Messy Circle of Love Chapter 12 Part 1

Chapter 12
“What is it?” ask Yaya, happily
“You’ll see,” say Nadech, as he turn the steering wheel to the right
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech drove for a little while, than make a stop.
“Here we are,” say Nadech happily
Yaya stare at the great big house. It look so beautiful and neat. She got out, and stand next to Nadech.
“Do you like it?” ask Nadech
“Yes, alot,” say Yaya
“That’s good,” say Nadech
“Whose house is this?” ask Yaya
“Our house,” say Nadech
“What?!” say Yaya, still not believing what Nadech have just say
“Our house, you and me,” say Nadech
“Really?!” say Yaya, looking at the big house
“Yes, it’s my present to you,” say Nadech
“But, I couldn’t possibly live in such a big house like this,” say Yaya
“Why not? I’m going to live with you here, and we are going to make a family together,” say Nadech, happily
“But your parents,” say Yaya, sadly
“Don’t worry about them. They know that they can’t stop us from making our family,” say Nadech
Yaya brighten up, and smile.
“Let’s go inside,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech hold Yaya’s hands, and guide her inside. He wants her to see all the beautiful stuffs.
“Noona,” say Bie, opening Noona’s apartment door. He went in, and look around. The room was full of silence. Everything was still in place though.
He call her names a lot of times, and decided to go to her bedroom. He open the door, and look at her room. There was a paper on the table next to her bed. Bie walk over, and grab the paper. He read the message to himself.
The letter says:
Dear Bie and Mark,
Thanks for everything. Good Bye.
Love, Noona.
After that, Bie walk over to her closet, and open it. It was empty. Bie’s heart start to pour, and the hurt like the day before. This was all because of Mark. He went back to his car, and drove as fast as he can to Mark’s place.
Mark was eating breakfast with his grandparents, when Bie walk in, and grab him and punch him in the face. Mark was confuse.
“Why did you punch me?” ask Mark
“You should answer it yourself. You hurt Noona,” say Bie
“What is this about?” ask Mark’s grandmother
“I don’t know either,” say Mark
“It’s all your fault,” say Bie
“Ok, calm down, Bie, and we can talk about this matter,” say Mark’s grandfather
“Go outside and talk with me,” say Bie, walking out
Mark follow behind him.
“What is it?” ask Mark
“Noona,” say Bie
“What about her?” ask Mark, getting concern
“She went away,” say Bie
“And?” ask Mark
“I don’t know where she went,” say Bie
“Why?” ask Mark
“Stop asking question! Ask yourself,” say Bie, mad
“Ok,” say Mark
“From now on, let’s stop seeing each other,” say Bie
“But we’re friends,” say Mark
“No, we’re not, not anymore,” say Bie, shaking his head, and walking away. He was done being friends with a guy like Mark. He never wanted to see him again.
Mark stand there, still confuse. He hadn’t yet understand the whole thing.
“Do you want to go to the airport with me to go pick up my friend tomorrow?” ask Nadech
“It’s ok,” say Yaya
“Come on, I want my friend to see you,” say Nadech
“I’m still nervous about it, though,” say Yaya
“No need, we are going to be wife and husband soon, you need to know all the people I know” say Nadech
“Ok, but may I take Margie along,” say Yaya
“Of course,” say Nadech
“Thanks,” say Yaya
“Your welcome,” say Nadech
“Huh?! Go to with you and Nadech to go pick up his friend,” say Margie
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Why?” ask Margie
“I’m too nervous to go alone. Please, go be my friend, ok,” say Yaya
“Fine,” say Margie
Boy look around the airport for Nadech. He have been looking for a while and still haven’t find him. He was so thirsty, he went to one of the little shop to see if there was any drinks. He spotted one, and went in and order a drink. He got the water, and open it. He accidentally trip, and fall on a Margie. They landed on the floor with his lips on her cheek. Margie was furious him. She push him off, and got up. She slap him, and yell at him before he can apologize.
Boy stand there, and let her insult him. After she walk away, he walk back, and waited at the same spot that he waited at.
Than he heard someone call his name. He turn around, and there was Nadech. He walk over to his friend.
“How are you Nadech?” ask Boy
“I’m fine, and you?” ask Nadech. Boy look at the two girls next to Nadech side. The second girl was the one that was the one that he met awhile ago. And she did not look happy seeing him again.
“I’m also good, too. And these are?” ask Boy, looking at Yaya, who have a smiling face on, and Margie, who have an annoyed/mad face on.
“This is Yaya, my bride, and the other one is Margie, her friend,” say Nadech
“Hello,” say Yaya
“Hello,” say Boy, looking at Margie with her hands cross together.
“Let’s get going,” say Nadech, helping Boy with his stuffs.
“Yes,” say Boy
Yaya walk with Nadech. And Margie follow her. Boy follow Nadech.
