Revenge Love Chapter 24

Chapter 24
The next day, Nadech went to see Natwara. Natwara was surpised to see Nadech.
“Hello,” say Nadech
“What are you doing here?!” say Natwara
“I have something important to talk to you,” say Nadech
“What?” ask Natwara
“Aren’t you going to invite me into your office, first?” ask Nadech
“Ok, let’s go in my office,” say Natwara
They went inside.
“Now, tell me,” say Natwara
“Ok, I have an agreement to make with you,” say Nadech
“About what?,” ask Natwara
“I have come, and ask for Yaya’s hand,” say Nadech
“What?!” say Natwara
“Yes, I want to marry with khun Yaya,” say Nadech
“No, keep on dreaming,” say Natwara
Nadech was mad.
“Are you sure?” ask Nadech
“Yes, never will I let Yaya get married with you,” yell Natwara
“You’ll be sorry,” say Nadech
Natwara was mad, she throw books, and papers at Nadech for him to get out.
When Yaya got home that evening, Natwara told her what Nadech have say to her.
“I think he wants his revenge,” say Yaya
“What crazy revenge are you talking about!?” say Natwara
“Remember, p’Nat, you hurt him, and you keep on hurting him,” say Yaya
“No,” say Natwata
Natwara was mad and confused. She went to her room, and lock herself.
“Why does everything have to turn out to be like this?” she thought to herself, than she remember Nadech’s words. ” You’ll be sorry.”
Next morning, she went to her office. There was a bunch of papers on her desk. All the papers are about workers that wanted to get out of the company. Natwara look at it. Than her assistant came in and tell her that all the company that are doing projects with them will like to withdraw from the company.
Natwara was confused about all of these stuffs.
Than Nadech call her.
“Have you see the news yet?” ask Nadech
“What?!” say Natwara, confused
“Yes, look at the news,” say Nadech, hanging up.
Natwara order her assistant to bring her the newspaper.
She read the headline, and couldn’t believe her eyes.
Nadech have done this much for to her.
She was furious.
Nadech was looking at the newspaper and TV. He’s enjoying himself.
Yaya look at the news and was shocked. She knows it’s Nadech’s doing.
This time, was the the time that she was the most mad at Nadech.
She went to his workplace. And rushed into his room.
“Why are you doing this?!” say Yaya
“What?” say Nadech
“Why did you shut my sister’s company down!” yell Yaya
Nadech stand up. He was impatient, too.
“It’s because of your sister. She hates me, and made me hurt. This is my revenge, and she should be able to accept it like when she hurted me!” Nadech yell back
“I have never thought that you’re this evil,” say Yaya, crying
Than she left. Nadech sat, and thought.