaya patiently teach him.
Boy walk as fast as he could to the place he usually go. He doesn’t want to kill time, and needs to get there fast. He doesn’t want to see Marie’s face, since every time he does, she’ll always brag about love.
He was walking too fast, and trip. His books, and some of his things fell out of his bag. Marie saw, and walk over to help Boy.
“Are you, ok?” ask Marie
“Yes,” say Boy, gathering his things.
Marie help him put his things back.
“Thanks,” say Boy after they’ll done. After that, he hurry to his way.
Marie stare after him.
“He must have hated me so much,” say Marie to Kim
“Why do you think that?” ask Kim
“He avoids me,” say Marie
“Than go ask him,” say Kim
“I want to, but he keeps on avoiding me,” say Marie
“Ok, than just try to find a good time, ok,” say Kim
“Yes, let’s change the subject, so how are you doing?” ask Marie
“I’m doing good in all my classes, I think that I’m going to take desining class, so when I get marry, I can design my own clothes, and room,” say Kim
“Wow, you’re already preparing already,” say Marie
“Well, I have, too,” say Kim, nervously
“That’s it my friend,” say Marie
“Thanks,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Marie
Nadech and Yaya are the only one in the shop. Nadech stare at Yaya as she cleared out stuffs. After Yaya finish, Nadech walk over to Yaya.
“Yaya, we have known each other for 6 months already, and I really like you,” say Nadech
Yaya smile.
“I really like you, too, you’re a very cute and handsome guy,” say Yaya
“What I mean is that I want you to be something more than a friend to me,” say Nadech
“Like what?” ask Yaya
“Never mind it,” say Nadech, turning away. He thought that it was going to be easy asking Yaya to be his girlfriend, but it was really difficult.
“OK, will you be my girlfriend,” say Nadech
Yaya stare at him.
“You want me to be your girlfriend?!” say Yaya
“Yes, I really like you,” say Nadech. After that he lean, and kiss Yaya on the cheek.
“I’ll wait for you in the car,” say Nadech, than he walk out of the shop. Yaya stand there for a moment, than she hurry out. And for the rest of the ride, they both remain silent.
“Um, about that thing you ask me,” say Yaya, unsure of what to say next
“Yes,” say Nadech
“What if I say yes?” say Yaya
Nadech look at Yaya.
“Really,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Thanks,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Are you free, tomorrow?” ask Nadech
“I have to look after the shop,” say Yaya
“Oh ok, I’ll just come, and stay with you at the shop than,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“OK, than see you tomorrow,” say Nadech
“Yes, good night,” say Yaya
“Good night, bye bye,” say Nadech
Yaya wave to him, than went inside her house. Yaya was so happy, she couldn’t wait to tell Margie and Tah about it. Nadech was also happy, but he didn’t really have anyone to tell it to.
“Why are you trying to avoid me?” ask Marie
“I’m not, I’m just busy,” say Boy
“No need to lie,” say Marie
“I’m not,” say Boy
“Than why do you run away from me everytime?” ask Marie
“No, I just busy,” say Boy
“Busy? How are you busy?” ask Marie
“OK, I’ll tell you the truth, I avoid you because everytime we meet, you always talk about love, I hate that word,” say Boy
“Why?” ask Marie
“I have bad experinces with it. I always lose all the women I love,” say Boy, sadly
“So,” say Marie
“I don’t believe that love is true, since it never happens to me,” say Boy
“Not yet, but it will be soon,” say Marie
“Huh?” ask Boy
“You haven’t find your soulmate yet, that’s why,” say Marie
“There’s no such thing,” say Boy
“Hey, not all women are alike you know,” say Marie
“So?” ask Boy
“So, I’ll prove to you,” say Marie
“By what?” ask Boy
Marie look at Boy, and than think.
“You and I have to date,” say Marie
“What?!” say Boy
“Yes,” say Marie
“That is just a crazy idea,” say Boy
“No, it’s not. I’m going to show you that I’m different,” say Marie
“Fine,” say Boy
“OK,” say Marie
After that, they went their ways.
Mark, Bie, and Noona were wandering how they will spend their day. They pass a shop. It was a costume shop. Noona really wanted to do it. She beg Mark and Bie to go with her. They all went. They tired on the costume, and took pictures. Than they owner’s wife walk towards them.
“I think you guys make a good couple, and I’ll love to see you guys in this outfit,” say the owner’s wife to Mark and Noona. She show the the costume. It was a wedding costume.
Mark and Noona look at each other.
“Do you want to try?” ask Mark
“Sure,” say Noona
She hand the wedding clothes to them, and went away. Noona and Mark went into the change into the costume. Mark was done before Noona. Bie and Mark waited patiently for Noona. When Noona got done dressing, she look at herself in the mirror. She looks just like a real bride. Before she can admire herself more, Mark and Bie call her. She came out. Bie and Mark stare at her, there mouth still open, big.
“You guys,” say Noona
“Huh?!” say both, waking from their thoughts
“Do I look ok?” ask Noona
“Yes, you look very beautiful,” say Mark
“I agree,” say Bie
“Thanks,” say Noona
Than the photographer walk over to them, and ask if they’re ready or not.
The answer yes, and went over.
The photographer tell how they should pose. He finally ask if Mark can kiss Noona.
“Are you ok with it?” ask Mark
“Sure,” say Noona
Than Mark gently kiss Noona on the cheek. Bie stare at them. He was jealous, and kind of mad at Mark.
After that, they waited for a while for the pictures.
“How are you?” ask Nadech
“I’m fine,” say Yaya, shyly. She still kept thinking of Nadech’s words that he say to her the night before.
“Do you need help?” ask Nadech
“Yes, of course, Yaya surely needs help, she’s lucky that she have you,” say Margie, entering
“Margie,” say Yaya
“Well, I’m saying the truth, right khun Nadech,” say Margie
“Yes,” say Nadech
“You two can stop teasing me,” say Yaya, nervously
“Yes, we’ll stop. We haven’t even tease you alot, but you’re already shy,” say Margie
“Yes, I’m shy,” say Yaya
“Yes, my shy friend, do you need help with anything?” say Margie
“No,” say Yaya
“Ok, than I guess that I have to go, since you already have your special person taking care of you,” say Margie
“Hey,” say Yaya
“Ok bye bye, na. Khun Nadech, please take care of Yaya, ok,” say Margie
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Margie,” say Yaya
Margie laugh and wave at Yaya, than she went out of the shop.
Yaya stare at Nadech and Nadech stare at her.
“Ok, do you need help?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya. Yaya give Nadech directions, and he went and do what she says.