Revenge Love Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Nadech got a call from Madame Ratchanee that she is going to hist another party. Nadech didn’t want to go, but Noey persuaded him to go.
The day before the party, Nadech went to the mall with Noey, because he wanted for her to be happy. Nadech saw Natwara with another boy. At first he thought they are just freinds, but after a little while, he doubt it. They did the things a couple did. Nadech was boiling up, but try to calm himself down He didn’t want Noey to noticed.
Natwara noticed that Nadech was mad and jealous, but did nothing. She wanted him to see it. He wanted him to be hurt.
On night of the party, Nadech didn’t want to go, but have promised, so he went.
He was still a little heart broken over Natwara. Noey notices that he is sad, and talk to him about it.
“P’Nadech, are you ok?” ask Noey
Nadech took a breath, and than answer her.
“Yes, I’m ok,” answer Nadech
“You don’t seem ok, is there anything wrong?” ask Noey
“No,” lied Nadech.
“Please don’t lie to me P’Nadech, I don’t want you to be unhappy, you’re the only person I have in this world,” say Noey, tearfully
“Ok ok, don’t cry, I really don’t have anything that troubles me, you can be at ease now, and promise me that you’ll never cry like this again, ok,” say Nadech
“Ok, P’Nadech,” replied Noey.
Pope came and pick Natwara and Yaya up to go to Madame Ratchanee’s party.
“How are you Khun Natwara and Yaya?” ask Pope
“I’m fine,” replied Yaya, first.
“I’m also fine,” answer Natwara, giving Yaya a glare.
“Well than let’s get going, we don’t want to be late,” say Pope
He open the door for Natwara and Yaya. Than went to the front seat to drive.
At the party, Nadech look everywhere for Natwara. At last he finally spotted her. He was happy, but when he saw Pope, he was mad. He could take it anymore. He went to them and try to take Natwara with him, butu Pope stopped him.
“Hey, where are you taking my girlfriend?” ask Pope
“Your girlfriend? She’s my girlfriend,” shouted Nadech
“I’m not your girlfriend, your mistaking me khun, ” say Natwara sweetly to Nadech.
“Stop lying already, remember, you say you love me” say Nadech
“I have never say that, please cut it out before I get more mad,” say Natwara, furious inside
Nadech forced Natwara to go with him, but Pope punched him.
“Didn’t you hear, Khun Nat say she’s not your girlfriend,” say Pope, furious.
Nadech tries to punch him, back, but the other people are holding him back.
Yaya and Noey saw the fight and hurry to go stop it.
“Stop it already, she have told you nicely many times that she is not your girlfriend,” say Pope
“I don’t care, she’s my girlfriend , and I will keep on saying it until I die,” say Nadech.
“Khun, stop it already, you’re just going to hurt yourself,” say Natwara, pretending to be kind and pitiful
“Than you and I have to talk,” say Nadech, holding her hands.
Pope was aboout to punch him once more, but Natwara stop him.
“Ok, fine,” say Natwara
Nadech took her outside of the party.
“Khun Natwara, why did you do this to me?” ask Nadech
“What did I do to you than?” ask Natwara, annoyed.
“Well, you and me are having a relationship, but why are you with another man?” ask Nadech
“I have never say I’m in a relationship with you, you just assume it yourself,” replied Natwara
“What did I do to you to make you this unhappy, please tell me, I’ll fix them,” say Nadech
“You didn’t do anything, I just don’t like you,” say Natwara
“Why? Why don’t you like me?” ask Nadech
“Are you sure you want to know the truth?” yelled Natwara, very annoyed.
“Yes,” say Nadech
“The reason I say were are in a realationship is because I want Pope to be jealous of me,” say Natwara
“So you’re just using me? You only think of me as an object?” ask Nadech
“Yes, if you know now, than get out of my life and don’t enter it again!” say Natwara.
Nadech was full of tears, but Natwara didn’t care and left him there. Yaya was behind a bush and have heard everthing. She want to help him, but couldn’t do anything, so she give him, her handercheif to wipe his tears. Noey came and saw Nadech crying and Yaya there too. She was mad and furious at the two sisters. She went to Yaya and push her to the ground.
“Get out of my brother’s life, both of you, you and your sister!” shouted Noey.
Yaya got up and left.
“Don ever let me see your faces again!” shouted Noey.