“James, let’s go to my friend’s party tonight, ok,” say Chailda
“I don’t want to go,” say James
“Please, go with me, my friend want to see us together,” say Chailda
James turn to Chailda, and hold her hands.
“Chailda you need to understand me. I have a lot of works, and business,” say James
“I understand,” say Chailda, turning the other way
James turn the same way as Chailda, and give her a hug.
“I love you,” say Chailda
“Me, too,” say James
They both smile, and hold on each other for a while.
“Ok, since I will not be going to your friend’s party, I’ll treat you to dinner, ok,” say James
“Ok,” say Chailda smiling.
“We’re here,” say Nadech, as he get out of the car
Boy, Yaya, and Margie also got out of the car. Nadech and Boy unload his stuffs, and they all went inside the house.
“Margie, may you go show Boy his room, please,” say Yaya
“But,” say Margie
“It’s ok,” say Boy
“It’s ok, Margie will help you,” say Yaya
Yaya nudged Margie, and Margie walk to Boy and carry one of his bag.
Nadech and Yaya disappear immediately. Boy follow Margie.
When they got there, Margie threw Boy’s bag on the ground. She didn’t want to stay with him anymore.
Boy notices.
“Hey, if you don’t want to do it, than don’t,” say Boy
“I’m just doing it for my friend’s sake,” say Margie, walking out
Boy stare after her. She was one girl.
“What? He won’t go to the party with you?!” say Natwara
“No, he’s busy,” say Chailda
“What kind of boyfriend put work in front of their girlfriend,” say Natwara
“Don’t say that. James is really busy,” say Chailda
“Why do you still believe him? Do you not know that he lies to you every single day that he’s busy,” say Natwara
“How do you know?” ask Chailda, getting angry
“Because the day before yesterday, I saw him with a girl,” say Natwara
“That’s not true,” say Chalida
“Come on, Chalida, open up your eyes. You know that he’s a playboy. And what’s so good about keeping a guy like that?!” say Natwara
“It’s not true! I don’t believe you. James is a nice person, and he loves me!” Chailda shouted madly at Natwara. She ran out of the room. She doesn’t want to believe in Natwara’s words. Never want to listen to it again, or forever.
“Please go give this clothes to Boy, and tell him to come to down to dinner,” say Yaya
“No I don’t want to. Why does he have to stay here with us? He have his only house, and it’s in BangKok, too,” Margie complained
“Well, Nadech want him to stay with us,” say Yaya
“But I don’t,” say Margie
“Come on, Margie,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Margie, dragging herself to his room
She walk in his room, and sees him looking at a picture.
“What are you looking at?” ask Margie
“My girlfriend’s picture,” say Boy
“What?! A guy like you have a girlfriend. I bet that that girl will be so unlucky to have a weak boyfriend like you,” say Margie, laughing her head off
“Hey, I’m not weak,” say Boy
“Yes you are,” say Margie
“What are you here for?” ask Boy
“Here’s your clothes for the wedding, and go down to dinner,” say Margie
“Thanks,” say Boy, putting the stuffs away
Margie walk out without saying anything.
Marie hold the pictures of Boy and her tightly. She miss Boy so much.
Kim trys her best to cheer her friend up, but Marie would just sit still, and look at the pictures of her and Boy.
“Is she ok?” ask Grandma On
“Yes, she just miss Boy,” say Kim
“Well, if she miss him than, why don’t she go see him?” ask Grandma On
“She can’t. Boy went to Thailand to attend his friend’s wedding,” say Kim
“And why didn’t she go with him?” ask Grandma On
“Because she wants to stay and help me study,” say Kim
“Oh,” say Grandma On
Grandma On walk to Marie. She wanted to cheer her up.
“How’s the beautifulest bride in the world doing?!” say Margie, walking into Yaya’s dressing room
“Good,” say Yaya
“That’s good,” say Margie, walking over to Yaya who is sitting in front of the mirror staring at herself.
“Are you ready?” ask Margie
“Yes,” say Yaya
“You know something?!” say Margie
“What?” ask Yaya
“You have were really never confient in yourself like today. I’m proud of you,” say Margie
“Thanks,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Margie, as she open the door
She walk with her for a bit, than went into the wedding room, to go to her spot. Yaya stand outside the door. She was still nervous, but confident.
Her fake dad came, and told her it was time. She put her right arm on his left. She put a smile on, and try to not look nervous. The door open and everyone was staring at her. She start to feel nervous again, but she try to focus on Nadech’s smiling face staring at her. She walk to Nadech and stand next to him. After making the vows, Nadech give her a kiss on the cheek, and she did the same thing.
Next was the flower tossing. Yaya stand her back facing the audience, and throw the flower bouquet. Margie caught it, and everyone clapped.
Nadech and Yaya were having so much fun. It was their best moment.