Messy Circle of Love Chapter 11 Part 1

Chapter 11
“I have to go to my friend’s wedding,” say Boy
“Oh, for how many days?” ask Marie
“2-3 days,” say Boy
“Oh,” say Marie
“Don’t worry, Marie. I’ll come back,” say Boy
“I know. But I’m just sad that I can’t go with you,” say Marie
“It’s ok. If it’s for a friend than you should do it,” say Boy
“Yes,” say Marie
“Where are we going?” ask Yaya
“You’ll know when we get there,” say Nadech, dragging Yaya to the car.
When they got there, Yaya look around. Than she look at Nadech.
“Why are we here?” ask Yaya
“To register our marriage,” say Nadech, happily
“Why?” ask Yaya
“Because we are getting marry,” say Nadech
“Ok,” say Yaya
“Come on, let’s go,” say Nadech, dragging her out of the car.
They went in, and register their marriage. When they got outside, news reporter were waiting for the. The reporters saw them, and start taking pictures and asking questions. Nadech smile and happily answer their questions. Yaya stand there. She was confuse about this.
When they got back to the car, Yaya question Nadech.
“What is all this about?” ask Yaya
“It’s like what you saw. I’m telling them about our marriage,” say Nadech
“But I don’t need you to tell the whole world,” say Yaya
“But we have too,” say Nadech
“Why?” ask Yaya
“Because I love you, and I want the whole world to know it,” say Nadech
“Hey, you know I’m shy,” say Yaya
“Yes, I know, but I really want everyone to know. Forgive me ok,” say Nadech, putting his hands together, and begging her.
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Thanks,” say Nadech, and he kiss Yaya on the cheek
They both smile, and Nadech drove her back.
“What is this?” yell Nadech’s father, throwing the newspaper at him.
Nadech pick it up, and smile.
“Me and Yaya are getting marry,” say Nadech
“I refuse to let you marry her,” say his mother
“But this is a choice that I make on my own, and this is my life,” say Nadech
“You dare talk back,” shouted his father
“I’m sorry than,” say Nadech, than he left
His parents were furious than ever.
“Huh? Boy’s leaving to go to his friend’s wedding?!” say Kim, surpised
“Yes,” say Marie
Kim stare at Marie’s face.
“Why do you look so stress about it?” ask Kim
“I have a feeling that nothing will be the same again if he go,” say Marie
“Why?” ask Kim
“I’m scared, Kim, that he might change his heart,” say Marie
“It’s going to be ok, Marie. You just have to keep being on the positive side, ok,” say Kim
“Yes,” say Marie
“Happy Birthday,” say Bie and Mark
“Thanks,” say Noona
“Here’s the cake,” say Mark, putting the cake in front of her face, so she can blow the candles.
“Thanks,” say Noona. Than she made her wish. Her wish was that she’ll be strong enough to tell Mark her feelings for him. And than she blow the candles.
“Come on, let’s slice the cake,” say Noona, feeling happy
“Yes,” say Bie and Mark
They all walk to the table and Bie handed the knife to Noona.
Noona carefully slice the cake, and put it in a plate for Mark and Bie.
All three of them were having fun, and laughing.
“Good bye,” say Marie
“Good bye,” say Boy, as he walk away.
Marie look at him. She was sad to see him leave.
Boy walk for a bit, than went back to Marie. He forgot to give her the present that he have brought for her. He got back to her, and pull out a necklace that have two hearts hanging together.
“Marie, this is for you,” say Boy
Marie look at the necklace silently.
“Thanks,” say Marie, looking up at Boy
“Though it’s just another necklace, I promise that one day, it will be a ring instead,” say Boy
“Yes,” say Marie
Boy smile and give her a hug. Marie hug him tightly. She wants time to freeze and let them be together like that forever.
“Um, Marie, I have to go now,” say Boy, but Marie was lost in her thoughts, and kept on hugging him.
Boy kept saying it for a few times, and the 6th time finally woke Marie from her thoughts.
“Good bye, Boy, I miss you so much,” say Marie
” Good bye. I’ll miss you, too,” say Boy. Than he left. Marie stare after him. She started crying. Kim came and pick Marie up. And when they go back home, Marie was still sad.
In her head questions kept on popping up in her head. “Why didn’t she stop him? Or talk him out if it? Why did he have to go to that wedding anyway?”
“Good bye,” say Mark and Bie
“Good bye,” say Noona
Bie and Mark went to the door and open it.
“Um, Mark, may I speak with you?” ask Noona
“Yes,” say Mark
“Do you want me to stay, too?” ask Bie, hoping that she’ll say yes
“No thanks, I just have something to tell Mark,” say Noona
Bie was disappointed, but he left. Mark walk back to the couch and sat down. Noona happily walk after him.
“What do you want to tell me?” ask Mark
“I…um, I,” say Noona, but she couldn’t get the words out. This was her moment, isn’t it? She was suppose to tell him what her feelings are for him, right?
“What is it?” ask Mark
Noona stand there and study his face for a long time.
Bie was in his car by now. He look for his keys, but couldn’t find it. He went back to Noona’s apartment. When he reach the door, he decided to knock, but didn’t want to disturb his friends, so he silently open the door. He heard Mark’s voice than Noona.
“I like you,” say Noona
“What?!” say Mark in surprise
“I really like. I have like you ever since when we were young, and it have never change,” say Noona
“Noona, I,” say Mark, trying to find the right words.
His head was now confuse, and he wanted to leave the place as soon as possible.
“I have to go now,” say Mark, walking to the door
“Wait,” say Noona
Mark ignore, and walk on. Noona run over to him, and hug him tightly.
“Please don’t go. Don’t leave me,” say Noona, her tears spilling out
Mark took her hands off him, and turn to her.
“I’m sorry, but you’re not my type,” say Mark
Bie watch the scene. His heart melting. The person he loves, love another man. And that man is hurting her right now. He slowly walk away, not wanting to look at the scene anymore. His heart aching.
“I understand, sorry for causing this scene, I’ll be stay out of your life from now on,” say Noona, wiping her tears. She knew this was a bad idea from the first place.
“Thanks for understanding,” say Mark, walking off, leaving her alone.
Noona cry again over and over again. She still can’t accept the truth.