Revenge Love Chapter 1

Chapter 1
“Hurry P’Nadech, or we’ll be late,” yelled Noey.
“Sorry, Noey, ” said Nadech, coming down the stairs.
” Ok, I’m ready now, so lets get going,” said Nadech
“Yes,” said Noey
Nadech drove him and his sister to their parents old friend, Madame Ratchanee’s party. Nadech didn’t want to go, but he have too, since his parents were very good friends with them. Ever since Nadech and Noey’s parents pass away two years ago, Nadech have always try to be a good older brother to his spoiled sister, Noey.
“I hate these parties,” say Nadech to Noey
“Come on, it’s always fun,” tease Noey
” Hey it’s not time to joke around,” warned Nadech
“Ok alright, whatever you say, P’Nadech,” said Noey, giggling
They drove the rest of the way silently. They arrived at the party and Noey and Nadech wlked out to met with Madame Ratchanee. Noey spotted a cute boy and tell Nadech to go ahead.  Nadech agrees and went to meet Madame Ratchanee on his own.
“Sawadeekrap/Hello, Madame, Ratchanee,” say Nadech
“Sawdeeka/Hello,” said Madame Ratchanee
“How are you?” ask Nadech
“I’m fine,”replied Madame Ratchanee ,”and how are you and your sister?”
“We are also fine, too,” replied Nadech, smiling.
“Well, that’s good, and I have someone I wan to introduce to you,” say Madame Ratchanee
“Um, who is it?” ask Nadech
“Just wait and see,” answer Madame Ratchanee, smiling.
“Ok,” replied Nadech
Than Madame Ratchanee turn to her maid and whisper to her maid. Her maid nod and went away. Nadech stand there smiling. Minutes later, a beautiful girl appear. She went straight to Madame Ratchanee.
“Nadech, this is Natwara, one of my best friend’s granddaughter. And Natwara, this is Nadech, eldest and only son of the Kugimiya Family,” said Madame Ratchanee.
Nadech smile and say,”She’s very pretty, Madame Ratchanee.”
“Thanks,” say Natwara.
“You’re welcome,” replied Nadech
“Well I gues I should go meet with the others, and are you guys fine staying here by yourselves?” ask Madame Ratchanee
“It’s ok” replied both.
Madame Ratchanee smiled, and left.
“Um, do you want to take a walk with me?” ask Nadech
“Sure,” replied Natwara
They went to Madame Ratchanee’s garden and took a walk there.
“So where did you study?” ask Nadech.
“I study in America, but I have finished now, so I came back to help my parents, and you K’Nadech?” ask Natwara
“I didn’t go any where, but study here in Thai,” replied Nadech.
Natwara’s happy expression dropped. She thought that she was going to meet someone rich today. Nadech notices and ask her why she made a frown, but Natwara told him that she sometimes does that.
“Um, excuse me, I have to go now,” said Natwara.
“Ok, good bye,” say Nadech
Nadech stay for the rest of the party, but didn’t see Natwara. He wants Natwara to go have dinner with him, but don’t know her address, so he when and ask Madame Ratchanee. After Madame Ratchanee tell him, he went and find Noey since he wants to leave.
The next morning, Nadech woke up and left a message for Noey, since he is going to go to work. Noey always wake up late. And after she wakes up, she just go shopping and waste money, but Nadech never mind.
At work Nadech keeps on thinking about Natwara. After work, Nadech went straight to Natwara’s house. He wants to invite Natwara to go to dinner with him. He got there, and ring the bell. A maid open the door and welcome him in. Natwara told Nadech that she can’t go because she is busy with work. Nadech tell her they can go on another day, but Natawara keeps on telling him that she is busy, and that she’ll let him know when she’s free. Nadech accepted it, but was kinda disappionted. After Nadech left, Natwara called Pope and tell him that she wants to have dinner with him. Pope agreed.
Noey went to the mall with her friends. They all were talking about cute guys, when suddenly Pidsanu bumped into Noey. Noey’s spilled her drink on the floor and blame Pidsanu. She throw insult and yell at Pidsanu. Pidsanu aplogize and told Noey that he was in a hurry, but Noey didn’t listen and just keep up her act. Pidsanu give up and went his way. Noey yelled after him, but he ingored her. Noey drive home afterwards, because she is in a bad mood. She stomp madly into her room. Nadech heard and follow her. He knock on her door, but she wouldn’t answer.
Natawara and Pope went to have dinner at a very fancy restaunt. They are both staring at each other’s eye sweetly, but Yaya called and interrupted their sweet moment. Yaya told her that she needs to come home because of their grandma. Natwara was shocked and told Pope. Pope drove her home. When Natwara got there, Yaya took her to their grandma’s room. Natwara wrap her hands with her hands and tell her how much she loves her. Her grandma tell her that she loves her, too. Before her grandma pass away, she made Natwara promised to love and take care of Yaya and Natwara promised her.
Next morning, Nadech is sitting on the sofa waiting for Noey to tell him what happen the day before. Noey came down the stairs, but didn’t tell Nadech anything. Nadech ask, but Noey told him that a man bumped into her and that she is very mad at him. Nadech ask her if he apolgize, but Noey lied that he didn’t. Nadech was mad at that man. Noey notices and smile to herself. She knows that Nadech surely is going to get back at that guy.
Yaya and Natwara are getting prepared to go to the funeral. Natwara was crying so hard, but Yaya try to calm her down. Nadech called Natwara and ask her about her day. Natwara tell Nadech that her grandma have pass away. Nadech told her that he was sorry to hear that. Natwara tell him that she have to go and that he shouldn’t call her until the funeral is done. Nadech agreeds and hang up.
It have been a week since Nadech haven’t see and call Natwara. He is very worry about her, and decided to go to her house. When he got to her house, he saw the her car, and know that she’s home. He wanted to surpise her, so he hid is car and walk to Natwara’s house. When he got there, he rang the door bell and stare at Natwara’s hose. He keeps on staring at her house, and didn’t notice that the gate was open and a car was coming in. It almost hit him, but luckily, the driver stop the car in tim. Yaya got out of the car and apolgize. Nadech was so embrassed and mad. He start yelling at Yaya and insulting her that she is a bad driver. Yaya couldn’t tolerate the insult, so she throw back an insult that Nadech’s blind since he didn’t see the car, and that he shouldn’t be standing in the middle of the parkway. Natwara came out and stop their arguements. She apolgize to Nadech and ask him to leave. She than took Yaya inside, and tell her about Nadech. She tell Yaya that she doesn’t like Nadech, and she doesn’t want Yaya to ingore him. Yaya was confused and ask Natwara why, but Natwara won’t tell her anything. Yaya have nothing to say afterwards so she agreeds to ingore Yaya and listen to Natwara.
Nadech got home and found Noey waiting for him. Noey ask Nadech about his day, and Nadech told her that he met a crazy girl who didn’t know her wrong for almost killing a person. Noey ask who she is, but Nadech won’t say anything more since he didn’t want Natwara to be in trouble.
Yaya couldn’t sleep all night. She worry about her sister. She loves Natwara very much. But after a while, she went to sleep. Nadech thought of Natwara and her sister Yaya. They are both so different. Natwara is sweet and knows her manners, but Yaya is not sweet and lacks manners, though Nadech. (But he didn’t know the truth yet about them.)
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