Revenge Love Chapter 11

Chapter 11
The next day, Yaya and Noey was called to the boss’s office.
“We are doing good in our company, so I wanted to do a party for us, what do you two think of this?” say the boss
“I think that it will be a good idea, the workers have worked very hard, so lets do this party to give them a rest,” say Yaya
Noey was jealous, and try to say something more impressive.
“Yes, that’s right, boss, the workers have been working very hard, let’s throw a party for them, and I can ask p’Nadech to be there and help” say Noey
Yaya frown, and Noey notice and smile big.
“Thanks for helping me make a choice, and thank you Noey, I really like working with your brother, so please invite him, too, and Khun Yaya, please invite you sister Natwara, too, you guys can go back to work now,” say the boss
“Ok,” say both
They both got out of their seats and  went out.
“Um, khun Yaya, ka, may I talk with you about something,” say Noey, annoyingly.
“Yes,” say Yaya
“Why did you go to my house last night? Are you trying to seduce my brother? That is so shameless you know,” say Noey, annoyingly and with a smile on her face.
Yaya was mad, but try to calm down.
“Your brother cause trouble to me, so I just went there to pay back, and your brother is the one who is trying to seduce me, so it means you’re brother is the one who is being shameless,” say Yaya, calmly and with a smile on her face.
Noey’s smile turn into a frown. Yaya left after that.
“Come back!” yell Noey
Yaya ignore and when to her office. She kept on smiling.
“Your boss wants me to be there and help with the party?” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Noey, happily
“Why? Come on Noey, you know I don’t like it,” say Nadech
“Are you sure? I thought you want to win those two sisters,” say Noey
“What?” say Nadech
“Yes, Natwara and Yaya of the Wongwasana family is going to be there. Aren’t you going to ruin them?,” say Noey, happily.
Nadech remain silent and thought to himself. Noey smile happily.
Yaya knows that Natwara is still mad at her, but she still when to her room and knock on the door.
“P’Nat, ka, please open the door,” say Yaya
“I tell you to go away!” yelled Natwara
“But, p’Nat, this is urgent,” say Yaya
“I don’t care!” yell Natwara
“But my boss want you to go help with a party,” say Yaya
When Natwara heard that, she was curious, and she went straight to the door and open it.
“What?” say Natwara
“My boss want to invite you to be one of our important guest,” say Yaya
“Oh really, what am I suppose to do there than,” say Natwara, testing Yaya.
“You just need to represent our company,” say Yaya
“Am I the only one there?” ask Natwara
“No, Nadech Kugimiya is also one, too,” say Yaya
“Oh really,” say Natwara
In her mind, she is only thinking about how to embarrass Nadech and his sister.
“Ok, than I’ll go,” say Natwara
“Thank you,” say Yaya
Yaya and Noey stay after work to help the boss decorate. It took them a few hours to decorate. After that, they all got ready to go home to go get dress. Nadech was picking Noey up, but Noey was taking a long time, so Nadech waited. When Yaya was finished, she got out and was going to go to her car, but Nadech spotted her, and stop her.
“Hey, you, what do you want?” ask Yaya
“Nothing, I just want to warn you. If you or your sister try to do anything to ruin me or my sister, than you guys will see,” say Nadech
Yaya was annoyed, so she didn’t say anything and just drove her car away.
“P’Nadech, I’m finish, ” say Noey, behind Nadech.
“Ok, than get in the car, and let’s go,” say Nadech
They both got into the car, and Nadech drove them home.
“P’Nadech, why were you talking to Yaya?” ask Noey
“Oh that, I jjust want to tell them that they’ll never win us,” say Nadech
“Oh,” say Noey, than she remain silent.
Nadech notice, and ask her why she is so quiet.
“P’Nadech, ka, I think I like someone,” say Noey
“Really,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Noey
“Who?” ask Nadech
“Pidsanu Nimsakul, ka,” answer Noey
“Pidsanu Nimsakul,” say Nadech
“Yes him, do you happen to know him?” ask Noey
“No, I don’t think I know him,” say Nadech
“Oh, I thought you know him,” say Noey, disappointed.
Nadech sees that his sister was disappointed, so he trys to think of something to make her happy.
“You can invite him to the party, so I can get to know him more,” say Nadech
“Ok,ka,” say Noey, happy again
When Yaya got home, she went to her room to go get dress up and ready. Natwara was curious about what Yaya is going to wear so she went to her room. Natwara don’t want Yaya to embarrass her. Natwara is wearing a dark blue fancy dress. Yaya was wearing a plain yellow dress. Natwara was not happy with it, so she when to her closet to close something fancy for her. She choose a gray fancy dress for her. Natwara is wearing a dark blue fancy dress. Yaya dislike it, so she protest.
“P’Nat, ka, you know I don’t like wearing these kind of dress,” say Yaya
“Come on, Yaya, it’s just for tonight,” say Natwara, annoyed by Yaya
“But, p’Nat…” say Yaya
“Stop it, I’m giving you 5 minutes to get into that dress,” say Natwara, leaving the room.
