Messy Circle of Love Chapter 5 Part 1

Chapter 5
“Nadech,” say his mother, knocking on his door
Nadech ignore.
They kept on calling, but he ignore.
He still can accept the fact that Kim’s not going to be with him.
Than he heard glass crashing, and his parents shouting. He went downstairs, and saw his parents fighting. He went and stop them.
“Mom and dad, stop fighting right now,” say Nadech
They stop fighting, and they sat together and talk the problem out.
“Why were you guys fighting?” ask Nadech
“It’s your dad,” say his mother
“No, your mother, because she keeps getting jealous over things that are in the past,” say his father
“Well, because you still keep her picture,” say his mother
“And what’s wrong with it?” ask his father
“It’s wrong because you’re a married man,” say his mother
“Mom and dad, don’t need to fight anymore, I’m begging you,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say his parents, staring at each other. The truth is that they want to divorce,  but don’t want Nadech to know.
“How is it?” ask Grandma On
“It’s very beautiful,” say Kim
“Thanks,” say Marie
“Yes,” say Grandma On
“Marie and I are going to go check things out, Grandma On,” say Kim
“Yes, go ahead,” say Grandma On
Bie, Mark, and Noona went to shopping. But Bie have to go back home, since he have problems.
“Sorry, mom call, and say that there are little problem at home, I need to go back,” say Bie
“It’s ok, you can go,” say Noona
Mark give him a nod.
Bie left Mark and Noona alone.
Mark and Noona stare at each other.
“So where do you want to go?” ask Mark
“To the chocolate shop,” say Noona
“Ok,” say Mark
They went to the chocolate shop and look at it. It was so pretty, and looks good, too.
“Do you like chocolate?” ask Mark
“Yes, you don’t remember that?” ask Noona
“I guess not, and do you know how to make them?” ask Mark
“No, I’m still in training,” say Noona
“If you’d like, I can teach you,” say Mark
“Really?!” say Noona
“Yes,” say Mark
“Than let’s go buy the stuffs, and we can make it at my house tomorrow, ok,” say Noona
“Yes,” say Mark
They went to the store, and brought all the stuffs.
“Well, see you tomorrow,” say Noona
“Yes, see you tomorrow,” say Mark
“Good bye and have a safe drive,” say Noona
“Thanks,” say Mark
“Thanks, aunt and Margie for helping me,” say Yaya, happily. She was happy that she have accomplish her dream.
“Yes,” say Margie’s mother
“It’s ok,” say Margie
“Well, I’m going to go, so you stay here with Yaya ok, Margie,” say Margie’s mother
“Yes, mom,” say Margie
“Good bye, aunt,” say Yaya
“Bye,” say Margie’s aunt
After she left, Margie and Yaya went back inside Yaya’s new shop. Yaya love making sweets. Margie and her mother help Yaya buy the shop, and supplies.
“Thanks so much,” say Yaya, hugging Margie
“It’s ok,” say Margie, giving a hug back
Than Tah walk in.
“Hello, Margie,” say Tah
“Hello, Tah,” say Margie
“Wow, the shop is fabalous,” say Tah, looking around
“I know right, Yaya is so good at designing,” say Margie
Yaya smile at them.
“Do you guys want to eat anything? Let’s go,” say Yaya, going in to the cooking room
“Yes,” say Margie and Tah, as they follow Yaya
Marie walk around searching for Kim. She wonders if Kim’s done yet, since Kim’s a slow person.
She walk around some more. She didn’t look ahead, and bumps into Boy.
“Sorry,” say Marie
“It’s ok,” say Boy
Than they stare at each other’s face, and lock eyes together.
“Marie,” Marie heard Kim call
She turn around and walk away. Boy stare after her.
Nadech sat down, and drank heavily. He didn’t care if he get drunk, or if his parents will get mad. All he think right now is about Kim. He was sad and mad at the same time. He drank for a little while, than he left. He was too drunk to find his car, so he walk. He couldn’t really see, and he’s very tired. He walk on. It started raining.
