Revenge Love Chapter 21

Chapter 21
The next day, Yaya went to work, but Nadech stop her.
“You’re suppose to be my slave for the next two weeks, have you forgotten already?” ask Nadech
“Yes, I know, but this is my work hours too,” say Yaya
“No, you have to take care of me,” say Nadech, blocking the car.
“But I also have work, too,” say Yaya
“So?!” say Nadech
“So I have to go to work first than, I’ll come be your slave for the day,” say Yaya
Than Yaya’s phone ring. It was her boss.
“Hello,” say Yaya
“Hello, khun Yaya,” say the boss
“I’m coming to work now, so don’t worry,” say Yaya
“No, you won’t have work for the next 2 weeks, since you have to take care of Nadech,” say the boss
“What?!” say Yaya, turning around and staring at Nadech. Nadech give her a smile.
“Yes, that’s all for now,” say the boss, hanging up
Yaya hung up and look at Nadech. Nadech shrugged.
Yaya is sitting in Nadech office, waiting to be order to do something. Nadech stare at her and adore her.
“What are you looking at?” ask Yaya
“You,” say Nadech
“Why?” ask Yaya
“Do I need a reason?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Ok, fine I’ll stop,” say Nadech
Yaya waited for a few more minues.
“Hey, hurry up and say what you want, I’m tired of sitting here,” say Yaya
“Fine, I just pity you and let you rest, but now I don’t pity you anymore, so go and get me a cup of coffee,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
She went out of the room, and got a cup of coffee. She place it on Nadech’s desk, than went back to couch and sit down.
Yaya sat there for 3 more hours without doing anything. She’s bored.
“Hey, hurry up and order me, it’s boring sitting here,” say Yaya
Nadech look at her.
“Why? Do you want to work hard?!” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Ok, as you wish,” say Nadech
“What than?” say Yaya
Nadech sat there and think.
“Go and clean all the dirty rooms in this building, and you have to get half of it done by noon, and get it done by the time I go home,” say Nadech
“What?!” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Hey, I’m not a maid,” say Yaya
“So? You’re my slave, so you’ll have to do it,” say Nadech
“Ok, fine,” say Yaya, leaving
When she got outside she, realizes that she doesn’t know where the tools are. She wanted to go back and ask Nadech, but decided not to.
She look everywhere around the buildings, but couldn’t find it. Jane came by, and say her. She went to Yaya and chat with her.
“Hello, khun Yaya,” say Jane
“Hello, you know me?” ask Yaya
“Yes, Nadech tell me alot about you,” say Jane
“Nadech tell you about me?!” say Yaya
“Yes, he seems to like you,” say Jane
“That’s not true,” say Yaya
“Oh,” say Jane
“Yes,” say Yaya
“What are you doing here?” ask Jane
“Oh, I’m looking for the cleaning supplied,” say Yaya
“Cleaning supplies?!” say Jane
“Yes, khun Nadech order me to clean all the dirty rooms in this building,” say Yaya
“Really,” say Jane
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Well, if you’re going to go get them, than you turn left, and there’s the room where they’re stored,” say Jane
“Thanks,” say Yaya
“Your welcome,” say Jane, leaving.
Yaya turns left and got the tools. She ask the assistant about the dirty rooms, and she got the numbers.
Jane got to Nadech’s office.
“Hello, my wonderful mean friend,” say Jane, giving Nadech a hug
“Hello, Jane,” say Nadech
“Now, what are you doing?” ask Jane
“Making her work,” say Nadech
“Why are you teasing her?” ask Jane
“She chose it herself,” say Nadech, watching her on the TV screen. (They have cameras.)
Jane also look at it, too.
“She’s pretty tough,” say Jane
“No, in hour, she’ll come begging me,” say Nadech
Jane look at Nadech’s face laughing at Yaya.
“Do you like Yaya?” ask Jane
“No,” say Nadech, nervous
“Than why did you sound so nervous?” ask Jane
“I’m not,” say Nadech, turning away
“Come one, tell me,” say Jane
“No,” say Nadech
Yaya was nearly done with half of the building when Nadech came into the room, she’s cleaning.
“How are you?” ask Nadech
“I’m doing good, and if you thinking that I will give up, than keep on dreaming,” say Yaya
“Hey, I was just being nice,” say Nadech
“What do you need now?” ask Yaya
“Nothing, I just need a partner to go have lunch with me,” say Nadech
“No, I’m not going,” say Yaya
“Yes, you have to, did you forget our deal” say Nadech
“Fine,” say Yaya
“Go to this one,” say Yaya
“No,” say Nadech
“Than that one,” say Yaya, giving Nadech a headache. Nadech look at all the restaunt in the mall. There’s not one that he wants to eat in, and Yaya is making him confused.
“No,” say Nadech
“Than this one,” say Yaya, pointing to another
“Hey, stop it right now,” say Nadech
Yaya stop, she was enjoying herself, making Nadech mad.
Nadech decided to go somewhere else. He drag Yaya outof the mall, and went to his favorite restanut.
Yaya wouldn’t eat, so Nadech have to force Yaya to eat.
After that they return, and Yaya got back to work again. She dislike cleaning, but she won’t lose. Nadech watch her the whole time, that he didn’t get any work done that day.
When Noey got home, Gale was waiting for her at the gate.
“Hello,” say Gale
“Hello,” say Noey
“May I have a chat with you,” say Gale
“Yes,” say Noey
They got inside and sat in the living room.
“Do you love Pidsanu?” ask Gale
Noey look at her.
“Answer me truthfully,” say Gale
“Why are you asking me that?” ask Noey
“Just answer,” say Gale, impateint
“Yes, I love him, but I’m only his past, you’re his present and you’re going…,” say Noey
Gale cut her off.
“If you love him than, why didn’t you tell me?” ask Gale
“Because it’s not important,” say Noey
“Don’t lie, the person you love is the most important thing,” say Gale
“Yes,” say Noey
“I’ll tell you something, you don’t need to worry about me, because I only think of Pidsanu as my brother, and me and Pidsanu already have this talk,” say Gale
“Really,” say Noey
“Yes, all we need to do is talk our parents out of it,” say Gale
“Thanks,” say Noey
“No, I’m the one who suppose to say thanks,” say Gale, than she say Thanks to Noey. After that Gale left. Noey was in a better mood.