Revenge Love Chapter 25

Chapter 25
The next day Nadech went to Yaya’s workplace. He found out that she have quit. He felt so bad. He stay all by himself at his house.
Natwara sat at the dinning table, looking at her sister. She looks sad. She wasn’t like her old self anymore. Natwara worry about Yaya now more than anything. After that, she went to her room and think of all the things that have happen. Now she understand how much she have hurt Nadech. And how hurt it is to get hurt by the person you love. She also understand that Yaya loves Nadech and Nadech also love her. She don’t want to hurt Nadech anymore. She started crying. Pope came in, and saw Natwara crying.
“What’s wrong?” ask Pope
“It’s about Nadech and Yaya, I, I, I’m a bad person that one hurt other people,” say Natwara
“No, you’re not, Nat, people in this world always makes mistake, but when they realize it, they’ll go fix it, nothing is too late for you to start anew with” say Pope
“Yes,” say Natwara
She is going to bring Nadech and Yaya together.
Noey came back to visit Nadech  to say good bye to him, since she and Pidsanu have decided to go live some where far from Bangkok.When Noey got inside the house, it was dark and quiet. She wonders why it was so quiet. She went to Nadech’s room, and found him in his bed.
“P’Nadech, how are you?” ask Noey
“I’m fine,” say Nadech, sadly
“Are you sure, you don’t look fine,” say Noey
“It’s nothing,” say Nadech
“It’s not nothing, it’s about Yaya, right?” ask Noey
“No,” say Nadech
“No, it’s yes,” say Noey
“Leave me alone,” say Nadech, as he covers himself with the bed cover.
“Hey stop being a coward,” say Noey
But Nadech ignore. He was to depress to talk to anyone.
Noey meet Pidsanu outside.
“How’s Nadech?” ask Pidsanu
“He’s in a bad condition,” say Noey
“Oh,” say Pidsanu
“I think we need to stay and help him,” say Noey
“Ok, than let’s do that,” say Pidsanu
“Let’s go in, and I’ll have one of the servants prepare a room for us,” say Noey
“Yes,” say Pidsanu
They both went in.
The next day, Noey and Pidsnau went over to Natwara’s house. The maid took them inside and into the living room. Natwara appeared.
“Hello,” say Natwara
“Hello,” say Noey and Pidsnau
“What do you guys want to talk to me about?” ask Natwara
Pidsanu and Noey look at each other. Natwara have never been this nice to them before, and they think it’s weird.
“Um, it’s about Yaya and Nadech,” say Noey
“I know it,” say Natwara
“Will may you tell me what happen,” say Noey
“Yes,” say Natwara
Natwara sat down, and start telling them about the problem.
“It was all my fault, I hurt Nadech,” say Natwara
“It’s ok, it’s the past already,” say Noey, feeling sad
“I’ve promise myself that I’ll be theone who’ll bring Nadech and Yaya together,” say Natwara
After that Noey and Pidsanu left.
Nadech went out to the place where he took Yaya to. When he got there, he notice that Yaya was also there. He walk over to Yaya.
“Yaya,” say Nadech
“Nadech,” say Yaya, than she turns the other way, and walk away, but Nadech follow.
“Please listen to me once more,” say Nadech
“Let go,” say Yaya
“No, Yaya, I love you,” say Nadech hugging her. Yaya froze for a second, than she realize what Nadech just say. She push herself away.
“No matter how much you love me, I still can’t accept,” say Yaya, running away.
Nadech stand there crying. He was sad.