Revenge Love Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Pidsanu drove Noey home. And she have stop crying by that time.
“Thanks, for driving me,” say Noey
“Your welcome,” say Pidsanu
Noey was about to open the door, but Pidsanu hold her other hand. She turn around.
“Do you have anything else to say?” ask Noey
“Bot really, but I just want to tell you not to be too stress out,” say Pidsanu
Noey smile, and say,”Thank you.”
Than she turns around and go out. Pidsanu stare at her.
Noey got inside the house. She keeps on smiling to herself
Nadech came into the room and notice his sister smiling.
“Why are you smiling?” ask Nadech
“It’s nothing,” replied Noey
Natwara knocked loudly on Yaya’s door.
“Yaya, open the door right this minute!” yelled Natwara
Yaya was inside the room, but ingore her sister.
“Fine, if you won’t open than, I’ll go get the key to open it,” yelled Natwara
Yaya still ingores
“Maid, go get the key for Yaya’s room,” say Natwara
“Yes,, Khun Natwara,” say the maid
The maid got back, and handed the key to Natwara. Natwara unlocked the door and open it. Yaya was sleeping on her bed.
“What are you thinking and doing?” yelled Natwara, mad and furious.
“I have nothing to talk to talk to you about,” say Yaya, calmly
“Yaya, get up right now!” ordered Natwara
Yaya ingore and remain silent.
“If you keep on acting like this than don’t call me your sister anymore,” say Natwara
“What?” say Yaya, shocked
“It’s your choice,” say Natwara, smiling to herself.
Natwara went out. Yaya sat on her bed thinking to herself of what Natwara said.
The next day, Nadech got himself ready and was about to go out, but Noey came and told him about what happen yesterday. Nadech was mad and furious. Right now, he thinks that not only Natwara is bad, Yaya is also like her sister too.
“It’s ok Noey, I’ll take care of it for you,” say Nadech
“Thank you,” say Noey, smiling to herself
Yaya and Natwara are sitting in the dining room having their breakfast.
“P’Nat, what you say yesterday about the job, I think I’ll take it,” say Yaya, feeling gulity and sad
“Are you sure? You sound very unsure,” say Natwara, happily
“I’m sure,” say Yaya
Natwara got out of her seat and walk over to Yaya.
“That’s my sister,” say Natwara, patting Yaya’s shoulder
“Well, I’ll go get ready now,” say Yaya
“Ok,” say Natwara, as she walk out
Yaya feels very bad now, but she can’t lose Natwara either.
Nadech drove to his workplace. He thought of what Noey say to him about Yaya.
As he thinks more about it, Natwara keeps on coming to his mind. Why does he still love her so much, even though she hates him?
He hates himself for loving a person like her. And as he thinks more, he wants revenge.
Yaya got to the workplace. She has a strange and bad feeling that something is going wrong. She was call to the boss office. When she got there, she knock, and the boss invited her in. She see a man sitting in the other seat.
“Go ahead and sit next to Khun Nadech,” say the boss
“Khun Nadech?” say Yaya
“Yes, Khun Nadech, do you know him?” ask the boss
Nadech turns his chair around, and Yaya stare at him.
“Khun Yaya, please sit down,” say the boss
Um…Khun Nadech, this is Yaya, the  girl that I have been talking to you about,” say the boss
“Oh really,” say Nadech, acting like he don’t know Yaya.
Yaya give Nadech a glare. Nadech ingore and for the rest of the meeting, he act like he don’t know Yaya.
When the meeting was over, Yaya walk out first. She was mad at Nadech for acting like they don’t know each other. Nadech walk out, and grab Yaya’s arm.
“Let go,” say Yaya
“Why should I?” ask Nadech
Yaya try to free herself, but Nadech hold on tight.
“If you want these jobs, just tell me, don’t ever steal from my sister again,” say Nadech, angry.
He let go of her hand, and went away. Yaya stand there, frozen.