Yaya slump down onto her sofa chair. She knows that she’ll never win over Natwara, so she put on the dress.
Noey got home and call Pidsanu.
“Hello,” say Pidsanu
“Hello, Khun Pidsanu, will you go to a party with me?” say Noey
“Oh, where and when?” ask Pidsanu
“Tonight, and it’s going to be at the company I’m working in,” say Noey, happily
“Ok,” say Pidsanu
“Ok, than come pick me up in 30 minutes,” say Noey, than she hung up and turn off her phone, she didn’t want anyone to call and ruin her mood.
“Hey, hey, I haven’t…,” say Pidsanu, but stopped since Noey already hung up. He try calling again, but notice that she turns off her phone. What is he going to do now? He have to go have dinner with his parents tonight. He can’t just ditch them either. He knows what kind of person Noey is, and he knows that his parents will understand so he try calling his parents.
“Hello,” say his mom
“Hello, mom, sorry I have some work, so I can’t come tonight,” lied Pidsanu
“What? But you say that you’re free tonight,” say his mother, disappointed
“Well, I’m very sorry, mom, but this work is urgent,” lied Pidsanu
“That’s ok, but next time, I’ll come over to clear it with the work,” say his mother
“Ok, thanks, love you, mom, bye,” say Pidsanu
“Ok, bye,” say his mother
He hung up, and was at ease. He hurry up and got dress.
Noey was waiting for Pidsanu. Nadech notice, and ask her if she wants to ride with him, but Noey say no, so Nadech went. Noey waited more. Than she sees Pidsanu’s car. Pidsanu got out.
“Why are you 20 minutes late?” yell Noey
“Well, you call me, and hung up so fast, I didn’t get everything, and it’s your fault,” say Pidsanu
“Hey, don’t blame me, you took so long to answer, that’s why I hung up,” say Noey.
 She walked over to him, but trip over her dress, and fall into Pidsanu’s arms. They both look at each other’s eyes.
“Are you ok?” ask Pidsanu
“Um, I’m ok,” repiled Noey
Pidsanu open the door for Noey, and she got in. For the rest of the ride, they remain silent, and only look at each other.
Yaya and Natwara got to the party first. The news reporters took pictures of them and ask Natwara about he company. Natwara smile and answer happily. She tell the that the Wongwasana Company is succeeding in their plans. When Nadech got to the party, the news reporter all went to him to ask questions about the Kugimiya Company. Natwara was mad that all the reporters all went to Nadech, instead of her. She was also surpised that Nadech was famous. So she ask one of the reporters.
“Um, khun ka, you guys all know Nadech Kugimiya, too?” ask Natwara,
“Yes, he is the sucessor of the Kuginiya family. His family owns the biggest company in Thailand, and they are the most successful, too. The Kugimiya have two kids: Nadech and Noey. After Mr. and Mrs. Kugimiya pass away, their son, Nadech succeed the company,” say the news reporter
“Oh really, thank you than,” say Natwara
“Ka,” say the news reporter.
Natwara stand there stunned. She can never think that Nadech have the biggest company on Thailand. She regret now, but she can’t lose still.
When Noey and Pidsanu got there, Noey went to go find Nadech. Nadech was walking around looking for Yaya. He wants to fight with her. He finally spotted her.
“Hello, khun Yaya,” say Nadech
Yaya ignore Nadech, and walk away. Nadech was annoyed, so he grab Yaya’s arm and turn her around and kiss her on the mouth. The reporters turn around and saw them, they took pictures of them kissing.
After the kiss, Yaya was embarrass. The reporters continue taking pictures, and Nadech walked away. Some stay with Yaya and questio her about the kiss. Some went with Nadech too question him about the kiss also. Natwara was looking for Yaya, and found her with a bunch of news reporters.
“P’Nat, ka, let’s go home,” say Yaya, close to tears.
“Why?” ask Natwara
Yaya was so ashamed, she head towards the door, and walk out. Natwara follow Yaya. When she gets home, she’ll scold Yaya, since she have ruin her moment.
Noey spotted Nadech. She went over to Nadech.
“P’Nadech, he is here,” say Noey happily.
“Ok, than bring him here,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Noey
She went to Pidsanu and tell him to follow her.
“Hello, khun Nadech,” say Pidsanu
“Hello, khun Pidsanu,” say Nadech
They talk, but Nadech wasn’t really paying attention, he was thinking about Yaya.
When Natwara and Yaya got home, Yaya went straight to her room and lock herself in. She spill her tears out. Her room is the one safe spot for her to cry.
Natwara follow Yaya to her room, and knock, but Yaya ignore. Yaya knows that  Natwara doesn’t know what she have to go through, but she’s not mad at her sister.
When Noey and Nadech got home, Noey was still excited.
“So, what did you think of Khun Pidsanu?” ask Noey
“I think that he is a nice guy, and I hope your guys’ love will be good,” say Nadech
Noey start questioning him, but Nadech quiet her, and went to his room. He took a long shower. He thought of that time at the party. He was happy, he ruin Yaya, but yet, he feel sad.