Revenge Love Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Nadech is so confused right now. He’s sitting in his office wondering about the problem. Nadech was so depressed, so he took time off work and went home. Noey notices and ask him what’s his problem. He didn’t tell Noey, because he doesn’t want her to cause trouble. But he ask some advises. Noey is not really good about advises, so she ask her friends.
Pope came to Natwara’s house. Natwara didn’t come down and see him, so he went upstais.
“Why did you come here for?” ask Natwara, mad.
“I come here to apologize,” said Pope, walking to Natwara and grabbing her hands,” I didn’t protect because the girl that you see me with is my aunt’s daughter, I have to take good care of her.”
“So why didn’t you tell me at that moment,” ask Natwara, still mad.
“Sorry, you didn’t give me a chance,” answer Pope.
“It’s ok, I understand now,” say Natwara, softening her voice and self.
They both smile at each other sweetly and went to have lunch.
Nadech is very depressed and confuse, so he call Natwara. But Natwara turn off her phone instead of answering. Pope notices and ask her about her phone, but she just answer that it was her sister, Yaya. Now, Natwara is trying to find a way to get rid of Nadech. She doesn’t want him in her life anymore. And at last she finally found a way- it’s to kill him.
The next day, Nadech drove all the way to work. His feelings haven’t change one bit. He have decided to go to Natwara’s house and ask her straight forward. And he have prepared himself for the truth. But as Nadech got out of his car, he heard a scream. He ran to the place where he heard the scream, and saw an old woman.
“Please help me,” said the old woman.
“I’ll help you krup,” said Nadech.
He helped the woman get up. After that he went to his car to go get his work folders. Than something hard hit him on the head.
Natwara is sitting in her bathtub taking a bath and smiling. At last she have succeeded. She tell them not to kill Nadech yet, but to torture him. She is very happy that she have got rid of Nadech. There was a knock at her bedroom door.
“Khun’Natwara ka, there’s a person to meet you,” say the maid.
“I’ll be right there,” say Natwara getting out of the bathtub and wrapping her with a towel.
After she’s done dressing, she went down stairs and saw Noey. Noey saw her and start yelling at her.
“Where did you put my brother?” yelled Noey
“I don’t know, why ask me, huh?” ask Natwara.
“I ask you because you’re the only person that’s close to p’Nadech besides me,” shouted Noey.
“Well, I don’t know,” replied Natwara
“You’re lying,” shouted Noey, getting madder.
“Hey you, I have told you a lot of times that I don’t know where he is so get out of my house right now,” shouted Natwara.
“I don’t believe you, and if you don’t tell me, we’ll see what will happen next,” said Noey, getting very mad and tired.
They both didn’t notice that Yaya was listening. Yaya heard everything, and she’s very curious.
Noey ran out of the house, angry and furious. Than she started crying. In her life, she have never been this lonely. She drove home, but almost hit a car. She got out and saw Pidsanu getting out of the car, but she say nothing. She was to sad to say anything. Pidsanu saw her, he expected her to yell and shout, but she did nothing, than he notices that she was crying.
“Are you alright,” ask Pidsanu
Noey didn’t answer, but keep on crying.
“Are you alright,” ask Pidsanu, again.
“I’m alright, sorry that I didn’t answer you,” replied Noey.
Pidsanu was surprised, because he have never thought a girl like Noey will ever cry and say sorry.
“May I talk to you,” ask Noey
But Pidasnu was busy thinking about her being nice, so she siad it again.
“Khun, may I talk with you,” ask Noey, fifth time.
“Sorry, I was thinking about something, and what was it that you want to tell me?” ask Pidsanu.
“My brother’s gone, and I don’t know where he went, would you mind helping me?” ask Noey
Pidsanu was surprised. And Noey was also surprised, she have never ask a stranger to help her with anything.
“Khun krap, I would help you if I can,” answer Pidsanu
“Kbob khun ka(Thank You),” said Noey.
“Well I have to get going, see you later,” said Noey.
“See you later,” replied Pidsanu
Noey walked into her car, and Pidasnu stare at her car until it’s gone. Than he realize that he doesn’t know where she lives and her name.
Nadech’s skin ached and hurts. His hands got tied to ropes and the bad guys are beating him up. He didn’t know who did this to him and why would they do this to him, but all he knows is that he will surely punish that person. Than he felt cool water against his face.
“You’re awake now,” said BadGuy#1
“Who are you guys and what do you want?” asked Nadech
“We want your life and money,” replied the BadGuys
“Why did you guys do this to me?” ask Nadech
But they just laugh and left Nadech alone.
Yaya keep on following her sister until one day, she caught her on the phone. She heard Nadech’s name and got very curious. She went straight to her sister and ask.
“What are you doing to Khun Nadech, p’Natwara?” ask Yaya
“Why are you asking me that, Yaya, and what will I do to him anyway?” ask/replied Natwara
“Please don’t lie to me, p’Natwara,” said Yaya
“I’m not and if I am, I’m just doing it for you,” replied Natwara.
Yaya stood there, frozen. Natwara smile to herself and walk away. Yaya keep on thinking about what her sister just say-“I’m just doing it for you”.