Revenge Love Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Nadech was still sleeping on Yaya’s lap. Yaya thinks that Nadech is taking forever, but she understands that he needs it. Yaya look at Nadech’s face and notice something about him. He’s very cute and handsome when he’s not so mean. Yaya look around the room and found her cell phone. she reach for it, but can’t reach it. She needs Nadech’s help, but don’t want to wake him up.
Nadech finally woke up, and Yaya tells him about the cell phone. Nadech tries to reach it also, but coouldn’t. They try and try, but couldn’t reach it, so they give up. Than they finally came up with another plan.
It was nighttime, when Nadech and Yaya use thier plan. They got up and untied themselves, and went out together. They saw the the bad guys were sleeping, so they walk quietly past them.
“Do you know where we are, and how do we get back?” ask Nadech
“I don’t know, but I know that we’re not in Bangkok anymore,” answer Yaya
Nadech was kinda anoyed, but he tries not to show it since, Yaya is being so kind to him.
They both walked on in the dark. Than suddenly Yaya screamed. Nadech cover Yaya’s mouth and tell her to be more careful. Yaya apolgize, and they move on. They walked on, until they saw a village. They went to see the mayor, and ask him for help. The  mayor agreed to help them. The next day, they were both driven back to Bangkok. On the way there, Nadech notice that Yaya have a cut on her foot.
“Is your leg alright, K’Yaya?” ask Nadech
“It’s alright, don’t need to worry,” replied Yaya
“How can I not worry, you help me, oh ok than, may I take you to the doctor?” ask Nadech
Yaya was surpised, but say yes.
After the wound was clean, Yaya and Nadech both went home. Nadech got home and took a shower, than went to work. He couldn’t stop thinking about Yaya Yaya got to her house and also took a shower. She also can’t stop thinking about Nadech.
Natwara was furious when she found out that Nadech got out. She was so mad, that she fire the bad guys and locked herself in her room. That she reliaze that Yaya was also there too, so she went to Yaya’s room to question her.
“Where did you go for these past 2 days?” ask Natwara
“I…I…Oh I went to stay at a friend’s house,” answer Yaya.
“Are you sure?” ask Natwara
“I’m sure, P’Nat,” answer Yaya
Natwara left. She was even more mad. How could her own sister lie to her?
Noey was happy that her brother is back and safe. When Noey heard it, she was so happy, that she stop her work, and went straight to go see him.
“P’Nadech, your back!” scream Noey, running over the hug her brother.
“Yes, I’m back,” say Nadech, happily.
“Where did you go? And don’t know I was worry to death,” say Noey
“I didn’t go anyway, I stay in Bangkok, but just went for a little vacation,” lied Nadech
“Really, I thought that Natwara girl did something bad to you,” say Noey, getting mad
“Come on Noey, K’Natwara will never do that to me,” say Nadech
“Well, you can never be sure,” say Noey
“Ok, than go to your work, I have to do mine, too,” say Nadech
“Ok, bye bye, ka,” say Noey.
Nadech smile to himself.
When Noey got to her office, she couldn’t stop being excited, so she called Pidsanu.
“Hello,” yelled Noey, when Pidsanu answer.
“Hello,” say Pidsanu
“MY BROTHER IS BACK!” scream Noey, happily.
On the other line, Pidsanu was also smiling to himself.
“Well that’s a good thing then, but you need to stop screaming or else my ear will go deaf,” say Pidsanu, laughing to himself.
“Well, I’m sorry maybe it’s because I’m too excited that he’s back,” say Noey, happily.
“I understand,” say Pidsanu
“Thanks,” say Noey
“Your welcome,” answer Pidsanu
 Than Pidsanu’s secerty came in and tell him that the meeting is starting.
“Sorry, I have to go,” say Pidsanu.
“Ok, good bye,” say Noey