Revenge Love Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Nadech didn’t go to work for a few days now, and Noey is very worried about him. Yaya is also worried about him, but can’t do anything. Noey decide to go have talk with her brother.
“P’Nadech, are you ok?” ask Noey
“I’m ok, don’t worry about me,” say Nadech
“How can I not be worry about you, you’re my only brother,” say Noey
“Ok ok, be worry than, and don’t forget you have work,” say Nadech, cheering up.
“Ok, bye bye, ka,” say Noey, happy that she have cheer him up a little bit.
“Hello, Boss, I’m almost there,” say Noey
“You don’t need to come anymore, because I have found a replacement for you,” say her boss.
“Huh, what are you saying,” say Noey
“Someone replace you already, so I don’t need you to work here anymore,” say the boss..
“You mean, you’re firing me?” ask Noey
“Yes, hopefully you understand it,” say the boss
“Ka, I understand,” say Noey, sad and disappointed.
Noey went still go to the workplace anyway. She is going to see who that new person is. When she got there, she saw that the person who was taking her place was Yaya. She was angry and furious. She went to her, and try to slap her, but Natwara came in time to stop. Natwara took Noey to another room.
“Why did you do this to me?” ask Noey
“You and your brother like to cause trouble, so iin the end you guys lose,” say Natwara
Noey start yelling insults and slap Natwara. Natwara slap her back. They start a fight, but luckily one worker saw, and report it to the boss.
“What are you guys doing?” ask the boss
“She start it first,” they both say at the same time.
“I don’t care who started it first, but aren’t you guys ashamed of what you guys just did?” ask the boss
“Yes, we are,” say both at the same time.
“But it’s not fair, boss, you can’t just fire me, because you found someone better than me,” say Noey
“Why can’t I? Am I the boss, or you? Khun Yaya is a good person, and also talented too,” say the Boss
Noey remain silent, and Natwara smile to herself.
“Ok, so you guys just stop this problem, and lets all go our own ways, ok,” said the boss.
“Ok,” replied both.
Outside of the room Natwara and Noey started arguing again.
“See, I told you, my and my sister will always be the winner, and as for you and your brother are always the loser,” say Natwara, laughing and walking away.
Noey kept on driving until she got to her favorite place. She walk to a bench and sat on it. She was mad and depress. In her head she keeps on thinking about Natwara and Yaya. She hated them. She started crying.
Suddenly, a handkerchief was in front of her. Noey look up to find Pidsanu.
“Why are you crying?” ask Pidsanu
“Natwara and Yaya stole my job,” replied Noey, still crying and accepting Pidsanu’s handkerchief.
“Well, I’m sorry than,” say Pidsanu
Noey remain silent and Pidsanu sat beside her.
Yaya was curious about why Noey came, so she ask Natwara.
“P’Nat, what was Khun Noey doing here?” ask Yaya
“It’s nothing, it’s just that she is jealous that you got her job,” answer Natwara
“What?” ask Yaya
“Hey, Yaya, I’m doing this for you,” say Natwara
“You’re doing this for me? Aren’t you done hurting them already? If you just want to win over them than, please don’t get me invovle,” say Yaya.
Yaya walked over to the boss.
“Sorry, but I don’t want to do this job anymore, you can have Khun Noey come back and work on it,” say Yaya
“But…,” say the boss
“No buts,” say Yaya
Natwara walk over.
“Even though you’re not doing this job, I’ll find someone else to replace you, I’ll never let Noey take this job!” say Natwara, mad.
 Yaya got her stuffs, and left. She was felling bad, but can’t do anything.
“Yaya, come back right now!” scream Natwara
Yaya ignored, and went out.
Nadech was in the bathroom, looking at himself on the mirror. He is sad, but he wants to make Noey happy, so he try smiling at himself. As he look at his face, he realize something that he have never realize before. He got everything wrong. Yaya was the sweet and nice one, while Natwara is the mean and short temper one. He rethinks of all those time that he was with Yaya and Natwara. Yaya have always tell him the truth and she have even save him. Natwara never really do anything for him. Nadech knows now that Yaya was the right one. He wants to apologize to her. He decides to do it the next day.