Yaya was throwing the trash away. Than she saw a person down on the ground. She walk over to that person. He smell so much of alcohol. She didn’t want to touch him, but she decide to help him. She took him inside to her shop, and put him on one of the couches. She decided not to go home, and call Tah.
“Hello,” say Tah
“Hello, Tah, tonight I’m no coming home,” say Yaya
“Why?” ask Tah
“I have a lot of things to do,” say Yaya
“Ok,” say Tah
“Ok, that take care of everything, ok,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Tah
Yaya hung up, and than she went to go get towel. She cover him with towel, and took off his shirt. She didn’t want him to get sick. Than she bring a clean towel, and put it over him, to keep him warm for the night.
Yaya look at the guy, and say,” Whoever you are, I don’t know, but all I know is that I want to help you.”
Than Yaya went to another couch and slept there.
“Are you ready?” ask Mark
“Yes,” say Noona
They put out the supplies,and than they start making the chocolates. Noona look at Mark the whole time. She was happy that Mark was with her.
After they finish, Mark let Noona taste the chocolate. Noona took one bite, and was amaze by the taste. She loved it.
“Do you like it?” ask Mark
“Yes,” say Noona
After that Noona continue to each one after another.
Than Bie came by.
“Hello,” say Bie, confuse that Mark and Noona were together.
“Hello,” say Noona and Mark at the same time
“What are you guys doing? May I come in?” ask Bie
“Yes, and we are making chocolates, do you want to join?” ask Noona
“Better not,” say Bie
They sat at the couch and eat chocolate.
They next morning, Nadech woke up. His head hurts so much, and he wants  to throw up. He sat up, and look around. The place was different from his house. He open his eyes wider. He notice that his shirt was off him. This make him think.  Than he saw a girl. She was walking towards him.
“Who are you?” ask Nadech
“I’m Yaya,” say Yaya
“What happen?” ask Nadech
“Last night, you were drunk, I saw you, and I took you inside, since it was raining, and I took of your shirt, since it was wet,” say Yaya
Nadech look at her.
“That’s all that happen?!” say Nadech
“Yes, what did you think happen other than that?” ask Yaya
“Nothing,” say Nadech
“Do you mean that thing?” ask Yaya
“It’s nothing,” say Nadech
“Ok,” say Yaya
“Where is this place?” ask Nadech
“It’s my shop,” say Yaya
“Oh,” say Nadech looking around
It was very beautiful and creative, he likes it.
“It’s very beautiful,” say Nadech
“Thanks,” say Yaya
“What’s your name?” ask Nadech
“Yaya,” say Yaya
“Nice to meet you, and thanks, khun Yaya,” say Nadech
“Nice to meet you and your welcome, ka, khun Nadech,” say Yaya
“Well, I think that I’ll get going,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Good bye,” say Nadech, walking out
“Good bye,” say Yaya
“James and I already reconile,” say Chailda
“Why do you still trust him? You already know what kind of person he is,” say Natwara
“Well, I also understand him, too,” say Chailda
“Well, I won’t stop you, but I hope that in the future you won’t regret,” say Natwara
Chailda look at Natwara, She knows what Natwara means, but she loves James too much to leave him.
“Hello,” say Boy
“Hello,” say Marie
“You’re?” ask Boy
“Marie, and you?” ask Marie
“Boy,” say Boy
“Nice to meet you,” say Marie
“Nice to meet you, too,” say Boy
“Where are you from?” ask Marie
“Bangkok, Thailand,” answer Boy
“Really, me, too,” say Marie
“That’s cool,” say Boy
“Yes,” say Marie
“Did you come here alone, or did you come with someone?” ask Boy
“I came here with my friend, and grandmother, and you?” ask Marie
“I came here alone,” say Boy
“Why?” ask Marie
“I want to get away from everything,” say Boy
“Why?” ask Marie
“My life have too much problems,” say Boy
Marie touch Boy’s hand. She don’t know why she’s doing it, but she just feel close to him.
“You can tell me, maybe I can help,” say Marie
Boy look at her. He also feel a strong a connection with her, too.
“Sorry, I can’t,” say Boy, than he walk away
Marie stare after him.