Revenge Love Chapter 15

Chapter 15
Noey was release from the hospital. She was happy to go home, yet she wonders why Pidsanu never come visit her.
“I told you, he already have someone else,” say Nadech
“No, it’s because he’s busy,” say Noey
“Come on, Noey, how long are you going to be nice to him,” say Nadech
“P’Nadech, you don’t understand, when you find it, you’ll understand,” say Noey
On the way, Noey wanted to go shopping, so she ask Nadech to drop her off.
“But you just recovered, you shouldn’t go anywhere,” say Nadech
“I’m ok, please just drop me off at the mall,” say Noey
“As you wish than,” say Nadech
After Nadech drop Noey off, he went to work. While Noey walk through all the stores that she went with Pidsanu. She miss him alot.
Than Noey start to feel dizzy, she dropped to the ground. She saw a figure helping her.
Noey woke up to find that she was in a different place. Than a woman come and sat down next to her.
“Are you ok?” ask that woman
“Where am I? Who are you?” ask Noey
“You’re at my house, and I’m Gale, ka,” say Gale
“Why am I here?” ask Noey
“You faint at the mall, so I brought you here,” say Gale
“I fainted?” say Noey
“Yes, you need to get lots of rest, so that you won’t get more sick than this, ok,” say Gale
“Yes,” say Noey
Nadech decided to call his house, and to see if Noey got home yet. But the maid say that Noey wasn’t  at the house. Nadech was worry, so he went to her workplace.
“Have you seen Noey, today?” ask Nadech to Yaya
“No, she didn’t come,” say Yaya
“Than where is she?” say Nadech, angrily
“Hey, I think that instead of being angry, you should find a way to go look for Noey,” say Yaya, leaving.
Nadech grab Yaya’s arm, and took her to his car, and drive.
“Hey, I have to work,” say Yaya
“No, you have to go with me,” say Nadech
“Why? You’re going be make me do the search instead of you right?” say Yaya
“Be quiet,” say Nadech
Noey woke up, and remember about Nadech. She was worry so she ask Gale permission to use the phone. Gale let her.
“Hello,” answer Nadech
“Hello, p’Nadech,” say Noey
“Noey? Are you alright,” say Nadech
“Yes, I’m safe,” say Noey
“Where are you?” ask Nadech
“I’m…I’m at a friend’s house,” say Noey
“Which friend? Ok, stay right there, I’m coming to get you,” say Nadech
“It’s ok, p’Nadech, don’t worry about me,” say Noey
“Ok, but you have to come home right now,” say Nadech
“Yes, I’ll come home,” say Noey, hang up.
“Khun Gale, ka, I’ll have to go now, thanks for everything,” say Noey
“Your welcome,” say Gale
Noey walk out. Her head still hurts. She was about to fall, but Pidsanu came by, and safe her.
“Khun Pidsanu,” say Noey, exhausted
Gale came out. She saw them together.
“Khun Pidsanu, you guys know each other?” ask Gale
“Yes,” say Pidsanu.
“I’ll help you take her inside,” say Gale
They both carry Noey inside.
“Why is Noey here?” ask Pidsanu
“She fainted at the mall, so I bring her to my place,” say Gale
“Thanks, Gale,” say Pidsanu
“It’s ok,” say Gale
“What did khun Noey say?” ask Yaya
“She say she’s at a friend’s house, but I don’t know which one, and she wouldn’t tell me, too,” say Nadech
“It’s going to be ok,” say Yaya
“How do you know? You’re not me, you don’t know how I feel,” say Nadech
“Even though I’m not you, I know how you feel, I also have a sister like you,too, ” say Yaya
Nadech look at her. They both stare at each other’s eyes.
Noey woke up and saw Pidsanu and Gale.
“Khun Pidsanu, why are you here?” ask Noey
“Um…,” say Pidsanu
Gale knows that he’s struggling to find the right words, so she answer instead.
“Pidsanu’s mother ask him to come take me to go have fun, she wanted us to  get us to each other before we get marry,” say Gale
Noey frown. Pidsanu look at her sadly.
“I’ll take you home,” say Pidsanu, walking over towards her, and helping her up.
“I’m sorry I just couldn’t tell you,” say Pidsanu
“It’s ok,” say Noey
For the rest of the ride, they both remain silent.
“Thanks for the ride,” say Noey, as she close the door.
“It’s ok,” say Pidsanu.
Noey went.
“Take care,” Pidsanu yell to her
Noey ignore and walked on.
Noey went inside. The mamid saw, and called Nadech.
After the call Nadech hurry to the house.
“Noey are you ok?” ask Nadech
Noey smile, and say,”I’m alright.”
“Hello, khun Yaya,” say Noey
“Hello, khun Noey,” say Yaya
“Did you come with p’Nadech?” ask Noey
“Ye…,” say Yaya
“No,” Nadech interrupt
Yaya give him a stare. He ignore.
“Oh,” say Noey
“Go to your room and get some rest,” order Nadech
“Yes,” say Noey
Noey left and went to her room. Nadech grab Yaya’s hand.
“Come I’ll take you back,” say Nadech
Yaya took her hand out of Nadech’s hand.
“Since I didn’t come with you, you shouldn’t take me back,” say Yaya, walking out.
When Yaya got outside, she took a taxi back to work.
“What a guy.” she thought to herself
Nadech smile to himself.
Pidsanu spent to whole day with Gale, but it wasn’t that fun.
Gale have fun the whole day, but notice that there was something going on about Pidsanu and Noey.
Natwara spent all day thinking.